The Only People With Trump Derangement Syndrome Are His Supporters

Speaking to Fox News last night, former US President Donald Trump urged his supporters to have a covid vaccine. Trump said the jabs are “safe” and “something that works.” He went on to say that he would recommend vaccination to “a lot of people that don’t want to get it,” acknowledging that “a lot of […]

Facemask Wearing Causing Serious Harm To Kids In Classrooms

The campaign group UsForThem claimed last night, that wearing face coverings in class is causing real harm to children. According to a symptom tracker launched by the group, children are suffering a wide range of side effects caused by wearing masks. The symptoms include breathing difficulties, headaches and dizziness. Pupils have also reported light headedness, […]

P&O Cruises Say Only Passengers Who Have 2 Jabs Allowed On Board

Holidaymakers planning a so-called “staycation” with P&O Cruises, will have to prove that they’ve had two doses of a covid vaccine or their booking will be declined. A spokesman for the company, which is the largest cruise line in the UK, said that this is a “strong expressed preference on the part of our guests.” […]