Whistleblowing Nurse Kirsty Miller Is On Today’s Richie Allen Show

I’ll be joined by whistleblowing nurse Kirsty Miller on today’s radio show. Kirsty resigned her post five weeks ago because she felt that she could no longer be complicit in a cover-up.

She issued an emotional statement via TikTok, where she outlined her reasons for resigning. The video has since gone viral. Kirsty will be on in the second hour from around 6.05 pm UK Time. Listen here at richieallen.co.uk or via any of the usual platforms. The show itself of course, begins at 5 PM.


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We salute your service to freedom.

john de calonge

Thank you Kirsty for standing up and following your conscience. The whole of creation is behind you and you are not alone.


Paramedics are exposing the lies to, many wont be getting jabbed either.


Brilliant news. So refreshing to hear from a nurse with integrity, instead of those dancing tick-tockers who are complicit with this horrible scamdemic.

Ronald Templeman

Really great to find somebody that is speaking out, I just hope we can bring these bastards running this to justice and I for one would love to be first in line to turn the key on the cell of whitty who gets 50 years

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronald Templeman

My neighbour is an administrator at a unit in my local hospital. I asked her how busy it was. Her response: not as busy as things were before Covid.


Roll on 6pm…

With any luck a few of them will tune into the show and give them something to do!!

They must be bored out of their minds!!



I’ve promoted the show to quite a few people. There is no indication that any of them are tuning in (sadly).


And I likewise Craig.

But they will come…

Richie’s magnetic forces will see to that!


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