Doctors Warn That Legalising Assisted Dying May Lead To Coercion

In a letter to The Times newspaper, a group of doctors and academics say they are concerned that if assisted dying is legalised, it may lead to terminally ill patients being coerced into signing their lives away. In today’s paper Katie Gibbons writes:

In a letter to The Times, experts from hospitals and universities highlight problems in the US state of Oregon and in Canada, where assisted dying is legal.

They write: “As palliative medicine doctors and academics with decades of experience caring for terminally ill people, we are concerned at the paucity of evidence supporting the Meacher bill to legalise assisted suicide.

“Evidence from Oregon shows how assessment of capacity for assisted suicide is influenced by the individual values of assessing clinicians, something that is almost impossible to mitigate against.

“Patients seeking assisted suicide often have significant psychosocial distress, making them at increased risk of coercion and abuse; Oregon’s most recent official report shows that 53 per cent of patients who died under the state’s Death with Dignity Act reported feeling a burden on their families, friends or caregivers. Pain and fear of pain were less frequently cited.”

Last week, the Assisted Dying Bill passed its first hurdle in the House of Lords. The bill’s second reading, tabled by Baroness Meacher, was unopposed in the Lords and will be scrutinised by a committee.

The report from Oregon is significant. I’ve been covering assisted dying on radio and TV since the late 1990’s. I am personally opposed to it. I’ve shared my reasons many times on The Richie Allen Show.

The Oregon research is significant. Opponents of assisted dying have been telling me for years that it would be next to impossible to mitigate against people taking their lives to reduce the burden on their families.

A few years ago, I interviewed a Spanish priest about the Swiss assisted dying company Dignitas. He eschewed his religious beliefs and told me that legalising assisted dying took us one step closer to enabling the state to make the decision on our behalf.

He posed this question: “If assisted dying is legalised, how long before the law changes again to allow the state, or an expert acting for the state to make the decision on behalf of the citizen, if the citizen is deemed to be incompetent?”





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Does anyone know of a case where people have complained about someone’s assisted suicide..have there been any court cases where its been abused ?


i am personally against assisted dying because after seeing how for example the medical establishment and general world has acted during the last 20 months, it leaves me with no confidence that any safeguards would be adhered to when offering the option to the terminally ill.


I agree.


The subject of euthanasia is a complicated one, but may best be reduced to ‘personal choice vs state intervention’.

Many years ago I worked in elderly care. I met quite a few old folk who wanted their life to end. These people had lost more loved ones and friends than remained; their bodies and/or minds were failing; quality of life had fallen to barely a subsistent level; personal dignity had left the building.
Life, for them, had become a living hell and they wanted out.

Instead, they were diagnosed with depression and prescribed drugs. The drugs didn’t change their reality, but the job of nursing staff was to coerce them into taking those damned pills.

They were not kept alive for their benefit; they were kept alive for the benefit of others. Sometimes, it was for the benefit of family. More often it was for the financial benefit of the ‘care industry’, Big Pharma, and the Church.

And that was called ‘kindness’ and ‘caring’.

I called it sadistic.

My views now are much as they were then. I do not think that the state (in whatever form that takes) should have any say in the matter. If a person wishes to die – for whatever reason – then that is their choice.
We don’t have to agree with it, or even like it: but if we oppose it, then do we not set ourselves up as mini tyrants over their life and rights?

As I said: complicated.


People shouldn’t be eliminated because they are seen as no longer serving a purpose but neither should they be artificially kept alive. We go when it’s our time to go.


Cancer treatments. Angina treatments. CPR. Pacemakers. Intensive care.
The list goes on and on.
They are all artificial methods to keep people alive.
Just like IVF is an artificial method to create life.


Logans Run springs to mind. Get rid of the “Useless Eaters was the phrase that Henry Kissinger used.


A lot of science fiction has addressed the issue over the years. It’s even cropped up in a few Star Trek stories.
There is currently a series on Netflix or Amazon (can’t remember which) where the population has an allocated lifespan, and if people want more then they have to purchase it.


My daughter may have watched that.
I tend to avoid Netflix as I do not want to get sucked in to it..

Urban Fox

I have always instinctively believed there is something wrong with making suicide legal. Because of spiritual beliefs and a total distrust of Goverment and the establishment. Years ago, when the language was conveniently changed in the style of
Orwell’s “newsspeak”, from assisted suicide to “assisted dyeing”. This indicated to me, that this was all part of another agenda. Changing language like this is a psychological technique, used to deliberately change the meaning behind something in peoples consciousness.

Its not so much a case of, if the law is changed it will be misused. But more of a case of , it will be used for exactly the reason it was always meant to be. As yet another tool of the state, to make it even easier than it is already, to dispose of people.

I believe there is a mass extermination process taking place now. It started with the lockdowns and killing off the elderly in the care homes. Was aided by the face masks and the damage to health that they cause. The widespread cancelation of medical treatment, for anything other than an imaginary virus. And all led from the front by the deadliest weapon of all, the Fake vaccination. That is already killing thousands, but all for ” the greater good.”

The regulations being brought in because of the man made climate change hoax, will further increase poverty and starvation, and people dying of cold. Some may say, if all this is true why bother changing the law regards allowing people to kill themselves. I believe from the point of view of these unimaginably evil beings that are running the planet. Every little helps when it comes to exterminating the human race , and reducing it to the half billion carved in stone, on The Georgia Guide Stones.

Whilst i sympathize with the wishes of those who may be living in terrible pain. Any change in law just serves to further the agenda.

‘ We want them dead, so why not let them kill themselves if that’s what they want.’ I suspect is the reasoning behind any change in the law that is allowed.

It is a fact that during the lockdowns where many flights were canceled, special permission was given to people wanting to go abroad to end there lives at the suicide clinics. Does anyone really think, this was ordered on compassionate grounds.? No holidays or trips to visit loved ones. But if you want to top yourself no problem go for it. This shows the complete and utter contempt those in power have for human life.

We must resist and disrupt at all costs any plans that make it easier, for the monsters in power to carry out there end game.


Definitely a Culling taking place.

Urban Fox

Morning Jake, thanks for reply hope your well. I’m still looking for chicken balls. Which reminds me i have to cook. As fell asleep last night without eating and been on here hours.


Good afternoon Fox.
I completely forgot about getting any Chinese food since the topic of Chicken Balls (not Chicken Testicles for any of you Finbar Saunders types our there) 😉
Enjoy your cooking.
Had Crumpets with toasted cheese on top earlier and will have an home made chip sandwich soon.

Urban Fox

That’s funny , your menu, not just the picture. Its nice to see your eating healthily. I’m eating two many sweet things at the moment. I used to have something sweet just at the weekends. But iv got into a habit of having something every day whilst listening to Richie.


😁👍 My bachelor food as the family are visiting in-laws.
Sweet wise I have been eating Blackjacks & Fruit Salad over the past two days.
Love sweets especially hard boiled ones, Pear Drops, Rubarb & Custard, Lemon Sherbets, Chocolate Lime etc…..

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake
Urban Fox

I’m opposite. Never liked sweets, just soft chocolates. Biscuits. Mince pies, Xmas cake , Xmas pudding. I store these and eat all year round. But i have a backlog to get through as been eating other things instead. Cheese cake, ice cream. Some chocolate to finish for todays show. Just watching classic coronation street. Still got to cook .I belter go.


Nice selection there Fox.
The Fox Lair seems well stocked up 👍
Made some Mashed Potatoes earlier to go with some beef that my mrs made during the week.

Urban Fox

I like to make my own mash. Do it normally mix pots and carrot mashed together. I put herbs in and do without butter or cream ,but taste great. But recently iv been finding these ready made ones that are knocked down in price at the end of the day. I then mix in with mashed carrots. 4 sausages on top and onion gravy. Maybe some mushroom’s. I’m having that as my next meal, followed by omelet and mixed fresh veg and potatoes.

Urban Fox

I have a lot in, i have been stocking up for ages since March last year. Want to do another big stock up soon, to replace few things. As i think there is a big hit coming in the shops. Most nights i go on the food bargain run after the Richie show. And pick up a couple of fresh things knocked down. Today got 4 burgers and some choc chip fresh cookies super cheap.

Tim in Brazil

 “If assisted dying is legalised, how long before the law changes again to allow the state, or an expert acting for the state to make the decision on behalf of the citizen, if the citizen is deemed to be incompetent?”
In the current circumstances it would take half a tick.

Last edited 6 months ago by Tim in Brazil

That is the route that it will go… More Culling.

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