Germany Likely To Follow Austria & Mandate Jabs For Every Citizen

Germany’s Chancellor elect Olaf Scholz, who will be sworn in next week (yes, Merkel really is gone), said last night that his government would put a new law making vaccination compulsory before parliament within weeks.

Scholz did say however, that he wouldn’t whip government MP’s to vote with him. They would have a free vote.

Scholz is being pressured to order a full national lockdown because of rising case numbers and hospitalisations. He has said that vaccination, rather than lockdown, is the way through the pandemic.

Speaking to Bild newspaper Scholz said:

“The current issue facing us is vaccination and boosters, which is a huge task. It is the fact that so many have not been vaccinated that is the reason we have a problem as a country today.

You can’t just watch the situation heartlessly. If we had a higher vaccination rate, we would have a different situation.”

The new Chancellor wants to give 30 million jabs before Christmas. After everyone has had a chance to be vaccinated, by February or March next year, the jabs would then become compulsory, if Scholz can get it through parliament.

Polls in Germany suggests that 70 per cent of the population favours compulsory vaccination.

Interestingly, the German vaccination rate is around the same as the UK’s, with 68.5 per cent of adults fully jabbed. How long then before the UK government says that it is considering mandating the jabs for all?

Not long I’d say.


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Polls in Germany suggests that 70 per cent of the population favours compulsory vaccination.

be interesting to find out how many people were allegedly polled, germany has a rough population of 83 million, if they only polled say 1000 people as an example, then its not exactly representative.


So back to LBC’s James “Fluffer” O’Briens three road/pathway anti vaxxer routes for a moment…

Them being:

a) to sing Piers Corbyn’s flatulence v mask song

b) considering Satanic paedophiles

c) considering a political conspiracy

Anyway I’m struggling to get passed the why why WHY and to just go and get a potentially lethal experimental injection if I can’t answer that part!? 🤯 😳

Even more so upon seeing this next one!

Amazing Polly and “The Black Magic of Philanthropy”

Featuring Gates, Clintons, Abramovic, the W.H.O and many more!!



I think now that James O’ Brien (thanks to the BBG) has acquired such an enormous Irish following and fan club he should now consider an immediate career move to RTÉ where he would fit in perfectly. After all he even has an Irish family name. He could then pontificate and drop his daily pearls of wisdom on his new audience in Dublin. This would gave the UK a well earned break.


Hell nooooooo!!!

F🤬K that!!

You can keep that sanctimonious bastard right where he is!!

Plus I only ever hear or learn of RTÉ bile from snippets from the BBG, as it’s too traumatising for me to tune into their garbage these days also!!

Pure unadulterated BILE!!

All of it.



🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


How can this experimental jab be mandated if it’s still in trials? Clearly this is unlawful. We must hold the line and not give in to these tyrants.


Exactly, we should carry on and not give in to these psychopaths, it’s all fear porn, it’s all they have and the scam will come out, it’s all ready happening due to their desperation, so we must HOLD THE LINE XXX


I suppose the quid pro quo of Herr Scholz being allowed by the NWO to become Chancellor is that he imposes mandatory vaccination on his subjects. Should the little puppet fail to comply he would no doubt become involved in some kind of fatal accident or be found in possession of child pornography which would somehow have mysteriously appeared on his phone and computer. If you look carefully you can see Klaus Schwab’s hand up his backside operating the mouth.


People in germany are brainwashed, like always, at least those 70% who cheer for mandated vaccine, thats how they end up with a government worse than Merkels, now this chaotic 3 party regime with Scholz as chancelor…
It was sure not my choice/vote, nor was it Merkels regime.

Im untested unjabbed german, lets see how long.
I read too much about medicine and vaccine history since Pasteur and Jenner, Rockefeller and Flexner, so i would do most things to avoid any type of vaccine.

Yes all vaccine is harm like Andrew Moulden already said.


Is it me, or does that picture of Scholz make him look like Kenneth Brannagh?


We all know this policy will soon come to our own shores.
The old Habsburg motto was ‘Austria will rule/lead the world.
Marx was Austrian.
Hitler was Austrian.
The Rothschilds are of Austrian herirage.
And Austria was the first country to fully mandate ‘vaccines’.

Some might see a trend. And a promise fulfilled.


Marx wasn’t Austrian – he was born in Germany and lived in France, Belgium and the UK. Rothschilds are also German – one Soloman lived in Vienna.


No sorry Rothchilds were always from Frankfurt, Amschel Mayer Bauer who then renamed his family to the red sign(rotes schild-red shield) and had like 10 children, of those 5 sons who got send out to fund bank in major towns and one of that was sure vienna/austria thats when Rothchilds österreich line began.

Again Marx was no austrian either he was born in Trier they still got a nice monument cheering that communist SoB, and he was jew, but not from austria.

My Grandparents were born in silesia, which is now poland, so could you argue my grandparents are polish? No, they were german cause it was germany back then. So Hitler was not really born in Austria but the prior Österreich-Ungarn, would you call Hitler a hungarian just cause he was born in that?

So technically none of that list are austrians.


My apologies. Upon review, I see that I am incorrect in my assertions.
If I could retract – or better yet, delete – them I would.

Eamonn Blaney

It appears that their first objective is to that they have effectively psychologically manipulated the population using incessant propaganda and then they move to compulsory vaccination of every citizen while saying (probably correctly) that ‘the vast majority supports the policy’.

This is far from over….

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