EU Commission President Wants To Mandate Jabs Across Entire EU

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told a media conference this morning that it’s time to think about mandating covid jabs for the entire EU.

My thoughts:

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Damien Joseph

We need to be positive about how we approach this. We need to organise and to group up- the time for moaning about people being cowardly or stupid/brainwashed has passed. No payment of any fines by all as a collective-and a counter offensive against this…

David Farrell

We’re in this mess because the majority of the populace are weak pathetic scared little shits! The ‘man’ has been taken out of ‘manliness’, and we’ve become nothing more than a mere resemblance of a man. The fight has been taken out of a man. We’ve been dumbed down. We’ve lost our bollocks. All you here now is “well what can we do? We have no choice”. Every human being on this planet has a choice, but the majority are scared, and those at the top know this. To rule by fear is easy, as is happening today.

The mandate will come, followed by fines, followed by prison, or fema/concentration camps. The fight is on, but sadly we’re totally out numbered, a walk around the local supermarket shows that, how all the jabbed up mongrals are wearing their nappy on their faces.

I’d like to think all is not lost, but it’s getting harder by the day. It’s easy at the moment to say we’ll never take the jab, but what about if not taking it prevents us from putting food into our children’s mouths???

Hero’s! Please step forward! Fighters! Please step forward! Warriors! Please step forward. Humanity needs you!


I went to the weekly market this morning and I overheard a conversation about the current situation where one person said to the other “the best thing we can do is do as we are told”. I was tempted to say something but I didn’t feel there was much point.

David Farrell

I always get tempted to knock on car windows of those sitting alone masked. I want to know if cars can catch and spread covid!

Last edited 1 month ago by David Farrell

Thank you Richie. They are desperate to get everyone jabbed and passported because they can only keep making up variants for so long. So they want to force people to take a substance into their bodies against their will which isn’t tested, isn’t safe and isn’t necessary by using force, threats, bullying and whatever else to do it. Can anyone seriously still believe that this is about looking after our health and that governments have our best interests at heart? We need to stand up to this because if we don’t life will cease to be worth living.


According to Anna de buisseret mandatory vax is illegal and not possible in the U.K.—DOLORES-CAHILL—THE-AWAKENING-CONFERENCE-20-11-21:d


just a thought, richie in the video above said that if the state wants the jabs to be compulsory, it would need to go through the commons and lords via a bill, does the emergency powers the state gave itself mean that it can do it without proper procedure or does it still need to go through the commons etc?


Yet another mysterious sports death at the age of 26. I wonder what on earth could be the cause of this 🤔 🤔

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

It describes it as non-suspicious. Nothing suspicious at all about a succession of young, fit athletes suddenly dying of course. The doctor in this video suggests a reason why this might be happening. It is in German but has English subtitles.

Graphene Razor Blades In The P0!$0N Clotshot – Dr. Andreas Noack—Graphene-razor-blades-found-in-the-COVID-vaccines-Dr.-Andreas-Noack:5

Rosemarie Sellers

Really enjoyed The vlog Richie. Like you said we have all been waiting for this to happen. I was the only one in the supermarket not wearing a mask today. Am off to Liverpool for the craic tomorrow (won’t be wearing one on the train either )and enjoy the Xmas markets over the weekend. A lively city important seek out the joy where we can while we can. The governments will try but they won’t win in the end. You’ve kept me going over the last year keep it up enjoy the diversity of your many speakers

Gary McMahon

Great vlog. I’m not easily scared but I am getting scared of this governments authoritarianism. I won’t be getting jabbed and I can see that my life is going to get very difficult.

Eamonn Blaney

I suspect that they are intent on promoting mass civil insurrection and then usher in a system of social scoring ‘as a means to restore order’.

These proposals have absolutely fuck all to do with health.


as normal the lunatics are running the asylum.


Love the vlog, richie. Much better than me hearing my boring voice whilst reading…and I can be making dinner at the same time.
I fear the time is fast approaching, yet grateful for your being there. We’ll done sir.


Almost by a strange coincidence, I was reading this article in work and ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead came on! I SHIT YOU NOT! ‘Bring down the Government, they don’t, they don’t speak for us.’ TIME TO DECIDE.


If they start that mandate bollocks over here they’ll be barricades in the streets.
Nice format btw, it gives your presentations the personal touch.


Hashtag global carpark!
(Use Twits and their own social spy networks to spark it off!!)
Hobo fire bins, porta loos, sleeping bags!
Get dug in like Alabama ticks!

I’m liking it brother Abdel!!

Liking it a lot!!



Who in their right F’ing mind who take the ‘Experimental Gene Therapy’ toxic shots when they know about this:

mRNA Vaccines Put You at Risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Sudden Surge in Stillbirths and Menstrual Changes.

November 11, 2021, a rally formed outside of Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). The group was there to call attention to an unthinkable tragedy: 13 babies were reportedly stillborn at the hospital in a period of 24 hours. All of their mothers had received a COVID-19 injection….

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

Thank you for sharing these. Yes the vaccine is race specific, the human race as the meme implies.


Good meme Jake!

Harry Vox has a video on his channel which shows where the ‘race specific’ evidence stems from.

But here’s an interesting video from early this year by Ivor Cummins where he shows the differences in mortality between regions versus the impact of lockdowns.

Now it should be noted that at no point in time does he imply or even suggest the virus is ‘race specific’ , however he does say that population health and season may have been a factor.

At that stage of the pandemic , the covid flu had a thirty times greater impact on mortality in this part of the world versus Oceania/Asia.

900 deaths per million versus 30!! — as low as 20 in Oceania!
(I’m guessing not much has changed here with these stats!!?)

That’s a massive difference which I’ve always found to be very significant, plus he also highlights the fact that air transport in and out of these countries occured well into the initial spread of the virus after it began in Wuhan China.

Anyway this is an excellent presentation that I would highly recommend watching and saving (these videos can be downloaded!!) as they may even come in useful as a legal defence further down the line.

Ivor Cummins Sars Cov 2 data is irrefutable in my opinion, so I would highly recommend his work for reference.


Gavin Ledermann

How can they mandate this so called vaccine when it’s in the experimental trials and harming masses of people?
Also, before having this injection you have to sign that you are are satisfied that you have had informed consent and therefore understand the risk. Does mandating mean they need no authorisation whatsoever from the person? Who is responsible/liable?
Anyone can print out the Yellow Card, VAERS or EudraVigilance adverse reaction reports to show the mass deaths and injuries. Its basically a death sentance.
Who takes responsibility for all these adverse (intended) reactions?
The vax vials have different levels of toxicity. A certainty that the toxicity will go up to the max when people are made to get it. Unlikely there will be any vials of saline as this agenda gathers momentum.
Complete madness.


I think they are doing it to frighten people into having it without questioning the legality. I would ask to see proof that the virus exists and to know the exact contents of the vaccine. It depends how far down the road they are prepared to go because of course in Stalin’s Russia and Germany in the 1930s there was no questioning of anything allowed.


I’m not sure exactly how to turn this, but I know for certain the resistance will need to increase to a much greater level of intensity, seriousness and determination than what has gone before thus far..
(But always by non violent means as this can most definitely be defeated without any violence whatsoever!)

And never lose sight of the real objective by these Euro/Globalist oligarchs and that’s the introduction of digital ID totalitarian enslavement by way of committing you to a renewable Digi/biological “health rated branding” in order to monitor and control your every move from birth to death.

We are at a pivotal and most serious moment in human history and must do absolutely everything we can to prevent these psychopaths from achieving their ambitions.

Failure is no longer an option.


Urban Fox

Bang on the money, posted this link previously, but dont think many saw it. Only a short film, very well made apart from the annoying backtrack, that seems to be everywhere these days. May be worth forwarding to people who are still in the Matrix but not to far gone to be retrieved.


I posted it previously too Fox.
But it’s worth keeping it current for the reasons you say.


Hello Gerry.
All good my friend?


Not too bad Jake.
Though, this is getting concerning now it must be stated.
They’re turning the screw.


The Cnuts are going for the final push on seeing how far they will get with the scam.
Loads of Maskholes in London on public transport, flipping muppets.
We must stand strong.


I’m seeing them queueing to get their boosters now Jake.

Long lines of them.

That’s what we’re really up against.
How do you unplug these sheeple from the matrix?

Two years on and they still don’t get it!!


Flipping heck!
I have family who talk about people they know passing away, including two dying in their sleep, and they can’t except that the ‘Jab’ was the cause!


I know the feeling brother.
I know the feeling.


We will succeed because we have no choice but to succeed because your right, failure is not an option. Hold the line 🙂


Cheers Layla.


Would legislation have to be introduced in that way, through both chambers etc? Could they do what they have been doing ie pass the laws and vote on them later, or could they be introduced under the CV Act or Public Health Act or the like under an emergency without the need to vote at all?

We need to organise, unite, and get some heavyweight lawyers. We need to stick together and fight. This cannot stand legally.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stubini

How many times have we seen/heard of high courts finding governments’ actions illegal only for said governments to ignore those rulings?
A reliance on legal due process at this point is a fool’s hope.
Human and civil rights laws were created by politicians, and introduced into law; and what politicians create, politicians can change or destroy. Especially when, as in the UK, the General Attorney is a politician.


Thing is Stubini is that I do not trust the system – its all rigged and corrupt – if they want to bring mandatory masks / vaccines they will – and it will get passed – the media inc all news publications The Mail, The Times etc etc I do not trust any of them – they may write against all the things that are going on but its all bull !!! they know these things will pass but have to look like having another view on things, if that is the case when why dont they push for a debate ??? debate with those scientists / drs etc who have an opposite opinion to the govt – all the Lords, but No they dont and will not do that – For LBC to talk they way do they do, they know they can get away with it as they are pushing the agenda too…all corparations, remember that !! and all the Parliment nonsense is just ticking the boxes to say they have gone through that channel and all have agreed to make vaccines mandatory !! its a disgrace and its as if the world is caving in, it is evil and it is the most disgusting thing…..the U.K is not what it was, the world infact is not what it was, but what can we do to stop it ? very little unless people enough is enough now there needs to be a revolution……french style.


Ah yes , the French Revolution. Some of the Illuminati’s finest work.


Spot on..


They can spew all the fear porn they want, ill never get jabbed, EVER and if they want to come and fine me, good luck with that cuz I’m skint lol. The moronic variant is sheer bullshit, I believe there is too many of us now refusing this jib jab and we will never get it, their scare tactics just don’t work, their plan is coming away at the seams bit by bit, HOLD THE LINE 🙂


If people can’t pay then they will probably send them to prison. Fortunately, and in timely fashion, they are building those supermax prisons here in the UK.
Much like they have built those ‘quarantine camps’ in Canada and Australia and have those large FEMA camps in the US.
Camps/prisons that the media are not drawing attention to: and, as we all know, if the media don’t talk about something, it doesn’t exist for the majority of people.

Under those conditions, just as is happening in China, anything can be done to the inmates and the majority will turn a blinded eye and live in blissful, ignorant denial.

Urban Fox

Spot on unfortunately


I figured I had to dig deep a bit. I made a bit of a faux par earlier by stating that Marx, Hitler and the Rothschilds were Austrian.

Urban Fox

I know Hitler was born in Austria, but that’s about it. I suspect that as symbolism is everything to our enemies, this may well explain Austria leading the way now in this part of the prison planet.


NO FREEDOM (or we will fine you and jail you) UNLESS YOU GET A VACCINE!!!!

Before testifying before the International military tribunal at Nuremberg in 1946 Goering was asked how he got the German people to accept nazism.

‘It was very easy and it was nothing to do with nazism, it has something to do with human nature. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to get them into a state of FEAR. If you manage to find a way to SCARE people, you can make them do what you want.

Threats of fines, threats of camps, threats to frighten us to get us to do what they want, and they are really pushing the fear, shows desperation, but we see them, HOLD THE LINE 🙂

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