Journalist: “Masks Are Dehumanising & Controlling”

In his regular column for The Telegraph newspaper today, Philip Johnston says that masks “act as a useful control mechanism for a state that wants a compliant population.” 

The journalist revealed that he reluctantly donned a face covering during his train journey yesterday, having not worn one since July’s “Freedom Day.” Johnston wrote:

“Masks are dehumanising devices that should be obligatory only in extremis, not as a go-to expedient for a panicky cabinet. Are we to evolve over the years into a species able to recognise emotions just through watching the eyes of others, unable to tell whether they are smiling or grimacing beneath the mask?”

Johnston points out that scientific evidence on the efficacy of wearing a mask is rather thin. He writes:

Let us all defer to medical experts such as Dr Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, who was interviewed on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme yesterday about the new measures introduced to combat the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

This was the same Dr Harries who, at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, stated that wearing masks was “not a good idea” and that “you can actually trap the virus in the mask and start breathing it in”. In other words, coverings were as likely to cause infection as prevent it. Even as late as August last year, Dr Harries said: “The evidence on face coverings is not very strong in either direction.”

He goes on to point out that as recently as last summer, The World Health Organisation was against face coverings. The WHO said they were counterproductive.

In conclusion Johnston says:

Once more we are being ordered to muzzle up because it is seen as a community-minded thing to do. But masks also act as a useful control mechanism for a state that wants a compliant population. We are far more receptive to yet more restrictions on our freedoms if we inhabit a dystopian world of half faces and frightened eyes.

The penny in being to drop for some of the more experienced broadsheet hacks. This isn’t about a virus. It never was.


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The scientific evidence on mask wearing is not just thin but actually says that they do not stop the transmission of infection but are harmful to the wearer.


This journalist may well be waking up to the true purpose of mask mandates. However, depressingly he still compliantly put a mask on whilst taking the train. He knows it’s BS, so why is he still complying?….the answer can only be cowardice.


it does concern me regarding the potential for long term health effects from wearing a mask for hours a day, I can’t think this is a healthy action.


Sarah Vine surprised me with her most recent article too.

Another one that is finally (hopefully) seeing the light.


How long before she’s fired now Jo??

Or perhaps miracles do happen and that some of them are finally turning!!



I believe in miracles! 🙏😊

She’s Michael Goves’s Mrs too. That’s why it surprised me.


The men in black will have a word with her husband and she will soon be back on track.


Aye! You’re more than likely right there, Robert.


Begorrah Bejeezus!!




Yes Gerry! Indeedy!


Evening Joe. They have now separated and are apparently getting a divorce. Rumour has it that Michael is now batting from the pavilion end. Who knows?


Evening Mark, I didn’t know they had separated. Him batting from the pavilion end is totally plausible though.


The plot “thickens” 🍌


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Paul G

The only person I know to go and have a stay in hospital in the last 2 years is my hairdresser friend – she thought she had covid, but the NHS told her that she had pneumonia because she had worn a mask 8 hours a day whilst at work. Strange? Not really. Why would anyone want to restrict their breathing by wearing one of these things. Even my 75 year old mum has stopped wearing a mask, she is finally waking up but unfortunately the 2nd jab disabled her forever, she won’t be having the booster!


Ironically I haven’t been able to go to the hairdressers since July 2020 as I won’t wear a mask.


This may come as a surprise to people here, but I have a mask. I’ve taken to wearing it again – on my arm. The rules don’t specify where we should wear them after all.
My mask is in the shape of a grinning skull face, because I considered the symbolism very apt – as both a mockery of people’s fear and the death of our society as we know it.
I have met very few people who get the reference. Most just tell me they find it creepy or scary (if they comment at all), which offers me the perfect opening to point out just how creepy they, and everyone else, looks in their compliant masks. Especially when I remind them of the horror movies of the 80s and 90s: of the psycho killer doctors and dentists in their blue masks.
Oddly enough, that gets through to them better than any discussion about ‘the science’.


Love it and good tactic! We are “In the Masks of Madness!”.


I like that title. And the even greater towering, insane peaks can be seen on our horizons as well.


Unfortunately, unless these stories are repeated over and over, they will do little to break through the fear conditioning that is repeated over and over.

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