Times Journalist “Taking Test Is Small Price To Pay To Attend Party”

Times Radio presenter Reya Al-Salahi said this morning that taking a lateral flow test is a small price to pay in order to attend a party this Christmas.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said yesterday, that everyone attending a Christmas party should consider testing themselves before setting off. Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier, Al-Salahi said:

“I’d love nothing more than to be able to be rubbing shoulders at a normal Christmas do, perhaps not snogging in a corner anywhere, but you know just getting back to some semblance of normality. 

But we’re not living in normal times. And the idea that to do the absolute bare minimum of taking a lateral flow test before going to a Christmas party is ruining your fun, seems completely bizarre. 

It’s such a small price to pay in order to be able to have a Christmas do. I would want people to have vaccine passports in order to be at a Christmas party that I was at. 

And if that wasn’t the case, to be frank I wouldn’t be there.”


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Not rocket science that they get two more Muslims on to target the Muslim community as there are lots of Muslims that refuse to take the ‘ Shots’.
It is not working though. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


And the daft bints are talking up their own death sentence by way of reinforcing the lie.

The jab’s the damn bio weapon.

So while they think they’re really clever by choosing the seemingly safe side of the tyranny.

The exact opposite in fact is the case!

Assuming she/they have taken the bankers poison and will continue on indefinitely with the bankers boosters, sooner or later they’ll get their come uppings!!

You reap what you sow in this world..

That’s how karma and nature works.

It has always worked this way and always will.

They’ll get what’s coming to them and in this instance, they’ll have earned it!!


Oh my fucking God, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO, this is insanity hahahahahaha, a useless crappy test before you go out and party, piss off, do not comply to this madness, it will never, never, NEVER END!!!


Okay, so why not lateral flow tests for ALL care workers as they enter their work premises rather than sacking thousands of them and causing a staffing crisis? Of course, Javid is DESPERATE for everyone to test test test so that ‘Covid’ numbers rise massively.


I think she is missing the bigger picture here. Remember what two weeks to flatten the curve turned into.


amazing how morons like this lady gets air time but someone like mike yeadon gets banned, we are living in idiocracy


My apologies if I am using a name based stereotype, but I wonder if Al-Salahi would say such a thing if the test was produced with a pig based ingredient?

This is pure speculation, of course.


They just keep pushing out that people are super dangerous bio weapons. Who would want the horrible fucking at their party anyway


You’ve just described an orgy for beautiful people.


But it’s actually the injected who are manufacturing the bio weapons now, but here’s the thing.. these bio weapons will only take out the jabbed as those without updates will forever be in harms way as they are now and potentially forever will be immunocompromised!!
(And this is the whole point of the exercise!! The injections are being used to thin the herd and the sheep are queuing up for it — it’s genius!!!)

The only defence against these bio weapons (which in essence are only flu/cold strains!) is natural immunity.

The only true defence is natural immunity and it has always been the only true defence against these viruses.

Without this natural immunity, our species wouldn’t exist…

It’s that simple.

So.. at all costs protect it.

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