Dolly Parton Rewrites “Jolene” After Receiving Coronavirus Jab

Dolly Parton has had her covid jab. She received it at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville yesterday. She was thrilled to bits and spontaneously burst into song, as only Dolly can.

“Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I’m begging of you, please don’t hesitate. Vaccine, vaccine vaccine vaccine, cos once you’re dead, then that’s a bit too late!”

It’s still better than anything in the Hot 100 today. Dolly previously donated $1 million to vaccine research which helped fund the Moderna vaccine. She’s 75 but is as fit and as healthy as a woman half her age. She doesn’t need the jab, but then again who does?

Dolly said that she’d been “waiting a while” for her vaccination. “I’m old enough to get it and I’m smart enough to get it,” she said in a video posted from the university.

I love Dolly. I must have two dozen of her LP’s and CD’s. She doesn’t know any better. I don’t know if she’s ever stumbled across RFK, Sherri Tenpenny or Dolores Cahill. I doubt it. She’s doing what she thinks is right. She’s not alone. The propaganda has scared the bejesus out of folks.

But then goddamn it, my heroine called me a yellow-belly. She said; “I just want to say to all of you cowards out there, don’t be such a chicken squat. Get out there and get your shot.”

A chicken squat?!? Do you mean me Dolly? What in tarnation? It looks like Dolly is all-in. I suppose I can forget about my bucket-list pilgrimage to Dollywood. Dolly is bound to be standing at the gate checking the old vaccine passports.

It’s not been a great week so far has it? The SAGE goons want us all to wear two masks. I haven’t worn one yet. They want joggers to wear masks and possibly kill themselves. The Irish want primary school children to wear them. And now Dolly has just ruined Jolene for me forever. Life sucks.


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Actually in the present climate it takes more guts to challenge the official narrative than it does to go along with the herd. Just because I like someone as an actor or singer does not mean I agree with them on everything. These people at that level live in their own cossetted world and have no idea about what goes on outside of it. How much research has she done into any aspect of this? Probably none.


Well said Jennie, as an artist I really like Bill Burr, but am diametrically opposed to his stance on taking any of the Convid1984 vaccines. It’s disappointing, but we do not after all live in an echo chamber of our views. Peter Hitchens recently admitted having an injection of experimental poisons citing ‘pressure’ and a ‘lack of support’ from his fellow journos and talking heads; even mentioning Douglas Murray (who’s also been quite quiet on the scamdemic) All this being said no one needs the endorsement of a celebrity polymath, athlete, performing artist, or self help guru to make this decision – It’s simple; do we choose autonomy or slavery?


We need a brand or a logo to symbolise resistance…

‘The great resistance is good’, but we can do better..

‘Say no to Dolly’s Jabs’ (😉)


No experimental vaccines
No health Passports
No more masking


Headbands, tee shirts… Wrist bands..

Whatever it takes.

Caroline Fealy

I am not sure that any of these celebrities, Queenie or anyone else going on film to have the jab. Have actually had it. Why would they take an experiment that the companies have no indemnity for.
I have never worn a mask i will not, i felt from day one it would do more harm than good. I get evil eyes in the supermarkets i just smile 🙂 .
I am in my 50,s have not had a invitation for the wonder jab as yet.
I will not be taking part in any experiments. Thanks very much 🙂

Wes Baker

I’ve always said their children should be randomly interspersed in a Frankenjab queue – and shuffled multiple times as the line advances.

Then we’ll see who shows…!

Urban fox

Hi, I expect most of the celebrities believe the scam, like most people do. The Royals and Queen are completely different. They are part of the bloodlines of interconnecting families that have been controlling the planet for thousands of years. They are behind Agenda 21 and 30 , great reset etc, covid scam,everything. Done a lot research over years. . ATB


Oddly enough, celebrities are by and large keen to join the elite; this is perfectly illustrated in the case of Bono; richer than God; he’s still keen to be photographed with the likes of Presidents and industrial despots alike.


Good for you…I wish you more power.

Caroline Fealy

Thank you right back at ya 🙂

John Daisley

The Governor of Texas announced yesterday that next Thursday all businesses could resume @100% and that the mask mandate would no longer be enforced. Here’s a post and a reply from my FB page,,,, Please don’t stop wearing masks.
Even though most of my family is now fully vaccinated, we have not stopped wearing masks to grocery shop or run errands. The science is still backing the importance of wearing masks, even for the vaccinated, so as not to pass the virus on to other unvaccinated people.
I hope that individual companies decide to protect the safety of their workers and patrons by still enforcing masks on their individual premises.
I’m still not sure what our governor’s end game is. People who know the science, know it’s not time to take away both the mask mandate and open to 100%, so I guess he doesn’t value the life’s of his own followers?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Amy Scheffel
It’s a political move. He’s pandering to our voters. I am disgusted with this latest move. Vaccinated or not I will wear my mask and double mask in public. This is a sad day.

Wes Baker

There are some idiots in Texas. Mostly transplants and some naturally occurring wackos in Austin, the State capitol.

Masks are easy. It’s very easy to spot the idiots with bacteria-ridden face diapers. Stay away from those types!


Thumbs up!


Coming to you from the state that blew it’s presidents brains out 🙂


Actually the science does not support the wearing of masks. Every test in the past 40 years has shown that they do not prevent the spread of infection but are very harmful to the wearer. They lead to a reduction of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia) which in turn damages brain cells. Doctors are very concerned that in future years there is going to be a huge increase in early onset dementia. They also cause any germs present such as flu or a cold to be breathed back into the lungs. They also, in a short time, cause a build up of carbon dioxide (hypercapnia) which exceeds that allowed under health and safety rules.

The wearing of masks on a regular basis contributes to bacterial pneumonia which is on the increase but of course is now often labelled as covid19 as with flu. Samples taken at the time of the epidemic after the First World War, when masks were worn, show that more people died from bacterial pneumonia than from influenza. When masks are worn there are strict procedures none of which are being followed by employers whose employees are wearing the same mask for hours on end, day in day out, with insufficient breaks under the rules.

I congratulate the governor of Texas and would happily move there from the increasingly fascist state in which I live (Ireland) if it were possible. I know that people have been flocking to Florida, where there are no restrictions, to live and open businesses and for a holiday. This proves that what concerns people is the tyrannical measures not some virus which has never been proved to exist.

Wes Baker

There are no restrictions across the South outside of major metro areas. I just returned from a trip to Louisiana. Nothing is shut. Very few masks. Same north of here in Tennessee. Zilch. Notta. And hasn’t been since last Spring.

Get on over here, lady.


I’m afraid it’s not that easy to emigrate to the US from Ireland, a lot of restrictions. I’m glad that things are good for you over there though.

Wes Baker

It ain’t hard. Just come through Mexico! Not trying ‘rub any situation in’, mind you. We’re just a bunch of Celts and leftover scruff from the English Empire. We are horrified by what we see ‘back home’.


And get to see the Volunteers, Bama and LSU; what’s not to like?

Last edited 6 months ago by Backbeat
Urban fox

All 100%. Correct mask info. Also people actually spreading more germs as well.Because of touching them and face. Also mask fibres breathed in, can create something similar to asbestos poisoning.


Very true.

Wes Baker

Here’s a video of a roadway cautionary sign in Florida. Those signs are put up and run by the highways department. It’s very representative of the whole mood of the South.


That isn’t Biden!!




Looks great.


Love it 😊

Wes Baker

Dolly lives right up the road. Here in the States 200 miles is ‘right up the road’. She’s encased in a bubble of wealth beyond imagination. While she’s done lovely things for her part of eastern Tennessee, e.g., during the recent wild fires a few years ago, she has more in common with the Wall Street/D.C. cabal than any country girl.

Richie, I hate to break it to you, mate, but Dolly’s persona is simply a veneer of a country girl. A Celtic Appalachian hillbilly she ain’t. And hasn’t been for many, many decades. I know her mother’s generation in the hills. They’re still there. They still make beautiful music. They don’t have much use for ‘Nashville Dolly’. (“Nashville” is a pejorative for ‘out-of-touch’, fiat-dollar-rich city slickers who wouldn’t know a cucumber plant from a oak tree.) You know this, mate. Most of the world’s best music has not and will not ever be recorded. It’s played. In real life. Not staged.

Last edited 6 months ago by Wes Baker

Such is the problem with having ‘hero’ figures. Personally, I’m reprehensibly faithless and cynical.

Urban fox

I’m completely appalled. Another one who has joined the giant pantheon of well known and celebrity disappointments over the last 12 months. Along with Elton John, Myleen Klas, Michael Cain and 9 out of 10 of radio and television presenters. But the lowest point for me over the last few days, was Peter Hichins, a man who has been standing with us from the begining. Who is now going to believe anything he says.? I honestly believe his decision will cost lives. Because all those sitting on the fence are now going to only jump one way. It’s like humanity jumping off a cliff, like sheep into the Abys. Or should that be like lab rats as we are talking about ” vaccines “?.

Urban fox

“Though we should not lose hope, for outwardly things may waste away. But inwardly we are being renewed day by day. And our momentary earthly troubles ,are achieving an eternal glory that far outweigh’s them all. So we fix our eyes not on what can be seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary , but what is unseen is eternal. Therefore we should always be confident as we live by faith , not by sight. And the power within us, is greater than the power within the world. “


Well said Foxy. Lovely sentiment.

Urban fox

Hi Kathy, good to hear from you. Can’t take all the credit rearly, it’s a combination of 2 bible passages. It helps me sometimes. Trying to stay positive, as it’s my birthday. Not that it’s any different to any other day. Did buy a massive cake though. As cost next to nothing. Watched Matrix other day. Matrix 2 next. Remember, there is no spoon. Time for Richie show and a brew.


Happy Birthday 🥳 Foxy. Hope you enjoyed your cake and brew. I ate two hot cross buns this afternoon….greedy guts 😆.

Urban fox

Thanks. Need some more ice cream. To go with it.Just making brew.


Happy birthday. Hope you had a good un.

Urban fox

Thanks Jennie


I watched Contagion today while doing ironing. Honestly they must’ve got the script for convid from it 😷🙃. Been a bit greedy today so will have a long walk tomorrow.


Happy birthday Fox!

Urban fox

Thanks Gerry, hope your well.


A bit pissed over my family situation Fox… but I’m ok!

And thanks for the thought!



In my coat of many colours….

They got it into my mother the other day (The Pfizer one — the mRNA hack)

She told me over the phone bless her.(she’s a true warrior this woman, could knit you a ‘Clancy brothers’ type Aran sweater in a few days if you were blessed enough to have her make one for ya..)..

I tried to warn her, but she’s in her 80’s and there’s only so much you can say…

That night (or early next morning after I learned of it), I woke up or ‘was awoken’ from my sleep from an incident too personal to share here…

..But I believe it was a hidden but ‘shocking message’ from my recently deceased kin to say..

“Wake up now…

tis time to RISE!”

No looking back…

No fear.

“You’re sticking no jab in me!”
(Ref: Richie)

And anyone else who I can deprogramme..

A virus of “many colours”…

I shall be.



Bless your mum. They’ve really scared the older generation especially.


Terrorised them Kathy…

And brainwashed the rest.

I could not undo this, but have begun taking things to another level with my broader family and friends in terms of re-education or deprogramming.
(Who are all capable of knowing better!)

In this initial round, I aroused very little interest or discussion and one of them even dismissed me out of hand…

But like any nasty virus, I’m only entering their cells now!!

The fun starts after the infection!!



Good for you Gerry. I find the conversations exhausting with others. I tried the other night with a friend who works in a doctors surgery. Totally brainwashed and was not listening. It wasn’t the first time I mentioned Kary Mullis’s pcr test. She’s told her grown up kids who are parents themselves that she’d be really angry if they don’t have the jab. I couldn’t help it but I told her she is ruining her grandchildren’s future. Really don’t want to get wound up with these people anymore but I admire you for trying.


I’m ‘almost’ losing friends over it.. long time friends!

They’re virtually gone… Can’t get them back.. (to sense or reason!)

It’s harrowingly frustrating trying to retrieve them.

But “we’ve got to”…

Whatever it takes.



It’s frustrating Gerry but try not to lose people you care about. It seems that when something affects their lives, that’s when they wake up. I have mentioned things to people and I can see they’re not interested. At least I’ve tried. They can thank me later lol.


The two people I’ve worked on the hardest are in the ‘high risk’ category, so this made it even more difficult…

Both have now received the mRNA hack..

Reckon I’ve lost one as I kinda went to town a bit 😏
(Don’t feel guilty about my ‘reactions’, just pissed that I couldn’t break through— and I tried and tried and tried!!)

The other.. it came close, but I salvaged it before it went unnecessarily too far!!

I will say though… These bastards, these brainwashing malicious heinous bastards responsible for this have a lot to answer to!!

And to reinforce an expression I’ve seen repeated by many people in these threads…

There’s a special place in hell for the lot of em!!



Couples are splitting up over having different opinions and also the strain of lockdown. Yes they do have a lot to answer for.



Urban fox

Lost friend of over 30 years. And no contact with any family in months. Can’t speak with people anymore


😏 Jesus… Sorry to hear that buddy.

I’m finding it hard to communicate with people myself (outside of here!!)..

But then I suspect our ‘designers’ know full well this is how it will pan out…

Which is all the more reason to up the ante!!

Boils my blood… The frustration of the whole thing is maddening!

Urban fox

Family didn’t fall out. Just can’t handle them. But may try and contact soon.?


I know the feeling…

But I’m doubtful I’ll ever get through to mine… Unravelling this is too damn complex to describe or explain such are the many different levels it operates at.

But l’ll never get over the way the majority have succumbed to the overall delusion without question…

Just on with the mask.. into the brain with the useless swab..

Please… Please.. save me!!

From the evil cold bug!!



The above was meant for you 😔😘


Well I’m not in my 80s but I am retired and they haven’t brainwashed me.


Same, almost 65 but young at heart Jennie.


Jolene Jolene Jolene , I’m begging of you please don’t vaccinate my Gran
Jolene Jolene Joleeeene, Please don’t vaccinate her just because you can,

Ronald Templeman

One does have to wonder where peoples brains are as it does not take much to find out about a (vax) (body altering procedure) that is on trial for two years that to me is not a good move to have it. Who knows what may happen 1 or 2 or more years down the line, very disappointing.
The number of us that speak out about this madness, must keep working together to get the message out there as there are still so many that need to wake up.


You’re talking about the “citation please!” people. Rather than digging for themselves, they demand someone else does it for them just so they can say “your source has already been discredited” (albeit by the BBC or the govt). This is proof they CAN search the Internet when it comes to discrediting, they just don’t want to research anything which will erode their views.

Wes Baker

I’m going to have push back on this one. They don’t want citations or research. They’re simply herd animals and want an easy ‘silver bullet’. They’re ultimately very lazy, both mentally AND physically.


Kill Gates said something that “you have to wait 2 years for side effects“ and he doesn’t have time to wait.

PS. there are no “side” effects, these are just ! effects ! caused by his wackseenz


It just keeps on getting worse by the day. Now Rishi Sunak is extending the furlough scheme until October and the sheep queuing for their vaccines still believe it will all be over by the summer. We are now not so much sleepwalking into a fascist state as racing into one. Looks like David Icke wasn’t so much a conspiracy theorist as a fortune teller. How the hell did we end up in this dystopian nightmare?  


life-long perceptual programming

Urban fox

Hi Mark, you remind me of two letters I got off the local council where I live in London. This was last summer. One was , explaining that they were going to widen pavements to make antisocial distancing easier in the future. And the other was asking us to register for postal voting. So we wouldn’t have to leave home for this year’s 2021 local elections. They are shouting out the Agenda now. And still the masses are not listening!. What does it take? Because I don’t know anymore.

David Icke said, ” once you know what the end game is, everything becomes easy to predict. And if you listen, they tell you exactly what there plans are. “


Mr Fox I completely agree. I cant believe the speed at which Sadiq Khan moved to get all of these cycle lanes put in place with all of these orange poles sticking out the road to mark the boundary. They all appeared up Eltham High Street literally overnight. No public consultation and all of this new street furniture must have been ordered well in advance. At the same time he’s declaring himself and TFL completely bankrupt and begging and blackmailing the Government for cash.

Urban fox

Eltham. . ?! Your not far from me.


I use to live near Bromley Foxy. In Dorset now.


Millions of “software program press enter snowflakes” would follow her.
“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!”


If you didn’t ditch her after Christmas on the Square, you’ve more stamina than me 😂🎄

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