Joanna Lumley Suggests Wartime Rationing Could Solve Climate Crisis

Joanna Lumley has said that a return to rationing could help solve the climate crisis. The 75 year-old actress said that eating meat and travelling could be rationed to save the planet. Speaking to Radio Times Lumley said: “These are tough times and I think there’s got to be legislation. That was how the war […]

Are Lesbians Transphobic For Turning Down Sex With Trans Women?

Jennie is a lesbian. That means she is a woman who is primarily attracted to other women. It means a whole lot more I’m sure, but I’ll sick to the basics. Jennie told the BBC that her life has been threatened because she stated that she wouldn’t shag a tranny. Ok, she put it a […]

Doctors Warn That Legalising Assisted Dying May Lead To Coercion

In a letter to The Times newspaper, a group of doctors and academics say they are concerned that if assisted dying is legalised, it may lead to terminally ill patients being coerced into signing their lives away. In today’s paper Katie Gibbons writes: In a letter to The Times, experts from hospitals and universities highlight problems […]

Dave Chappelle On Trans Row: “I’m Not Bending To Anyone!”

Good man Dave Chappelle. The comedian is taking the fight straight to the cancel culture mob. Chapelle’s latest Netflix special was criticised by some trans rights groups. During the performance, Chappelle said that “gender is a fact” and that LGBT people are “too sensitive.” The snowflakes screams were heard around the world. Well, heard on […]

Vaccine Passports Could SPREAD Covid & Cost Venues Millions

The Telegraph newspaper claims that it has seen secret government analysis of covid certification or vaccine passports. The analysis, written by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, suggests that a vaccine passport scheme could lead to an increase in the spread of covid-19 and would be prohibitively expensive for venues. According to The […]