Independent SAGE Muppet Compares Covid-19 To Child Abuse

Stephen Reicher is an insufferable prick. Indulge me here, please. I’ve had to listen to him and his goon mates lying through their bastard teeth for the better part of two years now.

Reicher himself is never off the telly. Throughout 2020 and 2021 he pushed hard for a Chinese style zero covid strategy. He complained often, that people weren’t obeying the (arbitrary and senseless) covid rules. He moaned that folks weren’t scared enough.

He’s a crank. He’s also a member of Independent SAGE. Its boffins wanted a full UK lockdown last Christmas to protect us all from Omicron. Reicher lectures in psychology at St. Andrews university.

He Tweeted earlier, comparing Covid to child abuse. According to The Mail Online:

Professor Stephen Reicher, a member of an influential SAGE sub-group, compared society’s former indifference to parents beating their children to the supposed lack of concern about the virus’s long-term harms.

The psychologist, from the University of St Andrews, tweeted: ‘Years ago, we used to hear “my parents beat me and it didn’t do me any harm”.

‘We don’t hear that any more.

‘Nowadays many say “I’ve had Covid and it didn’t do me any harm”. As the evidence mounts, they might not be saying that in the future.’

His comments came in response to a major Cambridge University study that found being hospitalised with Covid can drastically age the brain.

Severely ill patients can suffer problems with their thinking and memory that is only comparable to ageing 20 years, the research claimed.
Reicher sits on the SAGE subcommittee SPI-B, which provides Covid-related behavioural science advice to No10.

It previously warned against ditching self-isolation, masks and mass-testing, warning it could create ‘anxiety’ and disproportionately affect poor people.

Professor Reicher is also a member of Independent SAGE, a pressure group that only recently stopped calling for a Chinese Communist Party-style ‘Zero Covid’ policy.

Indy SAGE called for a full nation-wide lockdown over Christmas in response to Omicron but quietly softened its stance when that wave proved to be mild.
In response to his (Reicher’s) tweet, Dr Sunil Bhopal, a paediatrician from Newcastle University, noted that being hospitalised with Covid at the start of the pandemic was ‘very bad for you’.

But he said extrapolating the figures in ‘2022, post-vaccine’ was a reason why Independent SAGE ‘can’t be trusted’.

Dr Mike Casey, a GP in east London, accused the group of lobbying to make sure ‘my kid’s school was kept closed’.

Andy Doyle, a search and rescue helicopter pilot, tweeted: ‘I know people who are literally too scared to leave the house. So sad.

‘For scientists and psychologists to twist and misrepresent data is unforgivable.’

It’s beyond unforgiveable. I would argue that it is criminal. In a just world, charlatans and creeps like Reicher would be hiding out in Mexico.

Remember all of those scary TV ads showing people gasping for breath in hospitals, captioned with phrases like, “Tell her you’re following the rules?” Remember all that “Don’t kill Granny” garbage?

Sickos like Reicher dreamt it up.

You’d think he’d be laying low this week in light of the revelations contained in the Pfizer vaccine trial data, wouldn’t you?

No, he’s still out there peddling his fear and junk science.

For shame.


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Welsh Gregg

In fairness, it seems like he knows all about how to abuse kids


Forcing multiple vaccines onto babies whose systems are barely developed, that’s child abuse. Why has autism in children gone from one in several thousand in the 1960s when they had just three vaccines which had been thoroughly tested to one in thirty four now when they have many more vaccines and some of which have been inadequately tested.


Stephen 4th Reicher should have been gassed at birth…there’s still time!


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Urban Fox

Everything Richie says above is very true, and the psychological manipulation by the authorities has been going on for a long time. But never before anywhere to the extent we have seen in the covid ere. The beginning of February i wrote an article part of which is printed below. At the time i wrote this, the authorities were still denying despite the evidence the extent of the psychological trickery they were instigating. They totally denied any psychological manipulation using the medium of television. Then in March the UK column news held a feature that looked into this very subject. In which they played a clip of an interview done by a channel 4 reporter. In that interview David Halpern, another fascist behavioral psychological manipulator. Explained to channel 4 how China had the right idea in being ‘ A Tight country ‘. But where country’s were ‘To loose’, and authorities were not strict enough ‘ Loose country’s ‘. It was important to look at other ways to get the public to comply. David Halpern has worked for both SPI-B and advised BIT, the behavioral insights team. It is thought that he is responsible for the adverts of people on ventilators.

Also in March as discussed on the same edition of UK column, a color printed manual was shown that was produced by BIT ( Behavioral insights team ), which had recently been discovered, called ” The power of TV ”. In this manual the goverment were advised on how to use television to manipulate public perception regarding climate change. Even though this manual was referencing the climate change hoax rather than covid. Are we really expected to believe that they did not issue similar advice regarding the covid scam.

A history of manipulation and indoctrination { Written beginning of February, including link }

It’s only by looking at the background of how people have been manipulated and indoctrinated by their governments, that we can begin to understand how people were so willing to accept the Tyranny of the last two years. Because just like everything else that has happened , belief in the system and compliance was not left to chance. Public perception and behavior has been manipulated throughout history, but since the start of the covid era this has reached epic proportions where it seems anything now go’s. I believe that the 30 year period prier to covid was a particularly significant time. The sweeping changes that took place, brought in increasing restrictions on our freedoms. Including freedom of speech, expression and beliefs. Delivered by an ever increasing drip feed of state propaganda, political correctness and the rollout of a never ending raft of new laws that were passed. This didn’t just happen by chance, but rather was deliberately and meticulously orchestrated, and long planned. Most never thought twice about the massive increase in surveillance, or information they were being demanded to give by the state to the authorities. Peoples freedoms and their ability to think for themselves had been chipped away at, whilst they ignored the warning signs and became increasingly complacent. I believe that it was the laying of this foundation that meant that by the time the first lockdown was announced in the UK. Most people no longer had any concept of what living in a free society meant, or respect for freedom or privacy in going about their business. Most just blindly went along with the impositions of the unfolding tyranny. Wrongly believing it was all for their own good, and the right thing to unquestioningly follow the rules, as they had become accustomed to doing. 

Several organizations were instrumental during this period in our history. In that their sole purpose was to remold society by psychologically manipulating the population. In 1989 an organization called COMMON PURPOSE was created to do this from the top down. This organization that laughably calls itself a charity, supposedly trains leaders for the betterment of society, but has been acting as a semi secret society. Using psychological techniques on the candidates to manipulate them into accepting political agendas. Whilst simultaneously teaching them how to manipulate their colleagues when they go back into the workplace. The graduates of common purpose include many teachers, Drs, Nurses, politicians, civil servants and members of the police force. Graduates of common purpose are encouraged not to discuss training material or reveal details about the subjects discussed. This organization now has many links to similar groups around the world and has systematically put in place what they call change agents. Into all areas of key influence. This is critically important to understand, as these key people have been fundamental in helping to implement policy change by manipulating their colleagues who have gone on to manipulate the public’s beliefs and behavior over the last 30 years. On such topics as climate change, vaccination and emergency pandemic plans.

Along similar lines Klaus Schwab of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, Devised the YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS SCHOOL. This was brought to attention recently by Schwab openly and blatantly bragging, about how he had put in place key people in positions of power and goverment around the world. The very first class in 1992, included Tony Blair and Angela Merkel. Around 1300 graduates have infected the planet since the inception of this SCHWAB VIRUS. Including leaders in goverment, health institutions and captains of private industry. Like everything else, it is no coincidence that all have been enthusiastic supporters of lockdowns and severe restrictions since 2020. All in unison pushing the agenda of their masters.

More recently in 2009, the UK government set up an organization called SPI-B, { Scientific pandemic influenza group on behavior}. Officially they were created to manipulate public behavior and beliefs, in order to get them to comply with regulations around future pandemics. The idea was said to stem from the swine flu scare. But they rapidly became a general purpose tool, to advise the government on psychological manipulation techniques. Only one year later, another secretive psychological manipulation group was created called B.I.T, { Behavioral insights team}. It was B.I.T, that produced the government document entitled MINDSPACE. Both SPI-B and B.I.T, have been fundamental in advising the government on how to manipulate the public over the last two years. Evidence has been seen in documents and emails that the authorities were advised to increase the level of fear in the public’s mind. They were advised in detail on such matters as advertising and the use of slogans. Even the clapping of the NHS was deliberately encouraged, as SPI-B and B.I.T, advised that the public should be encouraged to rally behind a common cause in order to encourage compliance. Around the world, in other countries similar suggestions were made to the governments. All with the single purpose of manipulating through psychological means, the public’s perceptions and thereby their behaviors.

I’ve previously written on the website and spoken with Richie on the program , about how I have seen on the UK soaps, subliminal covert hypnosis tricks being used, as well as the obvious overt propaganda. So I won’t go into that again here. But suffice to say, though I have not seen any documentation to back up my claims. I know from my in-depth research and knowledge of the subject, that it is not in any way possible that this is coincidental or being done unwittingly. Only by having someone with knowledge around subliminal, convert programing techniques on the set and writing teams could this be possible. Furthermore, the timing of various messages has been very precise and obviously coordinated over the different channels. If anyone in television land or government, can explain to me how this is being done without being on the payroll of the likes of SPI-B or B.I.T, or if they want to deny this is happening, I would love to hear their explanation.

{ Click on the link below for an article relating to goverment psychological programming. And click on the highlighted article link in blue for a direct link to the original MINDSPACE document .}

It seems that wherever we look, the hidden hand has put in place at the top level of society manipulated puppets, that in turn have gone on to implement policy and become master manipulators themselves. By psychologically manipulating there colleagues and the general public. Culminating in the covid era with the use of advanced subliminal programing techniques, along side a constant barrage of overt propaganda.


Thank you. Very interesting and thoroughly researched post. Proper governments would put information before people and allow them to decide for themselves. Also there would be debate with views being heard from all shades of opinion. But we don’t have proper government just would be tyrants who don’t give a damn about the people who elected them but just serve their evil, corrupt masters.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie, appreciated. Yes all one sided to fit the agenda. I had a look at the election candidates yesterday in a leaflet put through the door. Not one condemned anything about the last two years. And all were supporting carbon neutral, climate stuff and every other major political narrative. There was about ten of them as well. Including a couple of independents. Its the same story wherever you look.


‘Severely ill patients can suffer problems with their thinking and memory that is only comparable to ageing 20 years…’

The important word in that sentence is ‘severely’, which pre-vaccine accounted for a tiny percent of the population.

Besides, any illness which restricts oxygen to the brain will have a negative impact on memory and thinking. So can the hypoxia effects of masks. So can hormonal imbalances (including the menopause), blood clots in the brain, other brain injuries, and quite a few other non-respiratory illnesses.
And so can deficiences in many vitamins and minerals.

But by all means, let’s try to keep people terrified of Covid so that they will roll up their sleeves to get injected with Covid spike proteins or spike protein mRNA.
Because injecting everyone with equal amounts in a way that most certainly does not reflect natural infections using a process that, in the case of respiratory infections, does an end run around most of our natural defences, sounds like a really clever idea.


Who & what are these WANKERS Independent of??? The only thing the public needs protecting from are PSYCHOPATHS like this, LOCK THEM UP in the asylum


They are independant of government/state ownership. That’s all.
That word ‘independant’ is wielded an awful lot by politicians (and probably by many lawyers), but they use it in a much different way than most regular people would use the word.


Can’t really be arsed writing to much about garbage like him but what I will say is a 12 bore to his head.problem solved.

Robert Klinck

By leaving a post like this on his site, is RA exposing himself as controlled opposition? Everyone participating on the site can now be linked to advocacy of violence. It’s an oft-used subterfuge of the “security” agencies.

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