Anticipating the Technotarian (post-Covid) New World ‘order’

by John Waters This article first appeared on French philosopher Jacques Ellul, writing 70 years ago, foresaw a world where human rights would be abolished and the population absorbed into a technical post-human utopia. Where Jacques Ellul helps us with where we find ourselves now relates to two interlocking areas — propaganda and what we call technology, […]

Genocidal Maniac Says It’s Your Civic Duty To Be Vaccinated

Genocidal maniac Tony Blair told SKY News presenter Kay Burley this morning that it’s just not good enough that people are refusing to be jabbed and that it is “your civic duty to be jabbed.” The former UK Prime Minister also claimed that an unvaccinated person could kill a double vaccinated person when they meet. […]

Doctors Tell Government To Trigger Plan B NOW

The British Medical Association has accused the government of being “wilfully negligent” in its response to rising covid cases and that restrictions should be imposed immediately. The BMA wants the government to trigger so called Plan B. Last month, the Health Secretary laid out the government’s plans to deal with Covid-19 over the Winter. There […]

Javid Warns The Unjabbed “Come Forward Or Lose Your Freedoms!”

What a thoroughly wretched, snivelling little thug Sajid Javid is. Speaking at a press conference yesterday afternoon Javid, who masquerades as the UK’s Health Secretary, told the nation to get jabbed or he would impose covid restrictions this Christmas. What a jumped-up little toad Javid is. He said that covid cases might reach 100,000 a […]