Little Fat Man Wants To Fine Vaccine Refuseniks

The UK media is laying the groundwork for compulsory vaccination. We are being primed, conditioned even, for the inevitable eventuality, that is the government announcing plans to fine refuseniks and worse.

For two weeks now, SKY News, BBC News, LBC Radio and magazine shows like Good Morning Britain, This Morning and The Jeremy Vine Show, have been asking the same questions. What should we do with refuseniks? Is it time to fine them? Should the covid jabs be compulsory?

I don’t believe in coincidences. The media is acting in lockstep. My guess is that the decision to mandate the jabs in the UK was made a long time ago. The fact that the media is pushing it so hard now, indicates to me that a government announcement is imminent.

I know I’ve said it too many times on the radio show, but I am thoroughly ashamed of my profession. I wish you could feel my pain. The useless fat bastard below, Nick Ferrari of LBC, uses his show to incite resentment and suspicion of those of us who rightly refused to be jabbed.

It’s an inversion. It’s perversion. His job is to hold the government to account.

He’s nothing more than a latter day Lord Haw Haw.

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David Farrell

Yo Richie. Ain’t it time you sent out challenges to these fuckwits!? Live on air discussion. Challenge the bastards. Put it too them that if they are so sure in their bogus science, what are they afraid of? Come on Richie. Time to take the fight to them. Let’s see if any have the bollocks to take up the challenge???


if he gives up the cheeseburgers, kebabs, pizza, loses 8 stone, i will take the shot.


all Nick Ferrari is, is an advert for is diabetes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

These orthodox fanatics of totalitarianism are taking on the characteristics of a religion, if we were living in the 17th century this fat moron would be the one pointing and shouting “Witch” if his dick got warts. There is often something quite wrong with the authoritarian mind which is usually accompanied by physical weakness, often described as a beta-male.


So, Nick (Fatarse) Ferrari advocates a minimum fine of £100 per non jabbed adult over 40 years old levied on a monthly basis? I would suggest that his quest for a healthier life should start with him eating less, talking less, listening and excersizing more. I wish him well in that respect.


He lives in Blackheath. Used to see him being chauffeured into work at LBC up through New Cross. I remember him ranting on his morning show when a large bunch of eco protesters and hippies set up camp on Blackheath Common. He wasn’t happy.


They must’ve delayed him getting to the chippy 🙂

Steven James

Little fat man Nick better bring a big stick to my front door.
Good luck Nick.
Hospital food is crap nowadays 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄


Richie Allen knows what’s coming because he’s been informed by his bosses, he is controlled opposition, he’s the UK equivalent of Alex Jones. His job is to provide an outlet for the non conformers, the questioning types to vent. Thereby dispersing their energies. QAnon is another example.


Good evening Mr Winter.


Acting Lance Corporal (Second Class) Terry Winter of the 77th Brigade and now fully enrolled into the Future Soldier programme.


Yes, best to avoid the ‘controlled opposition’……so why are you having anything to do with Richie Allen? Would you be kind enough to recommend some genuine opposition (not controlled) that i can listen to?


Utter crap and you know it.


So what if they do bring in fines, fuck ’em, it’ll go the same way as the poll tax demands went in my house, straight in the bin. Total non payment and the bastards will fold.


The fat man is aging fast, he won’t last long…God does that to the chaff.


Colonel Sanders will kill him off with supersize Bargain Buckets and unlimited full fat Coca Cola top ups.


He won’t like it if the agenda comes to pass because they will be telling him what he’s allowed to eat.


I wonder how much money it would take for someone in the public eye to actually say something so fucking dangerous 🤷🏻‍♂️


So often we hear these talking heads ask phone-in participants if they are a doctor or scientist when said participant gives reasons for not wanting the jab (or not agreeing with mask or lockdown mandates).
I’m still waiting for the obvious (well, I think it is) response: “no, I’m not; but neither are you, yet that hasn’t stopped you promoting a pharmaceutical product”.


it’s as if there is a competition to see who can be the most vile piece of shit in the media and i thought James O’Brien had it won already, however this fat bastard is something else!

Sara D

These fools are being used to push this dark agenda. Common sense and empathy have gone out the window as they lead the attack. We must stay strong.


I complained to ofcom. probably won’t do anything but he needs to go!!


what an absolute pig..and he says ..”if WE come round and knock on the door…” Who is he really working for?


The guinea pig with glasses has spoken!

With any luck a booster laced with graphene will end his own personal crusade for big pharma shilling!

… Oh and apologies to pet lovers, but the likeness is uncanny!!


Good evening Gerry. This is a better likeness.







Ah no the hamster is cute, Nick whatsit isn’t.


Aye I know!!

I feel very guilty degrading the little critter in such a controversial fashion!!

Apologies to hamsters/guinea pigs the world over!!


But hey…

No doubts they’ll understand the cause is just… right??


Tony K

That fuckers chins alone could keep an Eskimo family in heating oil for a season.


Good grief what a damn cheek, the man’s clearly not in the erm healthiest shape, and he’s telling us to go get jib jabbed to death or we face a fine, aye right you are, the brass neck of it!!!!!!

Tony K

Now I know where I’ve seen that fucker before.
Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom.

Fucking Mola Ram innit.


My first good laugh of the day. Thank you.


Nicked a’Ferrari won’t be so happy in a few years when vaccine mandates for obesity (to save the NHS) come into effect.

Frankly, we should all be applauded for saving the NHS (and the government) money by refusing the jabs.
Personally, I haven’t needed the NHS for nearly two years – ever since I stopped taking all the meds I was prescribed. I haven’t felt so good for many years and as a result have done my bit to save the NHS on two fronts.

It’s always worth trying to find a silver lining or two, to an apocalyptic storm cloud.

William Vincent Faubion

Richie, good morning mate. I agree 100%. This fat fucker should be tied to a railroad track alongside the others of his profession who are guilty of mass murder. And, before the train comes, bring in a load of horses and bulls to have a healthy “jobbie” all over them. You sir are A Good Man! Cheers, William (Florida)

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