I Am Unsullied – I Will Not Be Made Impure

I am unsullied. That’s how I see myself now. I will not be coerced into being injected with a toxic tidal wave of pus and shit. Therefore, I am unsullied.

Unsullied is an adjective. It means not soiled or made impure. Matt Hancock and his giddy mate in Number 10 Downing Street will never get a jab in my arm.

I don’t know how to feel about those who have succumbed. Initially, I felt sorry for them. They were terrified. They fell for the scam. They were genuinely concerned for their older relatives and friends. The propaganda was relentless. Still is. They knew no better. We’re all on a journey. There was a time when I was blissfully unaware of the agenda.

Now though, they’re starting to piss me off. Where’s their humility? Does humility even exist anymore?

They believed that barrel of monkey-spunk Johnson and his bootlick Hancock, when they said we needed to lock down for  three weeks to flatten the curve. It was bullshit. They believed them when they said we would all cry freedom when the vulnerable were jabbed. It was bullshit.

They kept believing them as the lies kept coming. They believed that when they had their jabs, they’d be off on their hols and that they could party like it was 1999. As they learned yesterday, it was bullshit.

It was all bullshit. We told them. I told them. That’s what pisses me off the most. They were told. They can’t say that they weren’t. Yet even now, as the truth is staring them in the face, rather than show a little humility, they’re screaming bloody murder. But they’re not yelling at the liars and the witchdoctors. No, they’re venting at me and you, the unsullied.

Look at Twatter. They’re not all 77th or mere trolls. Most of them are genuine. They are raging. I suppose it’s easier to believe a yarn about an Indian variant running riot because you and I said fuck off to the jab, than it is to face up to the reality that you were duped, again. Humility is in short supply.

I can still find it in my heart to feel for them though. Just about. It must be terrible to realise that your government was lying to you and that things will not go back to normal. It must be even worse when you start to wonder what’s really in those jabs you let yourself be coerced into taking.



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Harry Derriere

I love you Richie. The world needs more like you.


I am Spartacus!




This magnetism thing is really disconcerting and despite what the fact checkers are saying is absolutely true. I tried it out on a few colleagues at work who have stupidly taken the Pfizer vaccine and a small Neodymium Magnet sticks to the vaccination area no problem whatsoever. You should have seen the bewildered look on their faces. You would have thought Pfizer would have made some kind of comment but nothing other then deafening silence. What the hell are they putting in these bloody things?


Had this exact ‘but brief’ conversation yesterday with a newly converted gmo.

A woman who was just about to mention that her second jab was irritating her..

I immediately piped in and said

“have you tried the magnet trick??”

She looked at me with disbelief and replied


I continued (without losing a breath!!)..

Yeah, the magnets are sticking to the injection site because of all the crazy stuff that’s in the concoction!!



(No further comments!!)

But the look on her face was priceless!!!



Its absolutely true I initially thought this was an internet hoax but the magnet really does stick.


Oh it most certainly does Mark!!

No doubts whatsoever!!

A convenient little way to ‘illumimate’ different areas of the body when scanned using ‘highly sophisticated’ but remotely operated EMF ‘targeting’ frequencies.

I could talk all day about what I’m virtually certain this is all about!!

But sometimes, silence is golden.


Last edited 4 months ago by Gerry

I reckon it’s to amplify any signal for detection – no place to hide!!


That’s ‘exactly’ what it is Brenda!

Lighting up like a Christmas tree!!




For some it would take a stun gun to create this reaction!



Yes.. I suppose it was good to see that she was getting it!!

Better late than never!!

Just hope for her sake (and all of the rest of them) that it isn’t actually too late!!


Tony K

It’s a five gee antenna.
How many fvckers called this 18 months ago?

Like getting a script a year before the movie’s released.


Not like getting a winning betting tip from a time traveller.

That would be sweet.


Celeste Solum – WEF’s COVID 19 Action Plan And Global Governance Website.

(If I remember correctly there are 17 mechanisms in the action plan that the WEF can not implement without the “Vaccination” of the commoners)

This really IS the most important information in the world right now. The World Economic Forums’s COVID Action Platform website is a massive, 200-layer blueprint for global governance — openly, by its own admission. “Global Governance” is the title at the right-hand side of the site, above the document links accesible through each layer of the handy coronavirus-shaped chart on the left.

A 20-year former DHS/FEMA employee named Celeste Solum, who quit for reasons of conscience when offered a management position that would have required her to “either imprison you or have you put to death”, gives an overview of the website and some of the World Economic Forum’s stated end goals, such as our never being allowed to eat real food or take anything for our survival directly from nature again. Instead, they plan to allot us portions of “laboratory-created or insect protein” and unsweetened carbohydrate.

Maybe Richie can get her back on the show for an update?


Top marks everyone for setting this daily homework! So much studying to do….beginning to wonder at when saturation point reached! Gonna have to do something different for a break this weekend.


You’ll hit the wall.. then need some sleep (lots of sleep!! — oh yes!!)..

But then … Like a marathon “sprinter” you’ll be back with a vengeance!!!

Mark these words!!!



Gerry, I’m out power walking every morning and include diagonal explosive sprints across some major roads. The traffic ups my performance as I dart across the lanes – nothing like a bit of jeopardy! Local hospital only 1-2 miles along my route – if anything happens to me I shall put up the restance of my life – for my life. The first thing they would do on admission is access the database for my vaccination status – must remember to give someone’s name I know who’s had it!!
Actually quite fancy my chances in the 30 yard dash in Tokyo this summer. Will request a Nissan 200, Toyota GT86, Honda NSX etc to simulate my training experience (hospital consultants going to work in their flashy covid enhanced pay grade performance cars!)!!





I left a brief explanation below (half a mile down page 👇) re the private messages!!

Vroom Vroom!! 🏎️ 🤸🏃🏋️🏂🪂🏄🚣



Good one Jacob!


No let up on the push to get all of the people taking the Toxin.

Another Toxic COVID Vaccine Coming.
By Stephen Lendman

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about four entries into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes.

When taken as directed, they risk irreversible harm, shortened lifespans, and death near-or-longer-term.

They increase the likelihood of contracting the viral illness they’re supposed to protect against, but don’t — because they’re not designed for this purpose, just the opposite.

They also greatly increase the risk of contracting any or a combination of other serious diseases — another one of its diabolical aims.

All covid vaccines are designed to harm health, not protect and preserve it.

We’ve been lied to and mass deceived by US/Western dark forces, their public health handmaidens — like charlatan Fauci — Pharma profiteers, and their press agent media.

Novavax is the latest toxic covid vaccine that’s heading for availability ahead, a company press release on Monday, saying the following:

Its “recombinant nanoparticle protein-based (covid) vaccine…is one step closer to” becoming available in the West and elsewhere, adding:

“The company intends to file for regulatory authorizations in the third quarter.”

US emergency use authorization — when no emergency exists — may not be sought until September.

According to its CEO Stanley Erck, the company may seek authorization in Britain, the EU, India and South Korea before the US.

The company’s press release said nothing about the vaccine’s hazardous recombinant nanoparticle protein-based delivery system…..


Gives us all a heavy heart. These toxins have been designed with the express purpose you have outlined. They also serve as psychological as well as physiological stressors. Social function is one of control to prime us for the next phase in the agenda and in formenting societal divisions. Their modus operandi is key to both an anatomical (via DNA expoitation) and physiological alteration. I’m convinced all involved in these processes are excitedly awaiting the outcome and will relish making the comparisons to their modelling predictions. A collective psychopathology of malpractionioners.

Anne Talbot

Sometime along the way of life’s path we forget how to tap into our natural gut instincts. I could say much on this subject but it will only echo what has already been said. The bottom line here is that I tend to go with my immediate gut instinct and right from the beginning I knew that something wasn’t right. I think there are several agendas going on here, quite possibly some we aren’t yet aware of. The most obvious being the divide and conquer that’s being utilised to the highest degree.
Everyday now I anticipate the next onslaught of how selfish we are. It digs deep within me, sometimes I get angry, sometimes I find the humor in the arguments they present. We are tougher than we give ourselves credit for, and that’s possibly what the pro jabbers are finding difficult to accept.


Admitting to and preserving our strengths and recognising our frailties is what reminds us that we are still human. Those recipients of the jabs may find they will ultimately deviate from these fundamentals. Dark humour, any kind of cathartic humour buoys us up – never lose it. Love the mix of addressing serious concerns balanced with the light relief in this community.
I find myself using A&P to label some of the strange behaviours exhibited since covid arrived on the scene. Here’s one for starters:

The ganglions (a bundle of nerves)- those that are jumpy when anyone approaches or transgresses their newly defined personal space



“Be the lord Jeeeezus!!!”




Ol snake eyes is finally



Last edited 4 months ago by Gerry

No suprise on that one Gerry my friend.


I know Jacob.. but juicy little opportunities to expose the sanctimonious git in any ‘way, shape or form possible’, should never be wasted.

And if I saw that after taking one for the team..

I’d be a little concerned..

Just a tad!!!



Yes indeed.


Interesting comment on there about Klaus Schwab wanting to create a master race. Now where have I heard that phrase before?


He certainly has the right accent for it…


OK guys I need sone help. Worked in the NHS for 25 years. Currently an intensive care nurse. Have a family with 4 kids. Soon I’m going to be told ‘no jab, no job’.
I’m never being ‘sullied’ so what do I do?
Any legal minds out there?


You could try advising them that you’re partaking in the control/placebo part of the experiment, thus your contribution to the science is equally valid.

I’m sure any reliable brief (or even one with half a brain!) would see this as solid defence should your employers attempt to carry out any assault on your career.

Failing that, the term ‘inalienable human rights’ comes to mind.

So, perhaps any solid legal representation would surely know the intricacies of this.

Best of luck!!


I think a lot of this is bluff.
The jab is mandated on emergency authorisation until 2023. If you sue the NHS, then they would have to prove that an emergency exists. At the moment, that ’emergency’ is for 6 deaths. Does the government want civil court cases going on up and down the country destroying the lies?


They will not cower for this reason – can take many decades for recourse for harm. In the meantime you suffer further harm as they wear you down.
Covid will itself be used as a reason for delay. The judiciary will suspend these cases indefinitely, already a massive backlog. Would require crowdfunding and a brave barrister such as Michael Mansfiekd QC, famed for taking on controversial cases against the governments. Possibly contacting the Law Society for their advice. Would need to declare to make the Trust’s CEO personally liable not just the NHS.


Stand your ground and do your research and make a list of all the leading doctors and scientists speaking out against having the vaccines and their reasons and evidence. Don’t volunteer for anything, make them take the initiative.

It’s horrible that they are putting people in this position and I wish you all the best.


Do not take one.
Can not be made mandatory due to the clinical trial aspect I think.


Please got to opensourcetruth and there is a section on the homepage for your legal rights – contains an international standard for refusal

Last edited 4 months ago by Brenda

Any idea who owns Podbean?


No, my original link went awry and since have deleted it.


It’s actually a sound clip from the Richie Allen Show interviewing Rima Laibow – How to Assert Your Rights 4thDec20
Can also be accessed on Richie Allen podmatic – backcatalogue – same date


Thanks for that, I’ll download the show.


Additional info – the Nuremberg Code – it is illegal to enforce any experimental treatment/vaccination for any reason by coersion. It is stated on the Government NHS site and PHE that it is in experimentation until 2023. So that covers it. If still pressurised entitled to ask for redeployment to a lower risk clinical setting – you may or may not welcome this. If your pay grade is preserved, may be a small price to pay. Is the RCN taking a stand on this? Amazed that so far the trade unions have been uncharacteristically quiet on this issue re:protection of workers’ rights. Probably being leaned on by the Dept. plus financial and other incentives
You could have a legally prepared document to present to your employer requesting they sign it as a liability guarantor. Doubt they will & may back off. I am retired from the NHS but as well as being all too familiar with many dubious practises, still have contacts passing on information. We are all too aware of falsification of and revision of documents for diverse reasons. I fervently believe that many doctors are not receiving the jab, either using a placebo or issuing each other with a false vaccination record. This has always been the case, and I believe the Dept are aware of this practice, turning a blind eye as need to retain this critical tier of staff to fulfil their agenda. Who is going to bother mandating an audit
with millions of doses? So easy to record a batch number against anyone’s name.
I don’t wish to encourage deception – even though that’s entirely what we are all being subjected to but if you know of batch numbers or can secure them – v. easy – I shouldn’t need to tell you how – can go to your GP to have it recorded in your notes. Doubt they check on your account. This of course should be your last resort.


Found this on the site Brenda recommeded. Point 3 looks at International law on informed consent.


This is critical as in medical practice (although not in law) – this is the only medical procedure not requiring prior informed consent. Having spoken to so many of the vaccinated I always enquire re: the process undertaken. Without exception the leaflet outlining the possible risks is only issued AFTER the jab!!! These individuals haven’t even questioned this practice until you point it out to them. I try to sow and plant a few seeds of doubt as I go about my daily business.


You guys are all stars! Gives me hope.

Simon Blanchard

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome on board our new aircraft. For insurance-legal purposes we’d like to inform you that this plane only has a conditional marketing authorisation. It will (or will not) get its regular authorisation when the tests we are currently running are completed. For the very unlikely case that any passengers will be harmed by using our aircraft, we strictly assume no liability. We wish you a pleasant flight.


Sounds like the 737 Max 😂😂


Very good. On the other hand they would want to ground any aircraft that had a 99.9% safety record and insist that every other plane in the world was grounded and every airport closed.


Please don’t bank on it Jennie! Historically such delays – for both commercial and contemporaneous reputational expediency led to the decision to just ‘wing’ it. Concorde being a prime example, even when they were aware of this high-risk strategy.
Same cavalier attitude as with the jab.


OK by me – love the adrenaline rush!!!

Gene therapy by far the riskier – the plane scenario being a calculated risk, the body jabbed being doomed from the outset – fait d’accompli(!!

Just an interesting plain fact lol
The brace position, as part of the in-flight safety drill is not to protect life on impact (may or may not do) but has two other functions of priority.

Firstly- to preserve your dentition so you may be identified against your dental records after your demise

Secondly – to maintain passenger control – they cannot see what is happening in the cabin including any panic that may be exhibited by the crew
A plane in turbulence + turbulent passengers!!!!!!

Simon Blanchard

There’s an interview of Dr Mike Yeadon that some may like to watch @ 1 hour and 30 minutes, which may give a little clue as to why the delay in lifting the covid restrictions. Something about Anti-body Dependent Enhancement (ADE) otherwise known as pathogenic priming.
There may well be other reasons too, to do with the Great Reset and setting up vaccine passports.


One of the best presentations to be seen so far this year (this and the Dr. Richard Fleming presentation made almost two weeks ago now).

The Mike Yeadon interview is exceptional but I would say even more significant is the experience the Romney family from Utah had with with their venture into participation in the global mRNA gene experimentation programme.

Seemingly and in their ‘innocence’, these folk believed they were ‘jumping the queue’ in getting a headstart on having done the necessary prep work for the “””vaccine passports”””.

Only, it didn’t quite work out that way in the end.

A must see this..

And all the more significant when you consider the fact that the adverse reactions (blood clotting) occured in two people who had received different “brands” of mRNA therapy.

The father took the Moderna shot, the son , Pfizer.

Oh and as an aside, seemingly both had tested positive for a ‘coronavirus’ of some sort…

Thus suggesting , to me at least, that it was this that triggered the blood clotting reaction.

So… Go forward to next winters seasonal coronavirus circulations and do some maths!

Be afraid…

Be very afraid.



It could well be like the cries of torment from a lake of fire!!!


Definitely Brenda!!!

I felt sorry for the kid though..
He actually didn’t want it!!

It nearly killed him.

17 .. 6ft 9 inches tall with a promising basketball career ahead of him that he’d worked his socks off for!

Clots went to his brain.



Ps.. I sent you a private message Brenda.
I’m not sure if you’ve looked into that area yet??
So, you may not have seen it???


Thanks for letting me know – where do I locate/ retrieve this on the site via my phone?


Goto the three bars at top right hand corner and bring down the drop down menu.
Click on ‘my page’ and you’ll see icons assigned to you.
(Mesaages and a globe etc)

The message icon will tell you if “you’ve got mail” and the globe icon will tell you who’s replying to your messages on the forums.

You just need to click on the icons to go further (you’ll figure it out quickly!!).

Also, to open and reply to messages you need to click on the ‘subject field’ once you’re in there!!

I needed this indoctrination process a few months back and thankfully ‘Kafla’ guided me safely through!!
(So thanks again Kafla if you see this!!!)



Thanks Gerry, but with tenacity had found it – you can rely on me on your next treasure hunt!

P.S is this a Freudian slip?
Induction process rather than indoctrination process lol?


No Freudian slip Brenda!

The site seems to have more doctrine essences with a definitive requisite for deeper philosophical schools of thought..

To include figuring out how to navigate it!!!

And it occasionally has a mind all of its own too..

With messages vanishing into the ethereal ether and what not!!
(After you’ve spent maybe an hour or so composing it!!)

You’ll see!!



Phew! I was thinking it was just me.


I do enjoy the challenge and the knowledge gained it must be said!!!
(Lots of really good data to be acquired and good conversations too!!)

Though the brain does occasionally burn out such is the pace of it!!



They want to keep this going as close to flu and pneumonia season as they can so they can re-label them as covid. The vaccine passports which have nothing to do with viruses or vaccines have been talked about under other names for some time. It’s the Chinese social credit system in all but name.


Watched this fantastic expose by a scientist, with links to the industry, who finally joined the dots and is prepared to speak out. In these times, a courageous decision.


Bottom line..

There are now countless reports (GLOBALLY!!) of adverse reactions and DEATHS to these mRNA therapies and the mass media are not discussing it.

In fact and as we all know only too well, they are doing the exact opposite and are intentionally obfuscating the truth.

There is now ‘blatant criminality’ taking place here and we need to RISE up and fight this ‘tooth and nail’ and until the bitter end.

Failure is not an option…

**They’re coming after our kids now**

Time to stop this MADNESS!!

Note.. Total and complete civil disobedience is by far the most effective and non violent means to achieve this.

Take off the masks, go back to work..

Ignore the BASTARDS!!

One out…

All OUT!!



All and every death that can be attributed to covid will be. Careful choice of language employed – ‘there is a rise in covid hospital admissions’ is the current favourite. Presenters, commentators and the ill-informed pressume it represents the infection not vaccine injuries.


C O V I D- Certificate of Vaccination ID/AI


trying to share info that some may use to help those make an informed choice.


Paws on the ground and around the world, yep like it, bookmarked might check it out, is that your website Jen.


Not mine but recommended from a reliable source.


I have a lot of respect for Jon Rappaport, he’s been looking into all this for about 35 years now. Jon, Richie, James Corbett, Ryan Christian and others in a sane world would be on the mainstream media because they are far superior to anyone on there.


Professor Dolores Cahill predicted that this would happen months ago and of course this is what happened in the animal studies. They keep talking about the science but they are actually turning science on its head so determined are they to go ahead with their sinister plan.


They are employing science as they intend- for nefarious means


Here is the footage of the bbc piece of shit being harassed outside downing st, the guy that filmed it is no goon Richie, his name is resistance gb, he is a citizen journo, been at all the protests and other things, the bbc piece of shit approached him because he thought he was gb news andrew neils channel, cannot believe you are putting these people down, fecking dumbfounded mate, you should know context is or could be a factor in any event, we all agree the bbc are complicit in a scam where people have been murdered, mainly old people, how the fuck do you know that some of those people had not lost loved ones due to this, calling these people out is fucking virtue signalling on your part, even if you do not recognize it yourself, I applaud those people for their restrain, he got off lightly Richie, you know it and I know it


Hey Martin!

I think we’re looking at some crisis acting and ‘Agent provocateurs’ at work here.

Why oh why oh why would Nick Watt place himself in that situation and then meander around aimlessly like a headless chicken once he was being asked the awkward questions???

Look at it… The goon starts buzzing around like a blue bottle, when all he needed to do in the first instance was bee line to the gates he eventually found “after” the convenient photo shoot!!

Here’s a good little scoop that I found on ‘Hugo Talks’ concerning this kind of skulduggery…
(And Ive just seen he added a new one concerning this actual event — so it’s safely say ‘believe!!’)

And they’re doing it left , right and centre mate as it’s “EXACTLY” the kind of negative publicity they’re looking for!!

They’re sleeveen BASTARDS now…

Nothing more… Nothing less.


And the latest one:


Hey Martin!

I think we’re looking at some crisis acting and ‘Agent provocateurs’ at work here.

Why oh why oh why would Nick Watt place himself in that situation and then meander around aimlessly like a headless chicken once he was being asked the awkward questions???

Look at it… The goon starts buzzing around like a blue bottle, when all he needed to do in the first instance was bee line to the gates he eventually found “after” the convenient photo shoot!!

Here’s a good little scoop that I found on ‘Hugo Talks’ concerning this kind of skulduggery…
(And Ive just seen he added a new one concerning this actual event — so I’d safely say ‘believe!!’)

And they’re doing it left , right and centre mate as it’s “EXACTLY” the kind of negative publicity they’re looking for!!

They’re sleeveen BASTARDS now…

Nothing more… Nothing less.


The latest one is now posted to the Hugo Talks website if you want to take a look!!

(I tried posting it here… But the spam bot wouldn’t allow two links!!)


And here’s the other one for prosperity:


Gerry overkill is either nuts or a government stooge, trust me mate stay well clear of this guy, if you think i’m a looney, this guy take’s the biscuit, nobody knows who he really is, he calls out all the citizen journos, even went after Mark Windows, Gerry in short mate the guy is fucking dodgy, it’s no secret, not sure if he is in it for money or he works for the evil ones, fuck knows, all the people he calls out are well known, names and what they do, doesn’t mean for sure they are legit, we make our own call on that, but this clown overkill, nobody and I mean nobody knows him, what he looks like, where he lives etc, never been to a protest, well dodgy.


Fair enough Martin.

But those two videos definitely highlight discrepancies.

And the Watt debacle looked as fishy as they go!

Though, he did try implicate Piers Corbyn.. which seemed odd.

So, could be playing both sides!



Gerry I watched that protest, by the time this happened with the bbc guy, there were more coppers than protesters, never seen it live on resistance gb stream, the bbc scumbag had no fear because there were more coppers than protesters, trust me, he would not answer the question, panicked and ran like the rat he is, how the fuck Richie can run these people down is, well lets just say contradictory at best, nobody laid a hand on this piece of shite, if they had kicked fuck out the traitor all the way down whitehall, i would have cheered. BBC burn it to the ground.


You trying to wind me up Gerry. Watched the clip, another overkill production, have to say the two guys he points out could well be government employees, no question about it, never seen them before, but that does not mean this guy is legit, did you notice it was not his footage, as i said below in another post he is never there, and the people he has called out are for the most part sound, fucking amazed people still listen to this guy, agent provocateur indeed.


Wind you up mate??
Not sure what you’re going on about here Martin??
I just tell it as I see it..
I found those two vids on ‘Hugo Talks’ own web site.
So, it’s him that’s endorsing them.
And in my opinion, he’s putting up some good stuff that’s exposing plenty of the bolox (Mostly his own material though!).
Bottom line with ‘overkill’, if he’s nailing down and pointing out a few shills, that works for me.
The other thing l’ll say is that “I think” Watt was playing up for the photo shoot in order to maximise a return for propaganda purposes, regardless of whether the rest of it was a set up or not.
As you say.. a POS indeed, just like the rest of them.

And another thing, I live in Ireland and Hugo Talks is English, but yet he has done more for exposing the blatant Irish governmental criminality than the majority of Irish people themselves.

So, that’s why I trust “Hugo Talks” as a source.

Watt was running around aimlessly like a headless chicken unnecessarily for a prolonged period of time in order to maximize the chances for creating what happened..

The goons who went for him appeared out of nowhere at the end..

Which in turn provided them with all the ammo they needed to turn it against the protestors using their mass media manipulation machine.

So…. That’s all I saw….

And that’s exactly what happened.


Gerry it was a joke mate, on board with what you say about Hugo, does some sterling work, I know he is English but I think he stays or used to stay in Ireland, not sure could be wrong on that, was just surprised he would use any footage from that guy, don’t know what his angle is but he is dodgy, calling decent guys out trying to say they are shills and stuff, while keeping his own identity a secret.

Last edited 4 months ago by martin

A lot of that going on in Ireland Martin.
Don’t know if you heard of ‘rocket man’ on Grafton Street Dublin (fired a rocket firework straight at the cops!!🤔 — have heard nothing about it since!!) and the lads jumping up and down on the roofs of “Taxis!”.
(Eh… What taxi driver is going to stand idly by and let that happen to his livelihood!!)

The fuckers are staging shite left right and centre in order to further brainwash the public consciousness.

Very communist like this, as it was going on in Hong Kong during their umbrella protests..

Plain clothes cops lurking in the crowds sparking off the violence, then as soon as it kicks off, in comes the uniforms to make the arrests.

So.. no doubts they’re getting their ideas and instructions from their commie masters…

It’s where they’re trying to lead us all now.

Technological communism.

Total enslavement… Total control.


gies the bad news Jen lol, what will be will be.


Don’t disagree with you Jen. Suppose all will be made clear in the coming months and years, not planning to be here myself so might not find out what the true goal of these poisons are, pretty sure they are not for our benefit, they have and will kill a lot of people for sure ( covid deaths ) not sure it is a depopulation event per se, I think it is more about the so called covid passports, which will morph into, with the digital currency, a chipped society, total control, total surveillance, for our own safety.


I have always stated from the onset that none of this Covid nonsense made any sense. Even the images from MMS initially from China were like a pantomime. People don;t leave their homes if they are so sick they will collapse and when they do fall, they rarely all fall face first. I came across JD Farag in Hawaii March last year and have listened and watch every vieo of his since. Deleted from You Tube now. but his site has all of the vids listed. from a Christian perspective, nothing catches me off guard and I wait for the next chess piece from those in lock step. This one will give you an insight but you can visit the site for these others: 10 stages of genocide: and initiation rituals.
I don;t expect people to believe as I do; but it pays to be aware. The biggest deception is coming regarding the UFO and alien presence etc.


I am an Amateur Radio(Ham) operator. For months I have been hearing people asking each other if they took the jab. Someone finally asked me. A man in his 80s. He kept saying that the jab is “the only game in town”. Someone jumped in and commented that people aren’t dying therefore… and I agree. I tried to use tact but fairly soon that is going to become difficult because these people are going to be pushed into being offended that we haven’t taken it. All of our governments are going to keep pushing. If this is the mark of the beast, I don’t see it yet however, if they try to bar us from working and/or shopping it ends up being the same thing.

Here in America, corporations are frantically trying to buy up every property they can at ridiculous prices. Even if I sell, the money will be made worthless in the very near future. G7 was a confirmation of proposed sodomy of the world.

I agree with you Richie since you echo my feelings about the whole sick, sorted thing. Keep talking mate. Cheers, Bill (Florida)


The evidence is there, the mRNA spreads throughout the body. It is DOES not stay in the vaccination site. The public cannot give informed consent as they are being told otherwise! The spike protien is TOXIC as shown by the study conducted by the Salk Institute. Thus, the government is NOW fully responsible, SAGE is now fully responsible, ALL are past the point of deniability.

William Vincent Faubion

I am very aware of this, NEVER worn a face nappy since day one. And I boycott any local businesses that promote this fucking LIE!