Joanna Lumley Suggests Wartime Rationing Could Solve Climate Crisis

Joanna Lumley has said that a return to rationing could help solve the climate crisis. The 75 year-old actress said that eating meat and travelling could be rationed to save the planet.

Speaking to Radio Times Lumley said:

“These are tough times and I think there’s got to be legislation. That was how the war was and at some stage we might even have to go back to some kind of rationing, where you’re given a certain number of points and it’s up to you how to spend them – whether it’s buying a bottle of whisky or flying in an aeroplane.”

She said that people could be compelled to cut back on weekend breaks abroad and to move to a plant based diet:

“Perhaps people have got to think a bit harder. Maybe more of our holidays should be at home or taking trains, and not hopping on a plane to Magaluf for the weekend.

I don’t get ill because I’m vegetarian. I still have plenty of energy. I am absolutely fine, I gave up meat 45 years ago.” 

When you frame any problem, whether real or imagined as a war, you can justify almost anything right? Remember all that “workers on the front line” nonsense at the beginning of the scamdemic? Remember “the war on covid?”

Didn’t I say last year, that climate lockdowns would be a thing? I said that Sunday driving would be rationed as well as certain foods. This will tie in with the social credit system of course.

Not reducing your meat consumption, your travel, your overall carbon footprint ultimately, will eventually be seen as treachery.

Things are moving very quickly now.



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Alex Romero

What’s her claim to fame anyway? A two bob wooden actress with a plummy accent. Do me a favour luv.


The New Avenges of the Old Avenger!


Jacobs Cream Cracker

Lynda Corns

Luvvie Lumley another new world order, bought and paid for celeb twat

Marty Hopkirk

So basically Ms Lumley is advocating the introduction of a social crediting system?

I wonder if she will be cutting back on her jollies to exotic locations in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean in favour of a rainy weekend break at Pontins Camber Sands?

Nah, didn’t think so.


No Tom she has to keep the divs entertained and side tracked.

M T Hadi

Making sure that people know their place, and who really is in control… Bill Gates buys farmland, and starts a bug farm, and suddenly, there are shortages all over the place, and no meat, milk or anything else…

Rachel 469

I cannot tell you how angry and disappointed I am to find out that Lumley is just another NWO useful idiot outing herself for the cabal; the enemy of humanity and destroyer of Gods wonderful creation. Seen cuddling up to Rothschild in a photograph and spouting the same hypocritical warped evil ideology about there being too many people on the planet and people causing climate change . This woman has everything that money can buy she lives in the lap of luxury. What the hell does she know about the deprivation and poverty that the majority of the people on this planet are already suffering. She has prostituted herself for a cabal of satanic gangsters. This has made her popularity nose dive. No luv we do not agree with your satanic globalist NWO clap trap. There is no evidence of climate change or that it is caused by people this is just another NWO media generated scam to deprive and control the population being regurgitated by another hypocritical actress . We do not want to know about your carbon footprint luv or the fact you do not eat meat – just do not try to tell us how to live our life. She is a pagan no God to guide her . As someone said in the comment section we are now seeing Lumley’s true colours and I agree but must add they are revolting. Stupid woman!


She done some good work for the Gurkhas years ago. But she can do one with this globalist claptrap. As you say what would she know about poverty.


I wonder if Ms Lumley would think it would be absolutely fabulous if the government compelled people to suicide themselves at age 75 to save planetary resources?

M T Hadi

If they did that then the Satanists on top, and lots of their minions, will be screwed.. Each one of them is around 900 years old…


where you’re given a certain number of points and it’s up to you how to spend them” Almost sounds like a social credit system doesn’t it.

Steven James

Einstein quoted correctly .
Plus Twain quoted’I never let my schooling interfere with my Education’


Yep Twain was a lyrical genius, it was him that said ” if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything ” . So true in our present predicament, we have truth on our side, they lie just about every time they speak.


Being truthful is less stressful, but it doesn’t necessarily make you popular.


Maybe true Lucy, but who would aspire to be a well liked liar ?


Joanna Lumley has started to show her true colours.


Read……..Mike Yeadon Ex Pfizer The Timetable Of Tyranny


Correct me if I am wrong, but if the atmosphere stretches to encompass the moon before finally just fading out, does that not make redundant the whole ‘greenhouse gas’ idea?

Of course it does: but, once again, belief is more important than fact.

The man made climate change theory is predicated on the idea that there is a fixed and impenetrable dome surrounding us containing gases that build up, which is much like the argument laid out by the Flat Earthers.

So, here’s a curious thing. Censorship is hitting hard all those people trying to get out facts. So why are the Flat Earthers being targetted, and with much the same language?


I think that researching the Flat Earth theory can be easily linked to climate issues. Do not want people coming across info that negates the Global Warming nonsense.


Remember the o zone layer ?


How could I forget? The ‘giant toupee’ from Highlander 2 sticks in my mind.


Does anyone remember Ms Lumley placing her shoulder to the wheel alongside the noble Ghurka Regiment? As victorious football fans chant to the opposing fans “it’s all gone quiet over there”. She was nowhere to be seen or heard when veterans from other regiments were protesting on behalf of better pensions for those wonderful fighting men from Nepal. Indeed they were moved on from their hunger strike on Whitehall; ironically, virtually at the feet of the statues of generals that would have sent them to fight and die in previous conflicts for a country that is not theirs. I wish someone would give Joanna Lumley a gig; so that she could stick to what she knows. BTW: that voice of hers still goes straight to a mans genitalia; she’s still not too hard to look at either 🙂

Rachel 469

Her father was a Ghurka that is why she was caring about that


All the more reason for her to stand by them even in thin times.

Urban Fox

Are there any celebrities and well known people left .Who are not either paid whores or deluded puppets.? I’m not saying what category this one falls in, i couldn’t say. But we have seen them all bitch wine and cry to us, for the last 18 months. Whilst living lives, most of us can only dream of. Now after living a wonderful life, this woman is begrudging the younger generation from having any kind of a life at all. After travelling all over the world and eating the best food money can buy. Joanna Lumley and many of her peers, are preaching to the rest of us about how we should all go without. Whilst many people have gone most of there lives on the bread line going without. And been on a permanent war footing since birth. Joanna and co, might like to think about that next time they are sitting on the yacht in the South of France, getting the butler to open up the next jar of Caviar, whilst quaffing down the Bollinger.

Urban Fox

Whoever took the time to mark me down for this post has to much time on there hands. Just for the record, i am not using the word whore in the sexual meaning of the word. I also said i do not know whether she was a whore or deluded. And i stand by that. These people we have seen on television over the last year, that are peddling the climate and covid propaganda. Either are selling themselves for money or are deluded. End of story.


If she’s pushing the maniacal agenda of the WEF and the elite, then she is a whore, same way as Tony Blair is a cunt.

Urban Fox

Hi G, you are being very polite regarding Blair. Hope your well.

Rachel 469

She has prostituted herself just like the rest of them most of them are satanic masons – that is how they gain fame and fortune. The company she keeps tells us a lot . I marked you up twice but never worry about it just say your truth


No need to apologize mate they are soulless whores. They are devoid of morality, most are degenerates just look at hollyweird, would not trust 99% of them.


It could have been a mistake Mr Fox. I always check as sometimes I’ve clicked like and it’s not ‘taken’ so I have to click like again. On one forum/platform I mistakenly clicked dislike when I wanted to like, I went back and changed it! 😁

Urban Fox

I know its possible. However someone did slag me off today. The same person who did a couple of weeks ago. I actually have no clue what she is talking about either. But yes i did it on my tablet by mistake, but not since been on bigger device.


No. That is the price of fame, to fall in line with the Globalist agenda.


Fox they talked about using these so called celebs at event 201 was it called.

Urban Fox

Yeh that’s right i think October 2019, somebody said. Cant believe where the time has gone.18 months and here we are.


Alright mate. This might be a bit off but not sure I believe in ” time ” anymore, seen someone talking about there is no such thing, their point was we are sort of in or part of an event I think they called it, like history that has went before us was just a series of events, and what is to become in the future the same, just events or things that happen, time is just another control mechanism. Dave Allen summed it up in a sketch

Urban Fox

I dont know Martin. Heard lots of strange things about time. Love some of the time travel films. But try not to think to much about it, does my head in .I wont argue about it, as not my field. Your talking quantum physics there. I dont know didly about that. Love ‘The time machine'( wells) Great book as well i also like the remake. ‘ About time,’ the romantic film. Is very moving as well. And the end is very deep.


18 October 2019 (Event 201)

Urban Fox



Yes, I think that’s right.


I think Ms Lumley made some ‘artistic’ films in her lean years and that a certain newspaper proprietor bought them up and ‘destroyed’ them allegedly.

Urban Fox

Dont know Lucy. My comments were a general comment on how, the famous and TV folk, have been saying how hard it all is since March 2020. Whilst living a nice life. And hardly being effected compared to most. Whilst mostly supporting all the measures and the narrative. And now they are transferring the whining over to climate change. But I’m quite sure many believe what they say, just like most of the public do.

I dont believe for one minute they are all satanic cult members. True occultists are not even Satanists .Iv explained this on here many times. But just get abuse .Iv no doubt some are. But i know for a fact most are not. The inner core of the Illuminati are not that’s for sure. As they only worship themselves.

I’m sure some are compromised, as the cult has a powerful influence in the film and television industry. But she could just be deluded. The only thing i know about Lumley, is i liked her in the New Avengers. Many years ago.


You are correct miss Lumley did indeed make a couple of ” artistic ” films back in the day, not sure why she would be wanting them destroyed, in my opinion her best performances by far, oscar winning lol


I don’t get ill because I’m vegetarian’.

That’s nice for her. I mean it. If she feels better for eating a vegetarian diet, that’s great.

I, however, can’t do that. A lot of foods go through my system like a cheese grater. It is most unpleasant. A great many of them are vegetarian protein alternatives.
And no man, especially men from the age of 35-40 when their testosterone levels are starting to drop, should be eating oestrogen rich foods like soya.
So, a vegetarian or vegan diet would actually be bad for my health (I know because I’ve tried it).

But then, these lunatics care more for ideas than they do for people.

Rachel 469

I loathe people who try to tell us all how to live our lives she is literally preaching to us about climate change and blaming us for it then telling us what to eat and you are making excuses for your diet ; Why? it is no one else’s business. She is clearly a control freak and she can stick her carrots where the sun don’t shine!


I’m making no excuses, or offering justification. Simply stating fact.

As to Lumley being a control freak: she is an actress presenting a public and professional persona designed to keep her in work. If she publicly counters the official narrative, there goes her revenue.
Just like a lot of people are getting the jabs – not, necessarily, because they agree with it but because they wish to stay employed or go on holiday.

As The Bard said: “All the world is a stage”. Through the mediums of television and film, that stage presents its plays. The politicians, celebrities, scientists, and even members of the public become nothing more than actors to be observed from the spectator stands.


Unfortunately ‘the one size fits all’ does not apply to what we do or dont eat. I know a couple of vegetarians and a vegan who appear to be functioning by appearances fairly well, even if they do appear to be a little ‘drained’. However I have just gone back on meat after going without for 4months due to lethargy and generally feeling ‘out of sorts’. And have you checked what a well known meat protein replacement is actually made from and possible side effects? Healthy? Hardly. A dog wont eat it. Anyone for an aberdeen angus burger later? Yummy!


I agree.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Didn’t this old ‘dahhling’ spill a similar amount of ordure earlier on in the year when spouting about ‘vaccine passports’? Yet another golden oldie ‘ part of the British constitution’ being wheeled out of semi-retirement to appeal to a certain segment of the population. Trouble is, that particular segment of the the population has been decimated by ‘recent events’, thereby significantly reducing her audience. Never mind; perhaps she’ll get a dame-hood for all her good works toward the cause, if she doesn’t already have one……..

Urban Fox

Hi Mama, Just in case you dont get my message on the comments page, i have reposted here. Thanks for your kind remarks and for looking me up. They regularly clear the comments section.

Predictive programing is the theory that messages are being sent out about future events to influence the public .Now i believe messages are covertly put out in sneaky ways about the future. An example in hindsight was the opening of the Olympic games in London. Where the stadium lights clearly show the computer graphic of the fake corona virus. However, i think this is a red herring. I dont believe this has much impact on our minds in a meaningful way. I believe it is done for other reasons. All actions produce vibrations ,and those vibrations help to cause future events ,as do symbols and imagery. This is how real magic works. And these people are master occultists. Also they have a sick sense of humor, and use these things to give a nod to other people in the know. And also to make fun of there enemies .Basically us. But there is no evidence this is being done for subluminal messaging. The reason being, its the hard way to go about things when your aiming at future events. And much better to do things in the present.

What they have been doing. And there is clear evidence of this. Is they are doing things in present time to influence peoples subconscious in present time. Its not aimed at future events .It is aimed at current time events. So in a real sense predictive programing i dont believe exists. ( I suppose you could say the constant warning about what they may do on the news. But this is not subliminal it is overt.)They are using covert hypnosis and subliminal messaging to influence now. I have seen clear evidence of this repeatedly. As i said to Richie ,it is not possible to do this by mistake ,or if you dont know what you are doing. May i suggest you watch Derren brown, if you haven’t done before. There are videos of him on the net. In my opinion he is one of the most powerful hypnotist in the world. I believe he is using a combination of many methods. Some of which act on a vibrational occult level. Even though he denies it. Sometimes he shows you how he does things. Other people have explained some secrets on the net as well of his. But basically our enemies are using those very same methods. His psychological methods that is. Speak soon ,Fox

Colin G

scary times ahead

Aldo Bennedetti

“The rules are for thee and not for me darling.”

She’d get on a plane tomorrow morning for a check on a location shoot.


Maybe the people that Joanna Lumley knows are always hopping on planes for weekend trips abroad but I and people I know are not. Most of the trips I used to take abroad (I’m too dangerous now to be allowed to go anywhere) were to visit friends and family and these were infrequent.

The first ones to change their lifestyles should be the wealthy not those who don’t have much to begin with who seem to be the main target of the restrictions.


But…but…the VIPs need an exemption from the travel restrictions. I heard a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion say so.


These old fart after they have travelled the world and lived their lives, they are trying to instigate these madness. We should have a list of these names and boycott anything they are in.

Rachel 469

Already doing it and she is on my list now all her stuff has just been filed in the bin.

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