Obese Gal Has 8 Cardiac Arrests – Blames Covid & Urges Folks To Get Jabbed

I’ve laughed hard today. SKY News has been running cautionary tales for months now. The channel regularly features folks who nearly died from covid infection, allegedly. Typically, the person shares his/her horror story and then advises the nation to get the jab at the speed of light.

Sometimes these people will confess that they didn’t have the jab and that they became so ill, they now wish they had. There were belly laughs in my house this morning, no pun intended.

SKY featured Gemma, a morbidly obese woman who had 8 cardiac arrests AFTER falling into a coma when she came down with covid. Tsk…Gemma wasn’t jabbed. Oh dear. Gemma’s advice is that we should all get jabbed up and as soon as possible.

Can you even satirise this? It just occurred to me, Gemma is the answer to the question that has vexed football supporters for generations, that is, who ate all the pies?

Twas fucking Gemma! How Kay Burley and later Adam Boulton didn’t wet themselves every time they ran this report is a mystery to me.

Talk about suspending your disbelief…


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Jonathan Stone

Don’t read all that social media stuff about obesity being a killer either Gemma, that is all just nonsense as well.


Three jabs for Christmas at Rods!




Your invitation this year Gerry is now in the bin.




Heard an interview he gave recently, talking about the un jabbed. Disgusted with the guy, never a great fan of his music, though he has recorded some great tunes, more a fan of Rod, he was a bit of a lad wasn’t he, and he never seemed to be up his own rear end, he has an ego for sure but he has earned it, plus he is a big Celtic fan and was at the game on Thursday in Glasgow, but those comments dear me.


Likewise Martin.
I wonder where his money is invested or is there some other dirt on him?
He’s been around long enough to have been compromised with many a ‘Baby Jane!’
At this stage someone with this notoriety could not possibly be aware of the fact that this injection isn’t an inoculation against anything.
At best it may only be a treatment for the original Alpha strain of the bio weapon, so as we’re now onto Omicron/Moronic variant, the injections are officially doing nothing.
And he must also be aware of the adverse reactions these shots are causing (the heart attacks of football players to cite the most obvious!).
I refuse to believe that any well connected celebrity could be this thick.

Shame on him and the rest of his ilk for promoting this toxic garbage.

This new slave system is coming for him, his kids and grand kids too.

So ultimately that’s all he’s really promoting.



I think he has bought the lie Gerry, how old is he now ?, must be in his 70s. He might have lost family members who were put down as covid deaths, in reality they were probably murdered by the state, but he would have no clue about any of that.Think he is like a lot of old people who have been terrorised by the fear campaign, just because he has millions in the bank doesn’t mean he does not have the same fears as your man in the street, Rod should ask himself, would he have believed this nonsense if it happened when he was in his 20s or 30s, no chance, we in the west have been conditioned to fear death, the only sure thing in life that no one avoids, but some think they can, i remember family members talking about when they died what they wanted etc, it was not morbid in any way, quite funny to be honest, they were only being honest and were not scared in any way, but these days with the covid scam you see people in their 80s and older hiding in their house, why ?, fear is why, fear of the only sure thing in life, not only the old every demographic are induced with the fear. Watched an interview with the lass Michelle from norn Ireland who Richie had on last week, in it she said, men have went to war and died to stand up for what they thought was right, all we have to do to stop these psychopaths is say no, do not comply, mass non compliance is the way, sad people cannot see that. As maggie MAY have said, your in my heart, we are sailing ( on the fucking titanic ) but we might get there on a down town train.


I hear you bro.
The age/fear theory is concurrent with many older folk I’ve encountered over the last two years and who are still easily being manipulated by the MSM propaganda and maintained in these same ol handbags and glad rags that their own poor old grandad had to sweat to buy them…(🎢)
(A feedback loop of sorts — with fear the ultimate cause as per usual!!)

That interview with Michelle Cuimmei was excellent and I posted a link for the earlier one you mention that she did with Sara Haboubi of the Irish Inquiry when it got circulated.
(To the social & threads)

U gestapo tube have since removed that from their platform (after it had reached a half million hits or thereabouts!!), so no surprises with those censoring slimey bastards (these f🀬kers have a lot to answer to!!)..

but not to be outdone, I’ve reposted it with a new Bitchute link… (In case you’re ever looking for it again???)

One of the best of the entire scam (covering all angles from A to Z) to be seen out there in my humble opinion.

Michelle knows exactly what’s going on here and all you really ever need do is to follow the money.

Or social credits, as this is what will soon happen to cash if these globalists continue to get their way…

And it’s all riding in on the Apocalypse horse of fear…

Every last bit of it.

Cue Johnny Cash..

Ghost Riders in the Sky!!






Excuse me, not keen on this ageism. I’m retired and I don’t go along with any of this garbage. It’s not about age it’s about the individual. More young people walking round the streets where I am wearing masks than older people.


It seems all the celebrities going along with this and making a big fuss are the ones who have been given knighthoods. They pretend to be rebels but they are establishment through and through.


Absolutely Jennie. And some more establishment than others.
And a big let down to learn that Rod is yet another one.
A brain wiped establishment goon just like anyone else who’s following his lead.


Richie have you tried DMSO? I was told about it by a friend who has found it to be very effective and he’s going to get me some.


Hey Jennie!
Ask your friend if he knows of any way to turn the Sulfoxide into Tryptamine??
Richie’s fine, but that resulting compound could go a long way to straightening out our friend Gemma above.. and anyone else who thinks and acts just like her the world over!!


I will. I don’t know what either of those are but he might. I’ll have to look them up.


Let’s just say… There’s deeper ‘wisdom’ at play here with a little tongue in cheek on my part.
But ultimately, it’s nothing to be overly concerned or worried about!!

Oh and a little clue perhaps while it crosses my mind..

Wouldn’t you say ‘Mr. Blobby’ has an ever so slightly “psychedelic” appearance, both in set and setting??


Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

Ah, the fog lifts.

Danny Warden

Lard arse Gemma the hut says get the Jab. Ok Gemma you’ve certainly convinced me. πŸ˜‚. Get the fuck outta here you numb nuts !!!!


Is it true though?
Could she be a crisis actor to promote vaccine propaganda?

Always the possibility considering it has been exposed many many times throughout the scamdemic.
(Hugo Talks has put together a few clips exposing this, to name but one source!)

But if it’s true and she’s now recovered from Fauci flu, well then she has gained life long immunity to this particular virus (and similar variants!), so why the need to take any experimental injections that we know “for certain” can do serious harm??

And NO MENTION OF NATURAL IMMUNITY whatsoever by Sky propaganda tv!!

And never a mention of adverse reactions to the jab either!!

Or by any other legacy media propaganda tv networks the world over!!

Funny that!! πŸ€”

Here’s but one example of current phenomena regularly exposed by alternative media that the mainstream just simply refuses to touch…

And to think, they plan to fine and potentially incarcerate us for not taking this toxic SHITE!!

Are they nuts??

What’s wrong with these psychopaths??


At least 69 athletes collapse in ‘one month’ and many dead.. (And all jabbed!!)





There was also another German doctor working in the same field, can’t remember his name now but I have it somewhere, who went public and he was said to have committed suicide just after. There have been some amazingly convenient deaths and suicides connected with this whole scam.


Lots of convenient ‘suicides’ Jennie.

And a few referenced in the Monopoly Video ‘Who Owns The World’
(Towards the end of documentary!)

I’ve just watched it a second time.

This is the video Fox mentioned the other day..

It’s a fantastic presentation this and one of the best out there that has the potential to awaken the sleep walkers amongst us, if only they’d take the time to watch it!!

I know you’ve seen it..

But l’ll put the link here again for others who may have missed it!!



Jon Taylor

These people are bonkers they must know it don’t stop you getting it or passing it on so why would you want to urge others to get it?


State of the thing.Think its always been a huge overweight unit so obviously prone to every disease going,anyway she is on the mend now and will be having her Covid jabs no doubt,let hope things go well for her and she doesnt suffer any side effects.


LIVE UK TIME AT 19.00. after the RAS.

The Omicron variant has reached every major continent. Is it deadlier than Delta? Is it more infectious? Could this be the variant that Geert Vanden Bossche was warning us about? We cover the latest.

Then, Biden administration losses are piling up as the federal push for mandatory vaccines takes multiple legal hits. Also, a new study looking at the rise in heart issues due to mRNA COVID Vaccines is turning heads with shocking results everyone is talking about.
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, joins us with all the details.

Finally, beloved Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas exposes the Oregon State Medical Board’s mafia-like tactics against him and his popular family practice. He details how he’s taking the fight back to them and how YOU can help.


Robert Klinck

The Omicron variant has reached every major continent.” Fast, wasn’t it? But our wise leaders contend that they can stop its spreading within a country! How much they actually believe this (and that CO2-caused climate change is real) was in evidence when they flew 39,000 delegates from every corner of the world to COP26 and for two weeks allowed them to hobnob undistanced and unmasked–except, of course, when PR photos were being taken.


It was the same with the G7. I have friends who live in Cornwall literally down the road from where it was held who I normally visit for a week each year but I’m not allowed to go (I would be staying in their house not a hotel) because I’m too dangerous. But thousands of people from all over the world descended on one small town and used the hotels, cafes, bars and beaches and apparently that was fine. I do know that none of the politicians or their aides followed any of the restrictions that they force on other people but the staff who served them had to.


Great show Jake and as always thanks for posting the reminder.
That description Del makes of how natural innate and natural adaptive immunity works versus what the mRNA will do is something special… (And the ultimate warning for everyone to stay a million miles away from this toxic pus!!)

And an interview with Tuesday November 30th RA show guest ‘Dr. Paul Thomas’ features too.

Paul Thomas is yet another warrior working tirelessly to stop this global nightmare from continuing and at great personal sacrifice.

There’s hope and Del Bigtree is a major factor in maintaining this hope.

Top man, top show.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

We are living in Clown World. So now we’re meant to take health advice from obese people?

Cheers Richie, hope yer feelin’ better? In regard to Big Bertha I am reminded of a line/chant from the movie Lord of The Flies…. “Kill The Pig”! Feel Better my friend.
William (Florida)


“everyone should get jabbed, now if you excuse me, i’m off to greggs” πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


If she is that size after 8 weeks in coma wtf size was she before. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


probably ate while in a coma


I laughed at this story. What I didn’t laugh at is Germany voting to bring in mandatory vaccination. It’s getting closer. What is this world coming to? Is it too late or is there still time to turn this around? I really don’t know anymore…

Noel cox

Has to get a taxi to McDonald’s these days

Last edited 7 months ago by Noel cox
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