Drivers Need To Make Citizens Arrests Of Insulate Britain Idiots

Once again this morning, eco-warriors are sitting in the middle of UK roads and preventing people from going about their lawful business. Sitting in the middle of a road or highway is unlawful. It is also dangerous.

Some motorists are exiting their vehicles and dragging the goons to the pavement. This is an exercise in futility. As soon as they return to their cars, the activists scurry back into the road.

Arrest them. I say perform a citizens arrest on the idiots and call the police. They are breaking the law and contrary to what Home Secretary Priti Patel said at the recent Conservative Party conference in Manchester, there is no need for new powers to deal with these deluded fools.

Existing law is sufficient. Make a citizens arrest and call the police. Under no circumstances should you assault them however tempting it might be. These people are unwell.

That being said, it can’t be allowed to continue. Repeat offenders should be handed stiff prison sentences or sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Enough now.


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I see plenty of poles and other objects to tie them off to. Tie them up and call the cops later


they are very fortunate the car drivers are not giving them a kicking, you can imagine doing that in the wrong part of town and they will really regret protesting by sitting on the road.


While on the subject of drivers, take a look at this article:
Digital driving licences. Drawing us ever closer to one comprehensive digital ID that will, in all likelihood, come to include driving licence, health and vaccination statue, and banking details.


However, this is in the pipeline and being slowly introduced:
‘a “hierarchy of road users” will ensure the more high-risk modes of transport have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they pose to others’


Here is a reminder of the existing laws for Pedestrians:


And what of the anti-lockdown protestors who disrupt or block traffic? Or do they get a free pass because they align with our beliefs?


Just tell them you’re on an emergency mission to buy insulation for your home. I wonder if the irony would be lost on them.


They are not suggesting that we, as individuals, buy insulation. They are demanding that the government, as proxy spenders of our money, buy the insulation and have designated fitters come into our homes to install it.
From that perspective, there is no irony.

But, of course, this has nothing to do with insulation and everything to do with creating further disruption and destruction of the economy.

Alex Romero

Crawl forward a 2 mph. Let’s see who blinks first. I guarantee the fuckers will move sharpish.


Don’t count on it. And if your car bumps them, that constitutes assault – for which you will be arrested.

Alex Romero

Self inflicted injury pal. Deliberate obstruction of a public highway also reckless behaviour endangering life.


‘Deliberate obstruction of a public highway also reckless behaviour endangering life.’ Yes, that is true.
But if you deliberately bump them with your vehicle, that is assault.

If you’re not convinced, consider this: a couple of years ago there was a growing problem in many of our cities with ‘scooter crime’ – ie, gangs using scooters to commit crimes and flee the scene. A police officer is currently facing criminal charges for pursuing one of these scooters, during which pursuit the rider lost control and hit a solid object. He (or his pillion – I forget which) died. The copper hadn’t even touched them, but he’s the one facing prison.
Whether you like the cops or not should be irrelevant. The little scrotes on the scooter were breaking the law and got injured or died because of their own reckless behaviour – but they are not the ones facing jail time.

How, then, do you think the courts will react if you deliberately nudge someone with a vehicle?


The most appropriate offence is Causing danger to other road users Sect 22A Road Traffic Act 1988. This creates the offence of intentionally taking some action (e.g. putting an obstruction in the road, tampering with traffic lights, deflating tyres) which causes the potential for danger to someone on or near a road. Its one of the more serious road traffic offences which can be heard by the Crown Court and can therefore attract a heavier sentence.


You make a good point. However, if a bunch of people begin to cross a road legally at, say, a crossing point, and then sit down then the potential for danger has been negated as the traffic is already at a standstill.
Technically, crossing the road at any non-designated point could violate Section 22A – and most of us do that in our day to day lives.

Last week, Boris said that there are plenty of existing laws in place that are not properly enforced by the police. I bet loads of people nodded their heads sagely and thought that sounded like a good idea. They won’t be thinking that when the police start prosecuting people for all sorts of things that are technically illegal, but which are not normally enforced.
Homelessness is a good one. Technically, that is illegal under the Vagrancy Act.
Vehicles partially parked on pavements is illegal as it obstructs pedestrians – but in many areas it is impractical (and often dangerous) for vehicles to be properly legally parked.

There are an awful lot of laws that the authorities don’t enforce particularly rigorously (or at all). A lot of the time we don’t even know those laws exist. The last thing we need is to give the green light to encourage that rigorous enforcement.

I suspect Insulate Britain are getting away with things because they are not actually breaking any laws and not causing major disruption to Big Corp commercial business. Lots of inconvenience and indirect deaths, yes: but I suspect that they are tools being deliberately used to achieve something else.

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