Oxford Students Told That NOT Being A Racist Is No Longer Enough!

According to the Daily Mail, Oxford University is telling students that it’s no longer good enough to be a nice easy-going tolerant person, who doesn’t care about a person’s ethnicity. Oh no. Students have now got to be seen to be anti-racist and are expected to be actively involved in anti-racism initiatives. The paper reports:

While not mandatory, students were told they were ‘expected to make time’ to attend the It’s About Race event. Attendees were shown a series of slides during the session last month.

Under the heading ‘Be an anti-racist’ on one slide, they were told: ‘Are you racist? “No” isn’t a good enough answer.’

The slide stated: ‘We need to… stop thinking that injustice going on in the world isn’t to an extent are [sic] fault’, adding: ‘Stop being a non-racist and start being an anti-racist.’

Another slide encouraged a ‘commitment to action’, asking the question: ‘What is your individual contribution/commitment/pledge to tackle inequality and racism?’

This isn’t exactly new. Black Lives Matter activists regularly chant “silence is violence” at rallies. Similar chants and slogans can be seen and heard at LGBTQ+ events. It’s gaining traction. Friends of mine have told me of bizarre conference calls, organised by their employers, where white members of staff listen to their colleagues of colour, tell them about their experiences of racism. Non-attendance is frowned upon.

An old school friend of mine, who works for an American company in Dublin said to me; “Richie if I don’t attend, I might as well put a sticker on my chest that says I am a racist.” To his credit, he didn’t attend, although his supervisor told him it was “disappointing” and “sent out the wrong message about himself.” Thank God I’m self-employed.

Muslims and Jews have been listening to this garbage for years. The far-right has always criticised Muslims for not speaking out on Islamist terrorism. Jews around the world have faced similar calls from the far-left to speak out against the crimes of Israel. It’s preposterous and dangerous. The implication is that if you don’t speak out against it, you must support it. It’s ridiculous.

It’s your absolute right to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. How dare any institution demand that you prove yourself to be tolerant or inclusive or any such nonsense? How dare anyone make an assumption about your character, based on what you have not said or what you have not done? I pity anyone starting third level education or embarking on a new career in this climate.


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North Island Kiwi

The infringement on our freedom of speech is terrifying. In an ‘unconscious bias’ training session that I was required to attend, I was told to STOP saying that you are not racist.

And now, people are forced to START saying that whatever, whatever, whatever.

I’m not a believer in any religious doctrine. But some doctrines talk about the concept of evil. Evil can twist the meaning of words so easily – the meaning of Love is twisted from giving hugs to withholding hugs. Compassion is twisted from ‘washing the feet of the leper’ to ‘stay 6 feet away’. The world is twisted. How did we let it get this way?

Ryan Murtha

There’s a woman named Jodi Shaw in America who is speaking about what happened to her at the university where she worked, worth hearing. There’s also a website worth checking out.


I wonder if any of the students involved pointed out the irony of being part anti racism campaign called ‘It’s All About Race’.
No. I expect that would get you branded a racist.


Sorry this is long winded but this actually happened the me. Around 32 years ago I started work at a building society that became a retail bank. My job was to visit branches that were short staffed and learn the job on the hop. I enjoyed not being stuck in one place. Staff, me included were sent on a course about fraud from Nigeria.Three months later I was sent to a branch in Clapham Common. One morning a Nigerian couple came in to open an account. I asked for the relevant I.D. which they didn’t have. I asked them to come back with said I.D. and explained that the documents they had were not on our list to use. They were fine and very pleasant when I explained. When they left I mentioned to the girl sitting next to me about the course I’d been on and asked if she’d been on it. The next day I was immediately taken into an office and was told by two members of management that a serious racial accusation had been made against me. They asked me to tell them exactly what had happened the previous day regarding a Nigerian couple. I told them everything that I said above. They left the office. I sat there for two hours alone not knowing what was going to happen and was scared of losing my job. When they came back they said the name of the person that was making the accusation. This person who was Nigerian wasn’t even anywhere near me when I spoke to the girl next to me. I said I had never even spoken to this bloke before. They left the office again for about 20 minutes. When they came back they basically said everything is sorted. They suggested I take the rest of the day off. I went home and couldn’t understand why someone I’d never even spoken to could be that nasty. I called my friend who happens to be black but very clued up on company law etc. The first thing she asked was there anyone with me as representation. She said I should sue them but I’d only been in the job a few months so let it go. It was an awful experience. Many years later I heard this bloke manage to sue the bank for racial discrimination. I think that was his plan all along.


It’s entered every aspect of life Kathy, there are race, sexual(both sexes) religious hustlers out there always looking to make a quick and easy earner, had a mate who was in a car crash years ago there was basically nothing wrong with him, but someone told him to milk it and he could get thousands in compensation, he stayed off work for over 2 years and when the claim was settled he got something like £7.000, he was delighted thinking he had got a good deal, I told him instead of making the 7 grand, in reality he had lost 40 grand by staying off work for 2 years or more.

Last edited 7 months ago by martin

I put this on another reply earlier. . Hope it makes sense.

Once you log in you go to the drop down menu and then go to My Page. You should see you have messages in the top right. Click on the message then on the left it should show my name and profile picture. Click on that and then you should see my message about the nurse. Sorry I’m not a good teacher.


A couple of years ago aspertions were made against me in the workplace. This resulted in the now ubiquitous ‘investigation’, at the conclusion of which I sent a letter to my accuser explaining how I have, on numerous occasions, put myself in physical harm’s way to defend the very people I was accused of discriminating against.
This action – this one letter – resulted in the opening of another investigation: this time for ‘bullying and harassment’.
The message is clear. Anyone accused of discrimination (of any kind) will be treated like those accused of witchcraft in the medieval period; ie, with maximum prejudice and bias.


In these times that we are living through if living is the correct word to use, surviving would be more appropriate, being burnt at the stake has a certain allure to it, would it be that bad.


The cause might be different, but the mentality is very reminiscent of the Hitler Youth – after all, they too were encouraged to be ‘socially aware’ to a fanatical degree.


If they genuinely feel that way it is time the old university buildings and institutions were torn down as they have clearly been supporting racism all these years.
Once that is done the students, instead of sitting in classrooms, can be flown to deprived/developing African and Middle Eastern countries where they can show how anti racist they are by helping to build much needed infrastructure, dig wells and help with roll out of much needed medical aid.
Or is the expectation that they should put themselves in harm’s way to do valuable real work a step too far?

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