Some Women Finding Lumps In Breasts After Covid Jabs – US Doctors

The Daily Mail is reporting this afternoon that some women in the US have developed swollen lumps in their breasts after receiving a coronavirus jab.

The women are understandably worried but are being advised not to book a mammogram for at least four weeks after being vaccinated.

The lumps are in the body’s lymph nodes and are occurring on the same side of the chest as the arm in which the jab was administered.  According to The Mail Online:

Dr Devon Quasha works as a physician in Boston and found a lump in her left breast during a routine self-screen. 

She subsequently scheduled a mammogram and an ultrasound to investigate. One week before her imaging appointment she got her first Covid-19 vaccine, the Moderna jab. 

Shortly after her inoculation her left arm began to hurt and then several swollen lumps appeared around her left armpit and around the collar bone on her left side.

Dr Quasha was told by her radiologist that although the breast lump was likely harmless, the swollen nodes would, under normal conditions, be concerning. 

Such a discovery would normally warrant further investigation and an immediate biopsy where a small piece of tissue is removed and sent off for analysis. 

But due to the recent vaccination Dr Quasha and her doctor decided to hold off on this and instead booked a follow-up ultrasound in six weeks. 

Quasha spoke to CNN and told them that knowing her condition is not an anomaly and that many other women are in a similar situation had reassured her. ‘The point here is that there are a number of side effects from the vaccine which are not dangerous but can sometimes increase patient anxiety,’ she said.

The US Food & Drug Administration said today:

For the Moderna jab, one in nine recipients have lymph node swelling or tenderness after the first dose, rising to one in six after the second dose. 

For the Pfizer jab, it is less common but lasts longer, with the swelling persisting for around ten days, whereas the lumps in Moderna patients disappear after two days. 

Ah, so it’s just a side effect and there’s nothing to worry about. Where have we heard that before? I’m sick of the sound of my own voice, but I’m going to say it anyway. Taking one of these experimental gene therapy drugs is like playing Russian Roulette. You’d be mad to accept it.

Share this article with every woman you know. This will not be on the 9’oclock news.


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