Philippines President: “Have The Vaccine Or I Will Jail You!”

The President of The Philippines has told citizens that he will jail them if they refuse a covid-19 vaccine. Rodrigo Duterte issued the threat in a televised address last night. Leaving no room for ambiguity Duterte said: “You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed. If you are a person who is not vaccinated, […]

For Fuck’s Sake! Laurel Hubbard Is A Man!

There is no such thing as a trans woman. Laurel Hubbard is a man, no matter what he thinks. He wasn’t born in the wrong body. That’s a load of bollox, no pun intended. You cannot be born in the wrong body. Hubbard is a weightlifter. Yesterday, New Zealand put him in the women’s weightlifting […]

Hancock: “Very Significant Flu Vaccine Drive This Winter!”

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that flu will come out of retirement this Winter. This morning the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that plans are afoot for a “significant flu vaccination drive this Winter, to protect the NHS.” Speaking to Times Radio Breakfast, Hancock said: “We are worried about flu this winter because […]

LBC Host Says He Can No Longer Support “Irrational” Lockdown

I thought it was Americans who didn’t understand irony. It seems some of you Brits struggle with it too. Writing in today’s Telegraph, LBC radio host Iain Dale claims that he can no longer “support this irrational lockdown.” Iain Dale is a Tory. He tried and failed several times to be a Tory MP. He […]