ZERO Cases Of Flu Have Been Detected In England In 2021 – Hallelujah!

I’ve written about this previously. It bears repeating though as The Daily Mail is reporting it again this Wednesday evening. Public Health England is yet to record a single case of flu in 2021. It’s a miracle. Praise the Baby Jesus. We should be in the height of the annual flu season, but the flu is nowhere to be seen.

Why has flu disappeared? Simple. It’s down to the brutality of the lockdown measures of course! While flushing your businesses down the toilet, staying home, abandoning Granny, wearing masks, washing your hands 500 times a day and avoiding other people like the plague has done sweet sod all to stop Covid…’s killed off the flu!

Don’t take my word for it. Dr. Vanessa Saliba of Public Health England said today that lockdown has eradicated the flu, so it must be true. The good doctor said:

The decrease in flu cases this year is likely due to changes in our behaviour, such as social distancing, face coverings and handwashing, as well as the reduction in international travel. 

Look, if people swallow this horseshit, they’ll swallow anything. There’s no hope for them. Flu has not disappeared. It has been renamed coronavirus. That is not the opinion of a cranky, baldy, middle-aged Irish broadcaster. That’s a fact Jack. There can be no doubt. I’m getting sick of my own voice now but I’ll say it one more time.

They are laughing in our faces! They know that if they can get away with a whopper this size, they are home and dry. We’ll take anything right? As usual, the most depressing aspect of this for me is the medias failure to take the open goal. It’s on a feckin plate! They could bury these lying scumbags and end this scam in twenty minutes.



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Generic coronaviruses (flu, common cold, etc) have been replaced by a brand name. So very typical of Big Pharma (and other Big Businesses), really.
It’s a simple sleight of hand trick, but such tricks keep working. I’m sure we’ve all been fooled by them at one time or another.


I am 67 and live with my son (South Africa). His little one picked up a head cold from his crèche just after it re-opened. We both had to stay indoors (our choice as it was bad one). His work insisted he get a doctor’s certificate to stay off work (3 days) and the doctor insisted he take a covid PCR test. I am a pensioner, not on medical aid and went to the local supermarket, got some ginger, lemon and honey. His doctor came back and declared it as covid. I knew it was a head cold, doctored us both with tea infused with my concoction and within 3 days we were both ok. So, yep, even common head colds are branded ‘covid.’ Absolute scam.

Jessica Taylor

1 +1=3, 1+1=3, 1+1=3
1 must mean 1.5, I get it.


Caroline Fealy

Yes rebranded. Be interesting to see if people got their annual flu jab this season.


My mum did.

Caroline Fealy

Thanks for the reply.


You flu talking to me, ” how the flu am i funny, tell me, how the fuck am i fluing funny, telll me smart guy how the fuck am i fluing funny, tell me smart guy.


AH gone, ill get me coat


Hey, Richie.
I think it’s important that people understand that influenza IS A coronavirus. Sars 1, MERS, Avain, and Swine flu are and were ALL, by definition, coronaviruses.
It has surprised me that more people, and especially doctors, either don’t know this or have been very slow to point it out.
How do I know?
I’ve known this for several years now, because of some internet research that I conducted around 2013/14 for a discussion group I ran in Belfast, NI at the time.
At the start of 2020, when this sh…tuff started its projectile course towards the whirring blades, I tried a google search, (which I hate using), for “What is a coronavirus” and, predictably, all or most of the first 2 or 3 pages were filled with BS-19. I had to dig deeper to find the real info.
It is there, and what I’m saying is verifiable.

Love your show, btw. I’ve been listening for a couple of months now. Glad I found you, man.


hi zander how can i join your group, i have lots of eco friendly bullshit lying around, can you provide a eco friendly home for my bullshit, lets save the earth, and us, have you tried bills plastic sausages.


Public health England what a joke they truly are. I don’t know how they can keep a straight face when announcing this wonderful medical triumph. They know this has absolutely no evidence behind it or credibility whatsoever but they announce it anyway just to rub our noses in their scientific faeces. Its exactly the way the old communist leaders used to treat their people making grandiose announcements of fabulous success such as harvests, tractor production etc which were complete horseshit. They knew it was horseshit and so did their people but they did it anyway just for the fun of it and because they could.


They can get away with this shite because we’ve got a gormless society.

Welsh Gregg

its sad but i have begun to despise many of my fellow countrymen for their idiocy


The picture tells a thousand words..


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