Are Lesbians Transphobic For Turning Down Sex With Trans Women?

Jennie is a lesbian. That means she is a woman who is primarily attracted to other women. It means a whole lot more I’m sure, but I’ll sick to the basics. Jennie told the BBC that her life has been threatened because she stated that she wouldn’t shag a tranny.

Ok, she put it a bit more delicately than that. She said that she is only attracted to biological women who have vaginas. Until recently, that wasn’t a problem. Lesbians like women. The Sky is blue (when it isn’t being sprayed). Man United are shit. Tell me something I don’t know.

It’s a problem now though. By saying that she prefers her women to have a good old-fashioned muff, Jennie is outing herself as a hateful bitch. She is erasing the identity of trans women! Stop it Jennie!

According to the BBC:

Jennie doesn’t think this should be controversial, but not everyone agrees. She has been described as transphobic, a genital fetishist, a pervert and a “terf” – a trans exclusionary radical feminist.

“There’s a common argument that they try and use that goes ‘What if you met a woman in a bar and she’s really beautiful and you got on really well and you went home and you discovered that she has a penis? Would you just not be interested?'” says Jennie, who lives in London and works in fashion.

“Yes, because even if someone seems attractive at first you can go off them. I just don’t possess the capacity to be sexually attracted to people who are biologically male, regardless of how they identify.”

That sounds reasonable to me, but a trans person told Jennie that they would rather kill her than Hitler!

Try and unpack that lunacy. “What? You wouldn’t suck my cock? But I’m a lesbian you hateful cow! I’d rather kill you than Hitler!”

What a fun time to be alive.

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Who cares . Please why are you helping spread this article


least the beeb have their priorities in order 不

Juan Bardsley

The tranny’s have TIT.ENVY ! But they are NOT females ! They like the female look, long hair, make-up, but they like big dicks, so essentially they are male homos with tits, not interested in cunnilingus, but prefer sucking cock. So I don’t see many sexual encounter sbetween lesbians and trans-exuals.


Can’t stop laughing at that comment 不不不不


A little bit too information for some 五


No not that Jennie! We don’t even actually choose ourselves who we are attracted to, life would be simpler if we did. It’s a matter of chemistry. So we certainly can’t be attracted to someone because other people think we should. Why do so many people these days want to live other people’s lives for them? How about just minding their own business and live and let live.


So following the logic, by extension, it is now compulsory to be willing to have sex with anybody. Never been fussy myself.


This specific issue aside, the ruling class behave like stern parents towards unruly children (us).
By constantly talking about – and obsessing over – willies, fannies, boobies, bums, and sex (as children do), all we are doing is playing the part that has been allotted to us.

Last edited 6 months ago by Craig

I’ve banged (no pun intended) on about this before.

The trans rights activists believe that they are being progressive. But that is an illusion.
Not only are they overseeing the dismantling of women’s rights and gay rights, but they are also slowly destroying the concept of homosexuality.
In addition to that, they are now implying that the state begins to control relationships.

‘Coincidentally’, all of these areas align with very old religious concepts and controls.

There is absolutely nothing progressive about it.

Unfortunately, more conservative minded people who also don’t see the illusion for what it is are jumping up and down demanding a return to more traditional values.

Both sides of the equation, through different language applied to the same illusion, being driven to the same end point.

Urban Fox

Richie, i know its not PC, but i dont give a muff. I nearly fell off my chair laughing, that cracked me up so much.

Caroline Fealy

Lol…… Oh my we are in a mental asylum. I have always been a blunt person i say things as i see them which has got me in a few situations in the past. But i do not care i am to old to be P bloody C… I see men are men( they have a dick) and women are women (they have a vagina ) no other human. In my opinion of course


Lmao不不不 Richie you have a way with words that just crack me up! “Prefers women with a good old-fashioned muff!” That’s made my day! Have a good one 不

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