It’s Your Call On Monday’s Richie Allen Show


I hope you had a nice weekend. I’ll be taking your calls on this evening’s show. Connect to me via Skype or phone. I’ll open the lines after the monologue.

The contact details are on the meme. Speak later.


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Richie the menopause is when you loose your fertility you can no longer become pregnant. i think the body stops producing as much estrogen but dont quote me. i started age around 36 and finished 45 its diff for everyone.. i wouldnt touch HRT there is a lotof cruelty its made from pregnant mares urine as its fullof hormones. hence premarin. the horses are kept in appaling conditions permanently pregnant (same as our dairy cows) when foal is born if its female it goes on to dothe same job its its a boy its killed as a baby.All ivdone is try look after myself i can no longer tolerate any alcahol so dont touch it found going vegan helped a lot with hot flushes and tried not to focus on it too much

Caroline Fealy

Hi Wendy, i wish i had said a few other things about the menopause when i was chatting with Richie.
I did not know that about HRT how utterly disgusting.
Interesting about the alcohol. Not sure i am ready to be vegan though.
I found the less stress in mylife the less i get the flushes.
Thank you for the comment here give me something to think about 🙂


Some good banter on today’s phone-in

Gerald Webb

Greetings from Granada, Nicaragua. Your show does a great service to the people, keep up the work

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Thanks Richie!
Smart & …non-discreet.
Coool. Cheers!

Aldo Bennedetti

One will be listening from county Laois my liege, Ireland. The Queens’ county don’t you know.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I’d love tá talk with You-Richie.
However, It’s my job as an Elder to…give-a-pass to those with more ‘prescient needs to inform’.
My only Hope is, People here @Richie’s read what I write.
I’ve always been, a non-public entity.
Yeah. Remember now Everyone, “Wisdom and Insight are reserved for the Very Few”.
Regards and I definitely will be listening tonite.

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