Boris Johnson Is A Despot And Must Be Deposed Immediately

Boris Johnson is a despot and must be deposed at the speed of light. However, he must not be replaced by another Conservative MP. Nor should he be replaced by the leader of the opposition. The system must be torn down. The only way to achieve this is through civil disobedience.

The wholly compromised Johnson has just announced that England will move to Plan B covid restrictions. As the BBC puts it:

From Friday the legal requirement to wear a face mask will be extended in England to most indoor public venues, such as cinemas and theatres – although there will be exemptions for things such as eating, the PM says.

Covid passes will become mandatory for nightclubs and venues where large crowds gather in England.

This will include unseated indoor venues with more than 500 people, unseated outdoor venues with more than 5,000 people and any venue with more than 10,000 people.

He says two doses will be sufficient for a Covid pass, but this will be kept under review as boosters are rolled out.

This is the useless fat bastard that said there would be no backward step after so called Freedom Day. I said then that he was lying. It’s no fun being right.

He’s blaming the so called Omicron variant. It is apparent to me that the Omicron variant is pure fiction. Even if it’s real, those who discovered it said it is harmless.

At this evening’s press conference, a member of the public asked Johnson if the UK would ultimately mandate the jabs for everyone. Johnson said that if the omicron variant led to increased hospitalisations and deaths, “there would have to be a national conversation” on how refuseniks can be persuaded to have a jab. I’d love the fat waster to say that to my face.

It’s open tyranny now.

Johnson is a despot. He is a criminal. He must be stopped. It won’t be good enough to depose just him. The entire political class, the whoring media and the parasites squatting in the nation’s palaces need to be removed and exiled.

It MUST happen peacefully. Civil disobedience on a massive scale is the only way out of this.

We are here now. This is the fight of our lives.

God help us.

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Gerald Webb

As an Irish Expat living in the free world (Nicaragua), PG Robert’s interview was the most accurate assessment of what’s going on in Ukraine! Why would any country want to join NATO?
Stay Neutral..& prosper!
This is the only justified war I’ve seen in my lifetime (bar Nth Ireland & Palestine & Falklands).
The west don’t want a neutral Ukraine! A neutral Ukraine means the west can’t demonize or bully Rusdia, & as with any bully at some stage you need to stand up! Kudos to Putin!
Russia has strong links to Isreal, when Isreal wanted to colonize Palestine..and moved all the Jews from Russia into’s a long standing relationship..& the Jewish Russian community in Isreal have a very strong voice!


Richie you know what has to happen, but you rail against it. Don’t blame you mate. They go or we go. Johnson and all his fellow leaders are vermin who should be executed.

Web Ferrett

Boris really has sold his sole to the satanists – he knows this will finish his career judging by the huge backlash he’s receiving from Tory back benchers, including my own MP Steve Baker.

They really must have something on him to continue this suicide course in politics! – I wonder what it actually is?


He’s more of a piss pot than a despot but I know what you mean, this is what we are here to do.

Tony K

Never forget the 2012 opening ceremony, and the Boris effigy.

He’s not a bumbling, happy go lucky, fat cunt.

He’s a dirty, traitorous, sold out, and highly compromised fat cunt.

The sooner his head is on a stake – the better for humanity.


he is a scumbag, born for the role, he should be shot on sight.


Watched his speech yesterday evening at work!He was arrogant and laid back and clearly loving every minute of this covid fraud.According to the msm scum he is considering bringing in measures to make the jabs mandatory but Javid said that will never happen?These two pair of dossers are using psychology on the unjabbed big time.Country needs a military coup to rid the the place of this vermin.


Starmer is being characterised as the man with the moral authority to enforce the rules. The rules ain’t wrong. We just need someone else to make the public adhere to them. We are truly fucked.
‘Freedom’ of movement and of association are now dependent upon a government issued digital ID. The government will only issue the digital ID to those who have agreed to accept whatever medical treatment is mandated.

Last edited 8 months ago by Stubini

I think they’ll remove Johnson and replace him with someone else to finish off the job.

Chainsaw Sue

I just got home and listened to the speech 🤢🤢🤮. He did say that you were exempt from mask wearing if you are singing!!! What are we singing peeps? Knees up Mother Brown? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

I’ve got two spare rooms at my house in MA, USA. Taking applications if you can escape 😬😢😢😢. Planning on moving to TX of FL if this shot persists.

Gerald Webb

I couldn’t agree more. They accuse other countries of being in dictatorship..but ye really are in it!
Although, depressing news for me today, my kid was told she had to be jabbed to return to school. And this is in Nicaragua! The land of the free.
I have yet to determine if it is a government mandate or just the school. I’m livid! We didn’t close borders, we didn’t, have lockdowns..and all the ridiculous tyranny ye had to suffer..but this shot has gotten out of hand..& they crossed my red line!

David Farrell

Sad to hear about your kid. South East Asia is the same, all school kids need to be jabbed. In Thailand, if you get caught travelling out of your province without a vaccine certificate you get fined.

All world governments have been taken over. All leaders have ever been bribed or blackmailed. They don’t have the balls to stand up for their people. They’re nothing but sell outs! But what about us, the public? How fucking dumb are we??? Taking orders from an institution of perverts pimps and paedophiles!!! We need testing for brain cells not covid!

Michael B

They know that all the jabbed are filling up the hospitals that is why they are letting go of nurses who refuse the jab as these nurses would be potential whistle blowers over the coming winter months NHS total overload of sick jabbed patients. Everything has been planned way before hand nothing is just happening…..these psychopaths do not do things by chance, the variants are planned, the multiple boosters, the vaccine passports, the damage is planned, the division amongst us is planned. The words coming out of Boris’ mouth are planned and scripted, along with all MSM non-reporters who just read, say and do as their told. The head of the snake must be cut off and governments, Legal systems, MSM and big pharma are the body guards of those who give the orders the unseen demons that control everything

Jack Frost

If enough of us refuse the jabs, things will turn nasty and they’ll resort to using police and military to drag us off to detention camps. They have to see this through no matter what.


We are constantly being threatened with mandated jabs, whatever that means ?
The facts are that under current laws in the UK, Europe and I would guess the rest of the planet, no one can force another person to take trial medicines.

In the UK ,Europe and the USA, these are indeed facts

It’s clearly a scare tactic designed to mop up faint hearted ‘refuseniks’.

If the tyrants get their way it will be by consent, the more people they jab the closer we are to that scenario.

Funny how Austria is waiting until February 1st to carry out their threat, why not do it now ?

As for Boris and the Tories, hasn’t the plan always been for them to be the fall guys with Labour and the Greens waiting in the background to finish the job ?


to me there is more to it with this so called tape being released of the lady saying that we all had a party in 2020 but you could not. Why was it kept a yr with no one saying anything? why released now a day before the announcement of more restrictions? its difficult to know what to say as we all knew where this was going last yr so its no surprise,

mandated jabs are next on the agenda make no mistake 🤬🤬😡


The tape obviously has an agenda behind it. Absolutely nothing gets through MSM without one, I’m sure we’ll see soon what that agenda is. They layer us layer us with distraction after distraction after distraction people don’t know where to look, constant state of confusion and fear.

But yes as you say no surprise! I think its time conspiracy theorists got an apology! Although everyone I warned about this happening before have conveniently forgotten about everything I’ve said before. Feeds back into the constant layering of distraction and bullshit, you have no time to think; blink of an eye your distracted with something else and all is forgotten!


Its very curious maybe the person who leaked this tape is the same person who leaked the Hancock tape. There is also another video of Rees-Mogg openly mocking the restrictions whilst actually being at the lockdown Christmas party.

Colin G

tell me a nation that has a spine??? the Irish are no different than any other nation during this scamdemic brave man calling Irish spineless

Cliff Charlton

They can’t win this. What they want they cant have.its turning the wrong way for them I sense it. We are in for a bumpy ride but we will be win.


I like your positivity. I really hope you’re right 🤞🏻🤞🏻.

David Farrell

I too have noticed a change in the tide, but still, the mass majority are complying. Gonna be a long hard winter!


I don’t mean to come across obtuse, but I don’t see how civil disobedience works without large numbers. Protests don’t work. Occupying spaces doesn’t work. People won’t stop voting or listening to MSM.

How do we achieve anything with no violence/force? Genuinely intrigued because I see no other outs right now.


You have to provoke the system with non compliance, we ahave to deliberatley provoke a reaction to show them up. Ever seen the movie about Gandhi?


the only way I can see non compliance working is if we all went on strike for say a day, imagine if no one went to work at all or no one spent their money for a day, unfortunately people are still divided and if you believe the stats that the majority have had the jabs then people are backing the system.


Not sure how that would work if they want the economy destroyed, small and medium size businesses gone, lack of supplies in shops etc…
They have probably added this into the equation of their plan.
I guess there is no harm in trying it though?


be funny if all of boris body guards also went on strike as well,


I agree with you in many ways Kieran. I’ve been feeling isolated, helpless and, if I’m honest, scared at coming up against fines and worse, even though I refuse to comply in my daily life. So last Sunday I went to my local Stand in the Park. They were only a few people, but inspirational people who know what we know. And different Stands can connect and that’s what we need, just as you said, larger numbers. Then we refuse to comply alongside other people, friends who support us in our fight against the tyranny. It’s not going to be easy, but all I can say is that this one connection has already made a difference to my outlook. I feel more positive and ready to fight. Human beings need connections. Re violence, I hope not, but we can’t know what will happen, and it’s a possibility, but we can try this first! Are you a part of Stand in the park? If not, it might be worth a try.

David Farrell

Non compliance has to come from the leisure recreation/hospitality industries. They are the ones that have to group together and say no. They are the ones that have to refuse to check vaccine passports. They are the ones that need to be convinced of this tyranny. We can protest as much as we like, but if these industries play ball, the powers get their way.

Last edited 8 months ago by David Farrell
Rosemarie Sellers

Richie I am absolutely frustrated and upset about this. I can see what is coming I am the child of refugees who came across from Lithuania nd Germany after the war. My grandfather at 40 was murdered by Stalin at 40 because they wanted to takeover his small farm as part of the collective farming agenda. He died with many other farmers who were head of families. Likewise my mother who was a Sudetenland German was transported On a train with her family from Czechoslovakian to join the greater Germany. Likewise my uncle who went to live in East Germany had to live under the regime under the Stasi. I would like to say they were not Jewish but brought up good Roman Catholics. I will be 70 in January ( a very youthful one I might add ). Just got a new job working with a rehabilitation service. I teach building resilience and assertiveness out in the community and have done for the last 9 years. I have just recovered from Covid or whatever it is only a few weeks ago and was very sick for 3 weeks . I have refused this jab as I am a critical thinker and researcher. I am well qualified to speak about something that was very deadly at one time as I have had TB 3 times which technically killed so many people about 100 years ago. It still has killed more people this year than Covid this year. I am to say incandescent at this. Your show has kept me going listening not only to the variety of different knowledgeable professionals but also the general public. I know I am not alone and that keeps me going. God bless you for the work you do.

Andrew Lamb

Totally correct Richie. My partner said that this is what they were waiting for, a benign variant that they could use against the un-jabbed. She said they will state that the jabs and boosters work as they have reduced the rate of hospitalisation and dying from covid. You watch the cases rise exponentially now. You see the testing centres go into overdrive… They will claim it is the un-jabbed who are dying and that the un-jabbed are spreading covid and putting the NHS into crisis. Then comes the ‘national debate’ on what to do with the refuseniks… I think this is a believable scenario as nothing much else makes any sense.

Colin G

they are doing exactly the same in Ireland they are all following the same script

Colin G

they are in too deep with their lies now the house of cards will crumble people will not tolerate this tyranny and rise up if people dont wake up now they never will

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