Flu DID Circulate Last Winter – They Just Renamed It Covid

Flu is back. It took a gap year in 2020, but it’s back now, well rested and twice as dangerous. The “flu disappeared last Winter” claim is proof if ever you needed it, that people will believe anything if their television tells them it’s true.

Throughout 2021, the government and its medical advisers told us that there wasn’t a single recorded case of flu last Winter. They said that social distancing, mask wearing and working from home, eradicated it. No-one thought to ask them why those same measures hadn’t eradicated covid, but hey-ho.

The same boffins are telling us that as a result of opening up the economy and emerging from our covid bunkers, flu will return with a vengeance and that this spells trouble seeing as we’ve kind of lost our resistance to it. That is monumental bollox.

Flu never went anywhere last Winter. Neither did the common cold. They were re-branded as covid-19. You can take that to the bank. That’s not my opinion, that is fact. I’m not saying that covid doesn’t exist mind, just that everyone who sneezed last year was given a PCR test. Everything came back as covid.

It’s not just flu that has been re-branded as covid either. Tinnitus, dizziness, rashes, hearing voices, dead leg…everything has been linked to covid. It’s not funny. People believe this shit.

1 in 3 UK doctors believe that the re-emergence of flu and ever mutating covid-19 virus, spells doom for the NHS this Winter. One third of doctors when asked, say that they fear that the NHS isn’t ready for the perennial Winter NHS crisis. They’re right.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether it’s covid, the flu or both. The NHS will collapse this Winter and it’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever seen previously. Hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers will walk away from their jobs before accepting Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s vaccine mandate. It’s going to be chaos.

Thirty years ago, there were twice as many hospital beds in the UK as there are today. The health service has been systematically destroyed over decades. The flu is back narrative is horse-shit. The total collapse of the NHS has been carefully planned.

They’re getting their excuses in early. Do you think they don’t know what the result will be, when they reduce the number of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers by forcing unsafe vaccines on them?

Do you think that they don’t know what the result will be, when they reduce bed capacity and treat nothing but covid, while leaving millions of people waiting for non-covid related illnesses?

Of course they know. It’s unimaginably evil isn’t it?


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Terry Winter

Richie did you know about the 1918 spanish flu experiment where 62 healthy prisoners could not be infected with the spanish flu virus no matter what they tried and that flu supposedly killed about 50 million people so perhaps Dr Andrew Kaufman and David Icke are not talking BS afterall


So, if the lockdown measures prevented ‘flu deaths, why were Winter illnesses above the five year high, note ‘covid’ is not counted a “winter illness”.


oops, that should have read “deaths from Winter illnesses”, (ONS data).


No one is attributing the increase of Covid cases to the vaccination programme. Where I work in the Community we were visiting homes in place Social Care Staff some of whom were out sunbathing (I mean working form home), none of us caught Covid. Now we have a huge number off sick with so called “Covid” they have all been vaccinated.Now they are dishing out Flu jabs. In some cases they are giving one of each.The population have been truly brainwashed, the beauty being brainwashed Is that you don’t you have been.


looking closer at the photo used by Richie in the article, I noticed several people seem to be suffering from melted face Sydrome (neurofibromatosis).

In fact many images in the media show the same disease, is this an epidemic unreported by msm and the alternative press? Or is it an infestation of Digitaltis, Data Decay, or some-such-and-the-like ?


Geeeez, the pandimonium…!
Our wise, and almost divine ‘leaders’ will probably need all sorts of busy mini-fascists, security personel, and ‘regulators’ to administer all the job losses, let alone to police the new concentration camp genetic experiment zones that will replace the old Hospitals?

Last edited 8 months ago by RMCD

Pneumonia also was rebranded. This year they need all the usual illnesses + the fake virus and its mythical variants to cover up for vaccine (aka genetic engineering) injuries and deaths.

Urban Fox



makes you wonder how fed up will people be over this winter with problems ranging from the normal NHS crisis, job problems, supply shortages etc,

Caroline Fealy

Totally agree with you there Richie. Being of a certain age i remember headlines over the year’s saying exactly the same things with a different virus of course. it’s all bollocks i am glad i do not rely on the nhs.


How could flu dissappear when not everyone was following the mask wearing and social distancing nonsense.


Masks and distancing don’t work anyway even where there are real illnesses.

Urban Fox

Vernon made me laugh when he said that a sneeze can travel about 28 or 30 feet. But they couldn’t make the distance that long. As it would never have worked, as we would have to have been running behind the bus.


I know they don’t work at all. I don’t believe any of it.


That’s good

Tim in Brazil

Spot on. “The health service has been systematically destroyed over decades.”


I’ll be coming to the end of 25 years in the NHS if the mandate passes. A big thank you for all my work. No vax needed for the last year in ICU, caught C19, wasn’t ill and cracked on. Suddenly I’m a villan.
Fuck ’em.
If the jabbed nurses don’t protest on behalf of their sacked colleagues then they deserve everything they get.
I’m kind of at peace with what’s coming because I know I’m on the right side and have found something worth sacrificing for.


Thank you for all those years that you put in to helping people.
You are on the right side.


You’re not a villain. You’re a hero. You’re sticking with your morals and beliefs. That in itself is priceless.


As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this fall.


Urban Fox

Everything regarding the coming problems this winter with the hospitals, written about here is very true. In addition there are going to be many victims of the Fake vaccination taking up what beds there are available.

But if Flue was rebranded as covid, which it was. As it could not possibly have disappeared. And if the PCR test can not test for an infectious virus, according to its creator. Thereby making any cases found nul and void. Then where is this thing called covid if it exists.? There were no excess deaths in 2020. Nor were there any excess funerals. Iv seen the documents with my own eyes. In fact in many cases the drop in mortality figures from other illnesses, have exactly mirrored the rise in covid cases.

All over the world total death numbers were about average, despite the authorities doing everything possible to kill as many as they could by MIDAZALAM and other means. And despite faking thousands of death certificates.


I believe the world population has actually grown during this great pandemic much to the disgust of Stanley Johnson. These damn untermenschen just keep on breeding there’s just no stopping them. ADE will now be rebranded as Covid.

Urban Fox

Morning Mark, thanks for reply. Yeh anything now is possible as we have seen.

Urban Fox

CLARIFICATION/ I’m not saying the people on the certificates were made up. Just the wrong diagnosis being recorded on the certificates.


All of the emergency services have been run on the skeleton crew principle for decades. On paper, managers and politicians can point to these numbers and say, ‘see, we’ve got enough staff (just about)’. But those numbers don’t take into consideration annual leave, maternity (and paternity) leave, and staff of sick. When all of that is factored in, actual bodies on the ground, as it were, simply are not enough.
Add to that existing problem perfectly capable staff being sent home because of positive PCR tests and others walking away because they refuse to get jabbed, and the problem becomes exponentially worse.
It will be a snowball (though, avalanche might be a better description) effect. The remaining staff will, inevitably, be coerced to work longer hours. They will get genuinely ill as a consequence and/or it will have a negative impact on their personal lives. More people will drop off the rostas.
And the usual talking heads and mindless masses will blame, among other things, Brexit and Covid for the problem, and demand that more be done – by other people, naturally – to deal with the problem.


It feels like were on a little sunny Caribbean island with a huge ragging hurricane off the coast and heading our way. All nice and peaceful at the moment but all that’s about to change big time. Because we’ve had a mini Indian summer with mild temperatures during September into October things are running a little behind schedule but the rubber is about to meet the road once the cold weather begins. How will these newly reprogrammed immune systems cope with an in the wild Covid virus? There will also be the big return of the DNR certificate for all those lucky enough to find themselves in an NHS hospital.
You don’t want to get sick this winter that’s for sure.


Getting sick is fine. Ending up in hospital is the thing to avoid. And I would be willing to bet that the vast majority who do end up in hospital will be those who have been jabbed.
The media, true to form, will do everything they can to distract people from this.


When I go into shops here in Ireland and they haven’t got what I’m looking for they blame Brexit. I keep saying to them that it’s not because of Brexit but because of the unnecessary lockdowns. Don’t know anyone who’s personally had covid still after 19 months despite the pandemic being so ‘dangerous’ that they’ve destroyed the economy, many businesses and people’s lives

Urban Fox

I wouldn’t know , as not really speaking with hardly anyone. But that is staggering, they are saying that. It beggars belief, as we would have said up North. That’s such a bloody stupid comment. Driver shortages, fuel prices, factory, warehouse and farm closures are all as a result of the policies the last 18 months. They have been closing these places down and laying off staff. Because someone has a cold. Or in some cases not even any symptoms. Another thing i haven’t mentioned, which relates to fuel costs. Is the cost of the tanker transportation has doubled over the last 18 months. So they have been making less trips. Meaning that food imported from abroad is down as well.


It’s not just during the ‘pandemic’. A lot of the policy and regulations that have brought this about have been introduced slowly, over a long period of time. The last nineteen months have simply seen an extra, and aggressive, continuation of those policies.

Urban Fox

Not sure about that Craig, they have been closing factories, Warehouses, production plants and farms. Because of a positive test as i said. And they have not licensed any truck drivers as a result of lockdowns. And many of the drivers self isolating. All of what i have just said is a direct result of the last 18 months.


I thought that was what I said in the last sentence. Perhaps I did not make myself clear.
Factories, warehouses, production plants and farms were closing before last March because of national and international regulations.
Truck drivers were walking away in droves before last March because of regulation changes, devaluing of their wages due to immigration, increased costs of licencing, etc.
Hospital beds and nursing staff had been reduced before last March.
Police powers had been simultaneously increased and hobbled before last March.
Doctor’s working weeks had been reduced before last March because of national and EU regulations.

All of this, and more, happened before last March. What has happened since is just more of the same but in a far more aggressive fashion, under the guise of something benign (health).


Brexit is the lie that just keeps giving. There are similar shortages, and economic problems, in China, America, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Europe, South America, throughout Africa, North Korea, etc, etc, etc.
There are some variations of reason and impact, but the similarities far outweigh the differences. Unfortunately, we all all programmed to focus on the differences, and from that ready excuses come to people’s lips – and they are usually denials of one kind or another.
A shift in perspective, from differences to similarities, paints an entirely different picture.


In the brilliant novel LIMBO 90′ (w 1952 )by Bernard Wolfe he called this relentless technocratic influx THE STEAMROLLER… considering the big Energy Con, and the secrets of HYDROGEN (which are about to ‘come to light’ far more -ahem!) it is utterly appropriate…
The Snowball/ Avalanche is a certainty, whever it will become a DELUGE is undoubtedly a plan for the ‘elites’.
The Digital Fires of Data are burning, Submerging the public in propaganda, burying them in lies, suffocating them in bullshit, infusing them with toxins…is all this some sort of Cataclysmic/ Catalytic Biblical FLOOD?

Last edited 8 months ago by RMCD

Or a deliberate fulfilment of prophecy?


well , there is certainly that, religion buries itself deep and scars far too many, just listen to all the SATANISM rubbish people sprout.. its as if they don’t know what a SADIST is! lol…. Uncannily many folk don’t believe in any god, but don’t doubt a Devil… however remember -” God is the Author of ALL good AND evil”,according to the Bibel, so I suppose that lets the MIC, CFR,WEF and thier ilk off the hook then, they are mere vessels for gods dirty deeds?

Last edited 8 months ago by RMCD

I know. It makes me laugh.

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