Guy Sacks Gardener For Being An Anti-Vaxxer!

It must be sack an anti-vaxxer day today! Earlier, I reported that a CNN correspondent fired his children’s nanny because she wouldn’t have a jab. Now a man has told LBC radio that he sacked his gardener for being an anti-vaxxer.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the now gardener-less man said:

“I think people who aren’t getting vaccinated are very, very dangerous people. I…personally I…one of the reasons I got rid of my gardener was because he was an anti-vaxxer, a vehement anti-vaxxer.” 

Ferrari asked him to define “vehement anti-vaxxer.” The man replied:

“He said it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s a hoax. This thing is all made up by the government.”

However, the man did agree with his now former gardener on a very important point. He told Ferrari:

“I do agree that the way that the numbers of cases have been counted is entirely misleading. If you had a positive test for covid and you get run over in the road two weeks later, you’re counted as one of these deaths, which is ludicrous.”

Watch and see how the increasingly pudgy-looking Ferrari steers the chat away from that bombshell.


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Michael B

I don’t drink I am not anti-alcohol
I don’t smoke I am not anti-smoking
I don’t take vaxxines I am not anti vaxx
I don’t eat meat I not anti-meat eater

The fact the you don’t want to do or take part in something should not categorize you as anti- anything. Let people do what they want and the law of cause and effect will do the rest. Free will unto all

Mike Littoris

An excellent point. Live and let live.


Out of the two of them, that fat bastard and the gardener who is active and works in the fresh air all day, which of the two would you take health advice from.


I love the anti anti-vax rhetoric and the excuses they make. Ferrari has used one such argument himself when he stated the need to quickly roll out the new technology.
When cars (automobiles to Americans) were first rolled out, they were rattly death traps that few people wanted.
When tanks were first rolled out in WW1, they were unreliable death traps that few wanted to be near, let alone inside.
When the atomic bomb was first rolled out, it led to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and the subsequent slow death of millions more.
When an experimental meningitis vaccine was rolled out it led to hundreds of thousands dead in what, today, is known as ‘Spanish Flu’.
When Zeppelins were rolled out as a means of aerial flight, they led to the deaths of many as the hydrogen keeping them up exploded.

History is littered with the death and suffering of uncounted people at the behest of rushed technological advancement.
Only the ill informed or moron doesn’t know this: and for all our jibes, the media talking heads are neither.


Did u see the wee couldn’t stop the smirk from the fat fuck when he told him he sacked the gardener


What part of “the vaxxed can still catch it and pass it on” do these people not understand, or rather, hear. Even the Govts. said that several times.


I’m going to leave the fat little f🤬ker alone for today…

And post this cute little guinea pig instead!


Anti-vaxxer is being increasingly treated like anti-Semite. Which is an irony of astounding proportions.


Holocaust denial, Climate change denial, and Covid denial are now the three worst crimes of the twenty first century.


Well, it seems they are starting to roll out a solution:


No debate, no dissent, no argument, no discussion, no opposing views allowed, no alternative treatments allowed, massive censorship. Sounds like a dictatorship to me.


The UN is the One World Government. It just hasn’t been officially declared as such to an aware global population.
It has a justice department; a health arm; a trade department; leaders; civil servants; a military; and massive bureaucracy; and lobbyists.


It’s becoming more and more obvious now alright.
Further down the line I can see them rolling in here [Ireland] to seize control.
We’ve no military worth speaking of, so ultimately as a nation we’re defenceless…(aside from being useless!!)
And if a serious push back of significance starts to manifest (big If!!), I would predict that a UN ‘Peace keeping force”, complete with high tech military apparel to include state of the art shin guards Jackboots and assault rifles, will enter the foray shortly thereafter!

And that will be that.





It’s something I was talking about years ago.


very, very dangerous people” as he reveals he sacked his gardener for being an anti-vaxer

says the berk who took an experimental jab with new technology.

Gavin Ledermann

In a normal world the documents that Pfizer and the FDA tried to suppress for 55 years would be headline news and discussed on these shows.

38 pages released show that they were fully aware of the fact that these injections are causing death and injury. From mid Dec to 28/2 It lists 1200 deaths and pages of adverse reactions listed as of ‘special interest’. Also acknowledges the high rate of under reporting and lack of data on effects on pregnancy.

500 pages will be released per month as ordered by the Judgement so will be interesting to see whether any media feature it.


Do you have a link for those documents?

Urban Fox

Hi Craig, I think this is what Vernon is talking about in this 10 minute video.

If you scroll to the bottom of the transcript of the video, there appears to be a link as well.


Thank you.

Urban Fox

Anytime. I was in the Tesco Express last night. About 3 staff working and 3 customers. The woman on the till, was discussing with a customer who she appeared to know, about getting together at her flat later in the month. They mentioned lockdowns Etc., and were basically saying, ‘We will have to wait and see what we are allowed to do, and work round things.’ The other 4 people from the snippets i was trying hard not to hear believe it not. Were discussing which variant they thought was the most deadly, and were joking about what mad conspiracy nutters were saying online about the latest one being made up. If this is reflective of the general publics mood, which i suspect it is. So much for the ‘people know this is all a con they are finally waking up to things’ rhetoric that I’m hearing. Because lets face it, its not looking good is it.


I know a few who have stated to cotton on, but from the increased masked zombies I’d say it’s still not enough.
It doesn’t stop me sending links to people, though, even if I’m increasingly getting days when I wonder why I bother.
There were things Melissa was saying on yesterday’s show that I was warning people of nearly 20 years ago and I made about as much headway then as I am now.


Hi Craig, we are the resistance , and the resistance always win, it’s only a matter of time, hold the line, you’ll see xx


Dear God, these people lol it’s the same here away up to Asda yesterday, we are the only ones unmasked again. The compliance is breath taking, but a lot of the Asda staff are not wearing them, they have probably had it up to here with it all, 5 hour shifts masked up, but not in Tesco, ALL the staff wear them, its awful.

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, I have noticed a couple of staff not wearing, who were previously. I think like you say, probably just a case of its very unpleasant and they are fed up with them. You would think they would make a connection wouldn’t you. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Then ask why am i being told to do this. But critical thinking is a thing of the past. And forget listening to your intuition. I wasn’t going to mention, as iv been told on here I’m to negative. But had to get it off my chest. I was so down, after my 10 minutes in that place. The security guard has been wearing a really thick one, since March 2020. So for him, its just business as usual. Hope you and your children are OK.


I don’t think your negative at all, your brand new Fox. This covid nonsense gets all of us down from time to time, it can be utterly soul destroying, you just want to scream at the sheer compliance aaahhh!!!! but we get up, head held high (unmasked of course lol) and get on with it, we have no choice and we will beat this my friend, I just know it xxxxx ps My kids are doing my head in with all the Christmas buzz coming up, all the stress and head aches, cant wait, not, eek lol

Urban Fox

Thanks Layla


might look alright in her flat come lockdown, get up there mate.


I’m finding the same. Maskomania where I live and little sign of an awakening.


Hi Fox, thanks for that info, ill be taking a wee look as well, Dr Vernon Coleman is an absolute diamond for info, reading his book Endgame just now, it’s bloody fantastic Lx

Gavin Ledermann

Got the download from Truthtalknews, a channel on Bitchute. Howard Nema posts and it was on there.


Thank you.


Nicky Campbell was at it this morning, trying to turn us on each other!

Stand firm!

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