Philippines President: “Have The Vaccine Or I Will Jail You!”

The President of The Philippines has told citizens that he will jail them if they refuse a covid-19 vaccine. Rodrigo Duterte issued the threat in a televised address last night.

Leaving no room for ambiguity Duterte said:

“You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed. If you are a person who is not vaccinated, you are a potential carrier.”

It is alleged that The Philippines has had 1.3 million covid cases and 23,000 deaths. Turnout at vaccination centres in Manila has been low, prompting the President’s outburst.

When it was pointed out to Duterte that his health officials do not support compulsory vaccination he said: “Don’t get me wrong, there is a crisis in this country. I’m just exasperated by Filipinos not heeding the government.”

He went on to say that quarantine is compulsory even for Filipinos who have had both jabs. The Philippines population is 110 million. Only 2.1 million people have had two jabs.

Schools remain shut in the country. Duterte aims to vaccinate 70 million Filipinos.


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Wasn’t Aquino shot in the head as soon as he returned from exile in the 1980’s; his wife Cori Aquino became President after? This proves that the people in that country have assasination in their DNA, and the current President should watch his step.


Crazy tard…of course he’s got it completely backwards. He’s the one needing locked up. Criminal coercion.

Billy goats didn’t count in the public having any appreciable measure of intellect.

Tony K

Ok, no bitchute links allowed for now then

DuckHQ has just put out a video about this. It centers around an article about this story in a philipino newspaper. Apparently there was a third option.

1: vxx
2: jail
3: Ivermectin

Could be a genius move.

I’m in SE Asia. They HAVE TO play the imperialist game here.

In Thailand they say they don’t have enough vaccines, that’s why they keep halting the shots.

That’s what they HAVE TO tell the WHO, the UN etc, etc

They can’t come out and say “These are dangerous and we don’t want to kill our own people”

They have to play a clever game of strategy.


I looked around and the channel is actually DuckHK (K not Q) on bitchute, the video title is “I’ll give you Ivermectin or leave the country Duterte tells critical thinkers 6-22-2021

Tony K

Cheers Bobby

The autocorrect changed the HK to HQ.

For some reason the button to edit it isn’t there at the moment.


Oh! That’s much better!


What should happen is people just be left alone to live their lives and interact with each other without non-stop interference from governments. Small scale government to provide essential services is what we need not micro-management of every aspect of our lives.


More like Marxist North Korea


Here’s what a real leader might sound like if he was blessed with an actual conscience for humanitarianism and a brain to try and implement it.
(Unlike many of the little tyrannical Oompa Loompas in power today!!)

Dr. Patrick Morrissey discussing the art of common sense.



Another one that has been removed for violating CensorTube’s community guidelines. Must have been good and true, sorry to have missed it.


And to think, psychopaths like Duterte are given free passage!

There isn’t one thing in this presentation that warrants censorship, but then we know all too well what our gestapo tube friends have long since turned into!

I’m trying to locate another source for the video Jennie, but as of yet have been unable to find one.

I’m surprised ‘The Irish Freedom Party’ are bothering with this useless outlet now, but I guess there’s some innocence on their part.

If/when this ever ends, our gestapo censoring brethren will have a lot of answering to do.

Perhaps these will need to held to account also??
(Nuremberg 2??)




I think they want to try and reach as many people as possible while they can maybe.


No doubts Jennie, but they still need to back up these videos on sites that won’t be censored.

A perfect example of someone who’s doing this now is ‘Hugo Talks’.

He’s figured out what he can and can’t get away with on the gestapo tube, so he simply doesn’t post the ‘more spicey’ (as he calls it!) content there, however he directs people to his web site or other video platforms from the gestapo tube videos.

Thus ensuring he gets the best of both worlds!!!

Simple.. but very effective!


Very true.


Video is removed already. I suppose someone monitors this website to report back to the big tech overlords to plunge things down the memory hole. Tell everyone to get on to alternative platforms: bitchute, rumble, odysee, brandnewtube, etc.


I see this Bobby.
I’m trying to locate it from another of the sources you mention, but as of yet have been unsuccessful.

Those gestapo tube bastards have a lot to answer to!!

Perhaps some day they can be taken to task..

But alas, they’re currently instrumental in maintaining the entire deception, so until the tide turns, we’ll just have to grin and bear it I’m afraid.


Hi Gerry, it’s already a goner! Do you know if moved to BNT?


Can’t find it Brenda!
I’m going deep with this one, but as of yet, I’m having no success.

I don’t know what ‘The Irish Freedom Party” are doing wasting their time with the gestapo tube.

So frustrating.


Possibly the guy who uploaded it has not been made aware of its deletion.
When he finds out, hopefully will upload to one of the alternatives


That’s what I’m banking on myself!
As soon as I get hold of it..

I’ll post it.

It’s a disgrace that this shower removed it from their platform!

They’ve a lot to answer to now..

Them and the rest of their kind!!!

All part of Klaus and Billy poison jabs cabal!!

Just doing their dirty work!!!

It’s sickening!


TURKEY: a friend of mine in Turkey has informed me that all the nations dermatologists are fully booked till August due to Vax ADVERSE effects. Is it the same elsewhere?


Why Dermatologists.
My friend who is vaxxed twice was telling me about a rash he had on his forearm and showed me a picture of it as well.


Two things I take away from this:
How is he going to jail between 40 and 108 million people?
And……. The Filipinos are based!

Harry Derriere

I used to like, and openly support Duterte, and his draconian policies because he was very tough on crime. Many people called him a sociopath, a bully, and a tyrant.
Those people were correct. I stand corrected.


I’d like to put to Richie and everyone on here… when otherwise awake or Red-Pilled guests like the esteemed gentleman today say “… when everyone finds out what Hancock/Fauci/Whitty/Ferguson etc have done … “

Who do they mean by everyone? Can they not see that “everyone” is either in bed with or incapacitated by the objects of the ire!?

I can’t see any evidence for their hopes. In fact I can see overwhelming people evidence to the contrary. The Police, “Opposition” Politicians, Celebrities, Media, Big Tech ad nauseum are already proving to no friends of the people .

Alex Romero

Leaders around the World appear to be taking the whip to the people. There must surely be a tipping point. When is enough enough?


For me, about a year and a half ago. I am highly allergic to bullshit.

Jane Edmonds

Wanted to make a comment during the show but don’t do Twitter. Although very interesting listening to Roger Hodgkinson. Felt you were both sitting on the fence a bit and Richie you didn’t ask the question I thought you might about de-population. It’s so obvious to me and many of us, I was disappointed that you didn’t address that issue….

Tarek Langenfeld

Look at the picture
Say it all
Y all

Tarek Langenfeld

Hi folks

That is the fekin problem vaxed is the Target



To put those figures into perspective, the total positive cases to date equates to 1.24% of the population; and the Covid attributed death toll accounts for 0.021% of the population.
By comparison, their infant mortality stands at 1.75% of all births; strokes account for 0.13% of the population; TB accounts for 0.039%; and cancers account for 0.092%.
So in the grand scheme, as with everywhere else, Covid is no worse (and sometimes less so) than pre-existing problems.


Here, in the Philippines it’s all about money. The government will get foreign aid and assistance if they conform to the WEF. The WEF, UN et al have only dabbled at sorting out TB which kills 25,000 every year. They can control the Philippines via hand-outs. Deplorable.


What a disgusting way to treat people. I wonder when they’ll do the same in the U.K.


Will keep a look out on the Government website to purchase their new events calender on its release!!!


British ‘gangsterism’ is all wrapped up in fake ‘good manners’ and ‘oh, aren’t we civilised’ pastiche civility. Same disgusting sin.


Quelle surprise!!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

Wee Robin would love to do the same


I echo Van Morrison- tho don’t don’t get paid anything for it lol


They’re all Swanning around up on the hill.

Hermione Granger


Hermione Granger

The only way is non compliance and then spend some money on a lawyer

Last edited 1 month ago by Hermione Granger
Urban fox

Like the Jewish people should have taken Hitler to court. Perhaps if you had been there,you could have paid the court fees And prevented the gas chambers with your knowledge of the law.Perhaps you could pay for the Solicitors( the English word) for all these covid cases you keep talking about. The fascists make the law.Control And enforce it.


They should be currently taking Israel to court – of all the ironies!!

Hermione Granger

Why be so negative the law is your second protection your first is your behaviour but Ive used the law a lot and won many times


I agree with your post but i’m sick of lazy comments about fucking gas chambers. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY EVIDENCE THAT HOMICIDAL GAS CHAMBERS EXISTED IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Can we please have some Stalin or Mao for a change!!

Alex Romero

Like all the talk of Nuremberg 2. Who the fuck is gonna chair that?

Urban fox

I know Alex. What I’ve been telling family and friends for 30 years,is we have no rights. Other than the right to do what we have the power to do personally for ourselves. Laws and rights are loaned to us by those in power. They can be taken away overnight. This is what happened March last year. But some still don’t get it. Mass non compliance and or brute force stops tyranny. Nothing else. Those with most power say what is law. Understanding this is paramount to ending it. The legal system is part of the global government/ cult that runs this planet. The legal system is another arm of the global fascist government.

Urban fox

Many can’t afford to feed themselves,they don’t have thousands for Solicitors. You seem unawhere of what’s going on,outside of your circle. And unaware of what’s unfolding. Vaccinations just been mandated for care workers. Only 2 days ago,you said on here,it couldn’t happen in the U.K.And i am not being negative. I’m trying to explain what’s happening.

Hermione Granger

Why is Richie deleting comments that give people information ?

Zac Baled

Its not Richie.
Seems to be a malfunction on the website. I posted something earlier it showed up for a few seconds and then disappeared.


He’s not. Try using a different IP address or your mobile data. I can’t post to the comments via my home/primary IP – I have to use alternatives.

Hermione Granger

We have become complacent but this doesn’t change facts. Forced, coerced, and mandated vaccinations are in violation of the Nuremberg codes 1947, the Human rights act 1998, potentially the Equality Act 2010, Data protection act 2018,  The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 specifically states that members of the public should not be compelled to undergo any mandatory medical treatment, including vaccinations. and ARTICLE 6 OF THE UNESCO 2005 STATEMENT ON BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS 

Article 6, section 1: 
Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned

Article 6, section 3:
In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent


Everything you put here is true, and there have been some successful pushbacks based on those laws. But nowhere near enough.
Besides, all those laws were created by politicians/ the UN. The very people now intent on making significant changes.
But I like your optimism.

Hermione Granger

Philippine citizens need to keep refusing and get lawyers it seems this political davos politician is just another puppet terrorist

Last edited 1 month ago by Hermione Granger

Bet that he was offered money like Robert Magafuli (Tanzania) was. You see what happened to him.


“If you are a person who is not vaccinated, you are a potential carrier.”

He went on to say that quarantine is compulsory even for Filipinos who have had both jabs. 

Righto !


“He went on to say that quarantine is compulsory even for Filipinos who have had both jabs”


In other words you can’t leave or return – effectively no different from New Zealand or Australia. Being held hostage by your country- em let me think…. where in the world has this been tried before? Only difference is in the tone of delivery.
Both jabs – no reward – now there’s an incentive scheme I shall be rushing to sign up for…….NOT!!!
No benefit to the double jabbed in the UK at present – but edging towards the predicted vaccine passport.

Zac Baled

This guy is a character.
The world had gone completely bonkers over this convid bs.


Jesus H. Christ!!!

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