Genocidal Maniac Says It’s Your Civic Duty To Be Vaccinated

Genocidal maniac Tony Blair told SKY News presenter Kay Burley this morning that it’s just not good enough that people are refusing to be jabbed and that it is “your civic duty to be jabbed.”

The former UK Prime Minister also claimed that an unvaccinated person could kill a double vaccinated person when they meet. Blair told Burley:

“Pfizer and AstraZeneca are both excellent vaccines as is Moderna and other vaccines so, you’ve got a situation where if you really take this out to people and say just look at the data, it is clear that vaccination works. 

Your failure to get vaccinated doesn’t just put you at risk….In a way, if this was just a personal decision for people and you get vaccinated or don’t get vaccinated, it’s you who suffers if you don’t. But it’s not you who suffers if you don’t, simply. 

It’s also other people. And there are people who are unvaccinated. They come into contact with people, even those who are vaccinated now. They can still transmit the disease. And if those people have got a serious underlying condition, they can actually die as a result of that.

So, I think, you know I understand people’s objections but at some point you’ve got to say to people, look the evidence not just from Britain but from around the world is crystal clear.

There’s no serious person disputing it. And to get vaccinated is actually part of your…it’s almost part of your civic duty.”

Blair also made a point of insisting that more needs to be done to encourage children and pregnant women to be jabbed. He claimed that Intensive Care Units are filling up with pregnant women. Burley of course, didn’t challenge a word of it.



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Richie…you have to see this video…shit is going to hit the fan in America…. Biden has bitten off more than he can handle…



Only a half hour into this and I can already see what you mean!!

Thanks for sharing Woody.


Tony K

Tony Blair, a traitor to his country, a mass murderer, and a common theif.

Kay Burley, just a traitor, facilitator, and another one for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

A video surfaced a few weeks ago from an event in 2019, held at the Milken Institute, on a universal flu vaccine.

It’s tantamount to a full premeditated confession.

Here’s some of the transcript:

Michael Specter: Why don’t we blow the system up? I mean obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system. We have and then say, hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine that we haven’t given to anyone yet. But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.

Fauci: In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried-and-true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be beneficial, I mean we’ve done well with that. There must be something that has to be much better. You have to prove that this works and then you’ve got to go through all of the clinical trials: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and then show that this particular product is going to be good over a period of years. That alone, if it works perfectly, it’s going to take a decade.

Bright: There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that’s completely disruptive, that’s not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.

Fauci: So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it’s going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say, I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem in a disruptive and in an iterative way because she does need both.

Bright: But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that.. to a number of regional centers if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch of self-administer.

Here’s the video.

“Shake it up”

They all deserve to be hung, every single one of them.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony K

Here it is Tony.

A shocking revelation this..

But people need to see it to believe it!!



This is ]what the medical people are facing here in Australia-brave souls


Absolutely shocking.


Five minutes. That’s all I need. Maybe not even that long. The shitty bit is that these people are just the puppets. I want those running this.


Said before it only takes one bullet to be rid of people like him, well maybe two burley can go with him.


Yeah agree with you big time,12 bore to their rancid heads.

Marty Hopkirk

Scumbag Bliar clearly wasn’t concerned about ‘saving lives’ when he helped to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan into the stone age and kill / displace millions of people in the process.

This lowlife needs to wind his neck in and go do his talking in The Hague.

Aldo Bennedetti

Tony looks shuck. He was told to say that by his masters.


It is also a person’s civic duty not to tell lies to create a war which kills 100s of 1000s of people.

There is actually not one single word of truth in what he says in this interview. He should crawl under a rock and stay there. I’m sorry but I just can’t bear the man.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jennie


Anne Talbot

Why is this man still breathing !


blair reminds me of the blow up dolls on only fools and horses, when you think life could not get worse, up pops blair and says “hello, I’m here to make your life a bit worse”


Get what you say, but only fools and horses was and is funny, and more realistic than this psycho.


Did the funeral director ever come back on here Richie? I listened to an interview done with him on Odysee in September. He mentioned some of the HMP buidings are being extended to hold a lot of people (more than just normal prisoners). He mentioned HMP Wallingborough as one of them.I tried to look on Google earth but I’m not very tech savvy. I think I end up in the wrong place.

Cliff Charlton

Be gone demon!

Caroline Fealy

Evil little critten. They really are pushing the vaxed on the unvaxed creating more division. Slimly little weasel war mongering scumbag. He needs a serious time out the critten.

Stephen Hardy

Well that’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. What a psychotic, despicable piece of human excrement Blair is. After being sat with him for so long, no amount of showering would cleanse the odour. But the useless Burley just whoops and hollers and is clearly in her element. Do people actually subscribe and pay to watch this garbage.

Urban Fox

This Harrowing video and accompanying song. Was first posted by Gerry.

For anyone that has not seen this 7 minute clip, i have posted the link below. It may be an idea to post this to friends that are still asleep. Asking the question, ‘ Do you still think this is about a virus?’.

Australian May Day – SOS / Covid Lockdowns & Vaccine choice (

This is the future that is now coming into being at lightening speed. If monsters like Blair and Bill, and those behind them, are left to proceed unchecked.


Well stated Fox and thank you for the mention.

As Max Igan always says and also where I first saw this video.

In lak’ech


Urban Fox

Thanks and no problem. I had been thinking that not many had seen it. And that they needed to. I showed my friend last night. He was incredulous. We watched the Hunger games that he had not seen. I’m just gonna cook, as i never eat last night and am hungry. Speak soon.


Hunger games.. very interesting Mr. Fox..
Makes me think of something I once read about Blair is his early days..

Something about ‘hunting’ in public toilets.. 🤔 👀 😳

Probably all baloney though, much like the garbage that regularly spews out of his mouth.

So, I suppose it’s a simple case of “what’s good for the goose!!”



Seen Max made it to Mexico Gerry, smart lad. Flew from Brisbane I think he said to Singapore, 8 people on that flight, hung about there with all the looneys in masks, gloves etc, then caught a flight to the U.S. L.A. I think it was, there were 42 people on the flight to the U.S. Staying in Jeff Berwicks pad, the dollar vigilante, some fecking pad yer man has, looking out onto Acapulco bay, always liked Jeff might e-mail him, glad Max made it out smart move.


I heard Martin.
A very brave and noble move by Max it should also be noted.
He’s walked away from everything he has and all that is precious to him in order to keep doing what he does, which is telling us the truth…
I see the wisdom in this move alright, but I also see the sacrifice he’s just made.
Australia has fallen to globalist commies now and theses same fascists and tyrants are networked and well organised, so I suspect it won’t be long before what’s happening in Australia is happening here and elsewhere around the globe.

As the anonymous caller ‘Jane Doe’ mentioned yesterday, they’re doing the Rockefeller Lockstep and they’re not for stopping.

… “The Rockefeller Lockstep” huh..

I think I’ve just coined a new rhythm or dance here..

Kind of like ‘the twist’… Only it’s got nothing to do with dancing and everything to do with outright tyranny.

Time to get ‘organised’ Martin.

Groups need to be formed with a particular emphasis on establishing reliable foundations for the understanding and protection of inalienable human rights.

These 🤬ers are breaking or trying to rewrite every rule in the rulebook..

It’s time to stop them.

Re Jeff Berwick.

He’s another well connected and clever operator.

But Max is special and I hope that his presence in Mexico is beneficial for all who are graced with his influence.

Soldier On Max.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Gerry I posted that before listening to Richie, listened to Richie and Max was on, but yep fair play think he made a good move.


Cheers Martin.
I posted a link to the most recent Jeff Berwick video in the John Waters thread.
That one is well worth a look.
I like Jeff Berwick myself, he’s got good business nous and has used it wisely.

But he pulls no punches with what he says and how he says it, this might not to be everyones tastes.. but this is something he regularly addresses and states that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks regardless!!

It may sound a bit self centered on his part, but each to their own I guess.

He’s helping out Max at the moment, so this is good, though I suspect Max will get his independence back soon enough.

It can’t be easy for Max…

So, I hope everything turns out well for him over there…

I’ve been tuning into Max for a good few years now and have always admired him, so to lose Max at this juncture would be devastating for many I fear and in particular his Australian tribe.

As he says himself, his best weapon is his voice..

So long may he preserve it…



The people have to give them a taste of their own medicine. For any tree hugging pacifist out there that says violence is not the way, well it seems to be working for these scumbags. case in point. Watched a lot of London met police acting like thugs hitting old people, women and mostly peaceful protesters, to me cowards with a badge. Last week England played Hungary at Wembley, not sure what happened but these met scumbags waded into the Hungary fans, smacking them with their batons, the footage is there, but do you know what happened the Hungary fans started fighting back, and chased the cowards out of that area, you can find the footage if you want, my point is these cowards when faced with people who are not SCARED and will fight back ran like the fucking scum they are. who do you think benefits from all the ” oh no violence cannot work ” yep yer masters, we know they are killing the old, they want us and the young, in short we know they are doing away with us, but they say oh no violence please. Maybe they are right useless eaters be gone.

Urban Fox

Hi Martin, It shouldn’t be a first choice, as they will just roll out the guns and tanks. And in this country the public are not even armed. Also there are those who will just get on any band wagon for a punch up because they are nut jobs. And before you know it, they will just be punching everyone. Dont get me wrong though, there are times when i think it unavoidable. And i wouldn’t lose any sleep over something happening to the likes of Gates, Blair and Johnson. Or those in the film i posted. Not that i would advocate that, in case any government spies are reading this. What you doing, I’m watching Picnic at hanging rock film shortly. Spooky story, dont know if you’ve seen. Topical as in Australia.


It is our civic duty to held these nutters to account, stop this madness. I would also recommend that all those that push the vaccines get fully vaccinated.

Urban Fox

This was the day Blairs fellow “Anti Christ”, Bill Gates drove through the gates of Downing street, to meet his disciples. Whilst receiving a hellish reception from crowds of angry protesters.

Protesters shout ‘murderer’ as Bill Gates is driven to Downing Street meeting with his gofer Boris Johnson – David Icke

Please enjoy, but be careful not to over indulge.

Tim in Brazil

It is Tony Blair’s civic duty to shut the fuck up for the rest of eternity. Preferably in the slammer.

Sara D

It is astonishing that this man is given airtime and allowed to vent his spleen without challenge or question. If anyone needs to question the pursuit of pushing these jabs they need look no further than who is keen to attack those who have justifiably refused.Then start to ask why.


Part of this, sadly, reinforces all that ‘Inclusivity’ training (conditioning) that people are subjected to through the education system and business models.
Inclusivity, of necessity, has to reduce the whole to the level of the least to make everyone Equal.
In the classroom, this means learning that the least intelligent can understand, because they cannot increase their IQ, whereas the higher achievers can drop down.
And in ‘society’ life, it means we must all circle around the most vulnerable.

Diversity, beyond the observable and simple mechanistic, has no place in such a model.

I am aware that it is not that simple; but it is a part.

Alex Romero

It’s the equivalent of stuffing all of life into a straight jacket and standing it on its head.


I like that analogy.

Ronald Templeman

Blair was so right about the evidence being out there about the injection (so called vaccine) it is out there if one looks beyond the msm, IT’S KILLING PEOPLE
How anybody listens to this lying scumbag I do not know.

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