Council Painted Yellow Lines Under Cars Overnight & Fined The Owners!

File this under you just couldn’t make it up. A council used a crane to lift cars in the air while double-yellow lines were painted on the road. The cars were then lowered back into place. Parking fines were then promptly slapped on the car windshields.

Talk Radio’s Mike Graham with the story..

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Completely plausible.I cant find the story but I remember this happening in Hull a few years back.The line painting was contracted out and the work was carried out, out-of-hours.There was one lonely car parked on the road outside council buildings and people think the contractor lifted the car with a Manatou fork lift and replaced car on the double yellows.A traffic warden booked the car first thing in morning.


What, and no one noticed the crain? The night workers on our roads are hard to not see.. That story sounds like a joke..


never liked the coppers, to be fair it was mutual, not hatred just a dislike, now i just hate them, no one should trust these cowards.


legal theft, give them fuck all.


Was a traffic warden for 5 years. The most hateful people to work for/with.
People with morals or empathy need not apply.


well said ange, being honest is a virtue, well said lass.

Michael B

These are the same people who put up massive five Gee towers during the night when the first lockdown was introduced to flatten the curve. what’s done in the dark will come to light


the person who authorized that may find what its like to have a parking ticket shoved up there arris.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice
Kelly Maher

They take the biscuit.


and the ££££££££

Steven James

All these booster jib jabs….I’m falling behind by three already!!
By July of 2022:I’ll have a backlog of 15;!! OMG !

Urban Fox

Fits nicely with the all cars and drivers are evil agenda. As pushed by the recent propaganda on Corronation street. Which concerns a storyline about parking and pollution. The Cabal/Cult behind everything that is happening and the so called Great Reset, have said in the details of there Agenda 30 policy documents, no one to travel more than 3 miles from there place of residence. Driving makes people freer to move around, and freedom for the general public does not factor into there plans. Hence the demonizing of cars and motorists. This story really does put the Woke in Wokingham.


This is actually quite funny in a sick sort of a way. When I was young it used to be local gangs who carried out the crime but now it’s the council. As you say Richie you couldn’t make this up and how many times a week do we use that expression these days.

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