Florida Governor Bans Trans Women & Girls From Female Sports

In a victory for common sense and women’s rights, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed into law, a bill that bans trans women and trans girls, from participating in female sports.

“In Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports,” DeSantis said yesterday. According to Politico:

Dubbed the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” Florida’s new law establishes that women’s sports from middle school through college, including intramurals and club teams, are closed to males based on the biological sex listed on a student’s birth certificate.

The measure has been widely celebrated by Republicans for “protecting the integrity” of girls athletics. 

More than 20 states in the US are bringing in similar laws. Yesterday was the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month. Democrats were quick to criticise DeSantis for signing the bill on such a big day for the LGBTQ community.

Democratic Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried said the move was “cruel.” DeSantis responded by saying that the decision to sign the bill yesterday had nothing to do with Pride month.

Last night, the Human Rights Campaign pledged to challenge the legislation in court, claiming that it is “fueled by discriminatory intent and not supported by fact.

The bill bans people whose biological sex is listed as male on their birth certificates from participating in women’s sports from middle school through college.

It’s a stone cold fact that if you are born with a penis you are male. Neither boys nor men should be permitted to participate in women’s sports. There’s nothing cruel about that.

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This is reallygood decision made by govorner



Good on him. If other not-so-wise governors (and MP’s over this side of the water) continue down the woke path of including everyone, then we should push for categorising by body type: Height, weight, muscle mass, bone density, etc. Then they can say “WHaaaaaat? Whaaat? We’re not discriminating, we’re including everyone, and putting the big beefy ones together, and the petite ones in the other group”


I think I fancy me chances now in the 200 yards (out of the EU you know)! Why not if up against all those nobbled by the jab?
Spiked (protein) runners in spikes lol

Jon Taylor

I am liking what this florida govenor first he was no to vaccine passports now he is seeing common sense on this issue.

Danny Warden

Good news but on the other hand it saddens me that common sense has to be written into law

Harry Derriere

Ya know…I like a lot of things about Ron. I appreciate his effort during this scamdemic regarding masks, opening businesses, social distancing…yada yada.

He is a lot better than our governor, Asa(hole) Hutchinson.

But I gotta be honest with the class…he is a hardcore Zionist.

I know this is America where everyone elected above dog catcher has to be pro-

Israel…but Rick has gone so far as to make full diplomatic contact with the nation of Israel.

Which is weird…because he is a governor…Lindsey Graham tier…weird.

I can’t trust him. His case is much deeper than lip service.

They are prepping him for a 2024 run. I can smell it like a fart in a car.

Anyway…yeah…pinch of salt with this one.

Last edited 12 days ago by Harry Derriere

Dear oh dear…
Just when you believe all is well in the world then reality arrives and pisses on your chips!!


Yin and yang huh…

Life sucks.



I’ve just gone off Ron DeSantis big time the spell has been completely broken.
What about Greg Abbott in Texas? Surely there must be at least one American patriot who isn’t batting for the Jewish state?


Yes.. it was a cold shock Mark.
I guess no matter how good something might initially appear to be…(and he has been good with the convid b***x!!)

There’s always a catch!!

Last edited 12 days ago by Gerry

It’s like a machine that was set in motion long ago. The devil told Jesus that God had given him control of our world. Not only did Jesus not argue with him but later he affirmed this and so did Apostle Paul. Maybe its telepathy. I don’t know but I believe it. Nothing of the last year makes any sense. Especially people giving away their freedom without so much as a shot fired. It wouldn’t do any good anyway. Our entire nation is corrupt and it can’t be fixed. My governor says he feels that vaccines should be an individual choice and yet every day the Amber Alert signs on the freeway keep trying to brainwash us. He says he won’t force the vaccine but anyone with a brain already knows that it will be big business that does that. I don’t know the percentage but a large majority of the grocery stores across the country are owned by Kroger Foods. It’s a lot easier to work through one corporation to force an issue than to deal with thousands. That makes more sense when you consider the number of small businesses not allowed to open and since gone out of business. Honestly, I don’t care if they let trannies play in girl’s sports. We’ve got bigger problems than that right now.


I can’t find a hairdresser to do my hair where I live including the one I’ve gone to for years because I can’t wear a mask. The fact that I don’t have anything catchable or that masks have been proven over and over not to work (not to mention that there is no virus) cuts no ice.

But it’s not actually fear of getting a disease that is prompting all this but fear of what others will think. This is why most people where I live are walking around the streets and even country lanes wearing masks even though there is no regulation to do so. I get stared at as if I’m green with two heads and have just arrived from the planet Zog just because I don’t wear one and it’s actually getting worse as time goes on.


At last, some good old-fashioned common sense in an ever increasing crazy world 🤪


He’s a good man is Mr. DeSantis and seems to have good instincts when simple common sense is required.

Sure what’s to prevent these trans folk from having their own sports events reserved just for themselves??

At the very least, it ‘might’ stop circumstances like this…

A ‘hard hitting’ example I know…

But sure, we all know the truth HURTS!!




Sorry if people think I’m old fashioned but I don’t think boxing is an appropriate sport for women anyway.


There are many who don’t consider it a sport at all, so I doubt your apology is necessary Jennie!!

I was thinking though.. what would be a good title for a sports body or tv programme to distinguish it from regular international sport??

And it came to me in a moment of divine clarity and inspiration.

Trans World Sport!!!

Or Transworld Sport!!

I could see the rights and everything all coming back to me and was getting ready to design and lodge the company logo patents and registrations etc.


But alas… My moment was short lived as it dawned on me that they’ve long since had this one already!!
(Though not related to trans people whatsoever it must be stated!!)


But I’ve another!!!!

“Transhumanists Sports International!!!”

Lots of potential here I would think???

Catchy huh??



Oh oh oh… And while I think of it!!!

Wouldn’t all those who’ve received Billy’s death jab now qualify as participants!!!

Oh wait…

That puts us right back to square one!!!

Jeeez… This is going to be more complicated than I first envisioned!!!


Tim in Brazil

Good old fashioned common sense is now the woke controversial. Just substitute “controversial” in the title for “common sense”


It could be perceived as too ‘controversial’ Tim…?

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