What Happens After January 31st 2022? Compulsory Jabs?

Why is the UK government putting so much emphasis on offering a booster jab to every eligible adult in the UK by the end of January? The Prime Minister says it’s to boost everyone’s defences against covid and omicron, the latest scariant.

But, what’s the real reason? Could it be that at the end of January, after every adult has had the opportunity to be injected, there will be an attempt to mandate covid jabs?

I ask the question because the incoming German Chancellor has said that he wants to do exactly that. Olaf Scholz said yesterday, that every German citizen will have had a chance to be fully jabbed by February or March. At that point, the jabs would be compulsory for every German unless they have a medical exemption.

Coincidentally, the German vaccination rate is around the same as the UK’s, with 68.5 per cent of adults fully jabbed.

Nobody in the UK government has suggested mandating the jabs. In fact, both the current Health Secretary Sajid Javid and his predecessor Matt Hancock have said that jabs won’t be compulsory here. I don’t believe them.

The Evening Standard reported the following on September 13th:

Some 28% of the population is currently estimated to be unvaccinated, according to the latest figures. This is the equivalent of 18.6 million people. Nearly a third (5.9 million) of this total are aged 16 and over and are therefore eligible to get the vaccine right now.

Of course, those numbers will have changed. I couldn’t access more recent stats this morning, but it’s likely that several million Brits remain unjabbed. Maybe the omicron scariant will change some minds. Maybe it won’t.

The point is, I do not believe that this will be tolerated for much longer.

Monday, January 31st 2022 is shaping up to be a very interesting day. It will be smack bang right in the middle of Winter. The NHS will be on its knees. It always is at this time of year for reasons I’ve given too many times.

Factor in the social care crisis too and it’s easy to imagine the Prime Minister or Sajid Javid saying in January that the time has come to talk about mandating the jabs.

But, I’ve been wrong before.



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Christine Ayres

No to mandatory vaccinations , this is not compatible with Article 8 of the Human rights act , take them to court as no Judge in the UK will ever allow a person to be held down and jabbed like a farm animal , we are not their property.


Two supporters went down with cardiac arrests at two different stadiums at tonight’s Premier League football matches. Games had to be delayed.

Christine Ayres

Hey Rob i agree 100% with you mate , ive just had to switch from working in the care sector to working in retail , as no way in hell im taking any experimental jabs , as compliance is the way to tyranny , this is all a test to see how much abuse of power they can get away with , as George Carlin said its a big club and you aint in it , you have owners they own you they own everything , that was spoken over 20 years ago so i wonder if he had secret knowledge and was trying to warn us ?


I caught five minutes of the BBC news at 6pm before my wife turned over to stop my fucking language! That stinking criminal Javid was droning on about everybody getting tested again. It never ends. He knows that lots of testing will produce lots more people with ‘Covid'(not ill at all, just positive), so that more hysterical fools will scuttle along for the booster and more pressure will be brought to bear on the unjabbed. What he also knows is that if we stopped all testing from tomorrow the whole house of cards would come crashing down. Following Javid we had some hospital administrator saying how hospitals all over the country were going to create special areas so that people could go and get their boosters. So who cares about the millions of folk who are ill and cannot get into our hospitals? These useless boosters are meaningless compared to the serious illnesses that need treating. I thought Harold Shipman was pure evil but these bastards are on a completely new level!


The testing is a great one, because now so many are jabbed what will they test? I sometimes just want to SCREAM!!!

Gavin Ledermann

Will those that had 2 jabs thinking that would be the end of it keep getting boosters?
Will they wake up and draw the line?
If so they will join the ranks of the uninjected and increase the numbers.


If pregnant mothers or those wanting to have a baby find out about the below then that subset of people should be big enough to stand up against the tyranny of mandatory Shots.

Sudden Surge in Stillbirths and Menstrual Changes.

At Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia, 13 babies were allegedly stillborn in a period of 24 hours; all of their mothers had received a COVID-19 injection.



If this is true. It is horrific. It will be difficult to explain that horror away.

Caroline Fealy

Stubini does have a point in his comment. I also feel the people behind this scam will not back down. I also like to think that maybe some where there are legal representatives that can help fight these crimes against humanity. I have energy to fight but have no power (money)… I do not fear anything. I would like to see my grand kids grow up, but in a world like we have now i just do not know if i will. I have hope though my spirit is not broke. :).

They have all been saying we will not mandate the vax. I do not believe anything that comes from this government. I did not even before this scamdemic.


Exactly, positive thinking keeps our spirits alive, this evil feeds off fear and all the other negative emotions, they have only got this far through fear and compliance. There is more and more waking up to this nightmare, and they know it hence the ramping up on the fear campaign, desperation will be their downfall, keep positive, stay strong, HOLD THE LINE ❤

Gary McMahon

I agree with you, when you look at NZ (bulldoze your home, kill your pets), Greece (€100/month fine) these wazzocks will mandate it. So what to do? I mean this as a serious question. Do I:

  1. remove all my cash from the bank;
  2. Try for a medical exemption;
  3. Try legal action to stop it;
  4. Pay NO fines?

I’m really keen to hear from others how they think we can survive this assualt.


Total non-payment of any penalty demanded, it would be a civil not criminal debt therefore, fuck the bastards..


YES EXACTLY, never give in to these evil bastards, there is too many of us to fine every single one of us, they are using fear tactics to get us to comply, fuck them, nothing will happen, HOLD THE LINE ❤


Okay, dont give in to their fear tactics, do not comply, fear and compliance has got them this far, stand your ground, listen to your gut instinct, stay positive, rise above their bullshit, live your life, HOLD THE LINE ❤


It is where i am at. Not knowing our rights.


There is roughly 7 million in Britain who haven’t gone near the gene therapy and that’s not going to change because if you’ve taken it by now you know what’s going on and won’t touch the poison with a barch pole


Exactly, what are they going to go round our doors and fine 7 million of us, hell no 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s all just fear porn to get us to take that death jab, which we ain’t going to do, do not comply HOLD THE LINE ❤

Christine Ayres

Yeah but the shower of dog poop who run the world want you to keep taking the poison , they wont stop , they will make it law that you need 3 jabs then 4 then 5 and so on , we need to take these people out as they are not human.


We have all known where this was heading from the start I think. Certain things stick out, like Gates saying no return to normalcy until every person on Earth has been jabbed. Their desperation for all to have it, without a rational justification from the evidence we see, can only mean their motive lies elsewhere. Now at this point you can get as dark as you want, with good cause to think the absolute worst. Personally I have always had a terrifying foreboding that I would end up in a camp of some kind with a choice of the jab or the guillotine. We know exactly what these demons are capable of, because they have done it all before. And now it is coming again.

You may try and hold on to a shred of hope. An intention to mandate in itself is not a mandate. They might not be able to achieve it. This is forlorn. The rules of decency and reason and evidence no longer apply. The tendency to assume that we go on in to the future largely as things have been in the past is no longer tenable. They have come this far. They are not going to back down. If the fraud fails there is force. They are going to see this through and goal one is that no-one is allowed to avoid the genetic treatment.

The question then becomes ‘What the actual fuck are we going to do about it?’ Typing defiant messages for like minded folk to tick is not going to be of any use. Is there a lawyer, a judge, a policeman, a court anywhere in the land that will stand up for basic human freedoms and bodily sovereignty? Is there a legal recourse anywhere that will stand? Has the Nuremberg code simply disappeared? We need to organise and we need to act collectively in my opinion. They plan to pick us off in a war of attrition. We only have a chance if we remain united as a large enough group with legal representation and arguments from those with enough knowledge and clout to make a dent in this nightmare. Is there such a movement? Please help someone. Do not delude yourself. They are not going to back down now having come so far. What action can we realistically take?

Urban Fox

Hi there, you make some very valid points.

Christine Ayres

Im still trying to work out what is this all about ? firstly the virus is not the dangerous killer they say it is as 99.7 percent recover , secondly why Covid Pass App on your phone and QR codes to go anywhere ? i believe this may all be a way to track everyone on the planet at any time of day or night as you will need your phone on you to go anywhere and maybe theres tracking nanobots in the vaccines ? this could be why the immune system has killed some people from autoimmune effects as it was trying to get rid of the foreign particles ?


Just heard another theory…all central banks in Europe are bust..including all pension funds are empty.if the people found out that’s the end of their great reset!! So the jabs will be killing many many more ?!

M T Hadi

Scotland rugby international Siobhan Cattigan dies suddenly aged 26 – Please disperse, nothing to see here, just another perfectly normal, day-to-day, young athlete suddenly dying…


All this time the Albino Jellyfish, Boris Johnson, has been using WW2 rhetoric. Now we see full on Authoritarianism coming out of Austria and soon to take root in Germany.
Very curious indeed.

In 1933, the Communists lost to the National Socialists. Symbolically, at least, could we be seeing Round 2?

I am, of course, just speculating.

Cliff Charlton

I think it’s definitely on their Xmas wish list.but I have a feeling their are too many unvaxxed and the vibe that I’m picking up is that some, not all of the jabbed are seeing a bit more of the prison that is being erected. Even my papa is asking questions. I think, hope and pray that they have over reached. Keep fighting BBG we love ya.


You’ve been wrong before Richie, but not about this! I think you’re bang on the money mate. Sooner rather than later a choice will have to be made. If I have to go off grid and survive day by day in the wilderness somewhere, so be it. Dark days are coming, BE READY!

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