BBC Presenter Fears For Freedom Of Speech

Veteran BBC presenter Michael Buerk has said that he fears for the future of his Radio 4 show “The Moral Maze.” Buerk believes that the content of the programme is becoming increasingly “woke.”

Buerk has presented the show, which discusses ethical issues, for over 30 years. Writing in The Radio Times this week he claimed:

“It survives, even prospers, despite the temper of the times. In the wider world — and in some parts of the BBC — more and more is being put off limits, things that cannot be said. Freedom of speech is seriously under threat.”

He acknowledged that as a result of this, “The Moral Maze” is “less abrasive” than it used to be:

“We used to pride ourselves that it was a programme on which ‘the unsayable gets said’. There were no holds barred, the audience were grown-ups and didn’t need protecting from views they might not like. The arguments weren’t curated or choreographed, and they didn’t need censoring because the whole point of the programme was to test them to destruction.”

Buerk places the blame squarely at the feet of the social media giants. He argues that sites such as Twitter are encouraging people to think that those with opposing views are not just wrong, but evil. He says that this is “poisoning public discourse.”




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Welcome to Howard Springs!

(Australian Covid flu/NWO internment camp!)


They have gone full circle, back to being a prison colony. Shocking.


And I suspect this insanity could very quickly come to our shores if our brethren and sistren don’t start snapping out of their eternal slumber and soon..

This is next level NWO/Agenda 21-30 stuff Jennie…

And what they’re planning to do in order to ensure “Ze Great Rezet” continues until their objectives are achieved..

Make no mistake about it!

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

I don’t see much waking up sad to say.


gerry that is swab picking up an honorary doctorship from a uni in europe, cannot recall the country, but that is the garb they wear, there are plenty of guys with the same outfit on, seen plenty of pictures, he is a weirdo but this stuff is a bit of disinfo in my opinion. he had to put that on to accept the honour. trust me he was not the only one wearing that nonsense, it’s a false interpretation mate, no need for it where this freak is concerned.


I guessed that Martin and thanks for the intel.
But it suits the f🤬ker perfectly wouldn’t you say!!
He looks like a sith lord or a member of a satanic cult!!
So, I won’t pass up any opportunity to display him in character!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Fair point mate lol


Well said Michael 🙂 It’s a start!


A message from the Ministry of Truth?


And yet more censoring of the truth..

Yesterdays RA show guest ‘Melissa Cuimmei’ mentioned a recent discussion made with Irish Enquiry journalist Sara Haboubi posted to u tube.

Such was the interest garnered, that within a short time frame it had received over a half million hits.

But true to predictable form, the goongle censors have now removed it from the Gestapo hub citing the usual violation nonsense.

Thankfully, someone has kindly posted it to Odysee where it can still be viewed.

Worth noting, that these videos can be downloaded for free too.

This is excellent and well worth sharing.



I think you shared it the other day or someone did and I watched it and it is very good. This is what happens isn’t it, people share things around and once censortube realise a video is getting a lot of attention down it comes.


Cheers Jennie.
That’s exactly what happened, but I’ll do everything I can to stop them blocking the truth.
So, luckily it’s on the other platforms to include Odysee & Bitchute.


I’ve been reading about a corporation called Blackrock which is worth 21 trillion dollars (not billion, trillion) which is more than the economies of almost every nation on earth. They are taking over everything. Two of their former executives are in high positions in the Biden administration. So it is clear what happened, they made sure a man who they could totally control was selected as the presidential candidate, then they fixed the election and now they have put their own people in place. Politicians aren’t running anything in my honest opinion.

Blackrock are not only buying up other companies but also residential property. Not only are they buying apartment blocks but they are also paying over the odds for single family homes to force up the market and price most people out of buying them. This is why at a time when people are losing their jobs and their businesses and money is tight property prices are rising. They are buying up the buildings where businesses have gone bust and turning them into flats for which they will charge high prices. This happened with a building just down the road from me where a long established business went under.

This is what we are up against, powerful, ruthless, very wealthy people who don’t care about humanity in general let alone people as individuals.


I reckon fining people for not having the jab is a way of eventually grabbing peoples homes for non-payment.


Absolutely, a combination of high prices and people having no money means these corporations can just grab it all.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, i think Vanguard is the biggest, Blackrock the second. I wrote an article about how every product and service on the planet is controlled or effected by, either directly or indirectly through supply chains etc. To 3 family’s, that are the biggest investors in Vanguard and Blackrock .And how those 3 family’s are part of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines.

This is the film that i posted with it at the time. Apologies if you know this already and have seen the film. But if you haven’t, i highly recommend watching. They actually prove the point, in live internet searches on the documentary. Both incredible and shocking.


Thank you. No I must have missed that post for some reason and I haven’t seen that documentary but I will watch it and I’m sure other people on here will appreciate that link too. The article was purely about Blackrock so I didn’t know they weren’t the biggest. My goodness how much must Vanguard be worth then.

Urban Fox

Hi J, Let me know what you think when seen.


Yes, I posted the actual documentary a few weeks or months back too Fox (to both social and the forums!)

That’s an excellent video exposing the hidden truth of these charlatans

I think Vanguard owns Blackrock if memory serves me correctly..??

I might watch it again myself just to see, but regardless, they’re all bouncing money/investments around and hiding the transactions behind impenetrable barriers to prevent anyone from knowing who exactly they are and what exactly they’re doing.

Here’s the actual documentary itself as posted to Bitchute back in September when I first saw it!!

Cheers Fox!



Who owns the world?

Documentary by Tim Gielen.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

As I said to Foxy it is brilliantly put together. They clearly have different minds to most of us. I can’t understand why they want to own everything and control everything, how does that make them happy?


Control Jennie.
With this advancing technology they can consolidate and maintain it indefinitely, thus guaranteeing they never lose their power which they’ve already held for centuries.

Those who control ‘Vanguard’ are the ultimate lords and this is where the hidden hands hide…

Urban Fox

Hi Gerry, thanks


And thank you Fox!
That’s an excellent video that is well worth sharing to those who might be entering into an awakening phase!!
Blessed day!


This is an excellent video, he’s brought it all together brilliantly. I’d seen some of the material before but not all. All we can do is refuse to submit despite the overwhelming forces against us. We need a central point for those who are aware to get together which I know is what Dolores Cahill has been trying to do.


Is there any movement on this idea in Ireland Jennie?
The clock is ticking fast now.
It’s time to round up the Spartans and get to work on pushing these nut jobs back from whence they came.
And with any luck we might even get to arrest and lock them up while we’re at it!!!

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie, I know what you mean, Hope your OK


Buerk hasn’t quite cottoned on, has he. The way things were done is part of the Old Normal, and we are entering a New Normal where the rules are far more akin to the pre-industrial medieval period where things like freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and bodily autonomy didn’t exist.
A time when top-down enforced belief was part of life; when collective responsibility was impressed on the populus; when social shunning was a normative behaviour; when those who questioned the state were branded ‘heretic’; when people were encouraged to be hyper-vigilant against the threat of witchcraft, and report anyone (even family) if such practices, or allegiance with the devil, was suspected; when children were treated in the same way as the adults and were ripe for sex when they hit puberty; when people lived or died at the whim of the landowner; when totalitarianism and Authoritarian dictatorship was just a fact of life (and, occasionally, those dictators were benevolent).

That, as I see it, is the New Normal. Something very old being reintroduced. The only difference is the technological advances.


Very true. When I was young I think we were lulled into believing that things would gradually get better and we would have continuous progress. How wrong we were. I think there have probably been advanced societies throughout world history but they all collapsed eventually as have the empires we know about and I think we could be heading the same way.


i don’t think its to do with social media giants, the real culprits are the state, afterall, laws have been passed over so called “hate speech” which all that does is shuts down speech people do not like, the state wants OFFCOM to censor social media as well as they are already doing for TV and radio. All social media does is comply with state demands, 10 yrs ago plus ago there was less censorship on social media because the state made less demands.

In the US the bidan admin admitted telling FB etc to delete content over say the virus that they did not like.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

I actually think it is powerful forces behind the politicians which are controlling things.


Just to play devils advocate – Richie you ban people from this forum and you used to block people on twitter – isn’t that the same thing?


This is my third account bas you blocked my previous two – for disagreeing with you.Its making an echo chamber of people who agree with you – you block loads of people on twitter – you blocked me on twitter just for asking a question.


I think you are wrong about this Mark. Richie has been putting his head on the block for years against the establishment and I cannot believe that he would censor people on his own site. I and others have expressed views different to those that Richie has talked about on his show. It could be a technical issue or it could be forces from outside the site. I used to make music videos a few years ago and put them up on various sites and some of the smaller sites had a real problem with being hacked.


I think Richie is absolutely boss. Thats why I was shocked that he would do such a thing.


Well Im a fan. I was surprised by your blocking people so easily. It seems to go against everything I admire about you. But I wouldn’t throw my toys out of the pram just over a difference of opinion – like you appeared to – so I am back and still a fan. But you definitely blocked me on twitter and on here.

Mike Littoris

It seems that someone is blocking or deleting posts on this site, but maybe it isn’t Richie?

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