AI Tool Can Predict Heart Attacks Years In Advance

An artificial intelligence tool that performs better than doctors at predicting if patients will have a heart attack, could save thousands of lives a year. According to The Times: The technology from the University of Oxford, based on 40,000 patients in UK hospitals, can spot people with early heart problems that are missed on CT … Read more

Nepal Bans TikTok To Preserve Social Harmony

Nepal has banned TikTok claiming that its content “was detrimental to social harmony.” According to the BBC: The decision comes days after the country introduced a new rule requiring social media firms to set up liaison offices in the country. TikTok, which has around a billion monthly users, has been banned by several counties including … Read more

Bloke Appointed Boss Of Womb Health Charity

A bloke has been appointed as the boss of a womb health charity in a move that has been described as “insulting.” According to The Telegaph: Endometriosis South Coast faced backlash on Monday after appointing 71-year-old trans-rights activist Steph Richards, who has repeatedly clashed with feminist campaigners, as its chief executive. The charity announced the … Read more

Police Chief Under Pressure To Ban Pro-Palestinian Armistice Day Protests

The Metropolitan Police commissioner is under pressure to ban a pro-Palestinian march planned for Armistice Day. According to the Telegraph: Sir Mark Rowley is facing growing calls to cancel Saturday’s rally amid fears that the protest will turn violent. Oliver Dowden, the Deputy Prime Minister, expressed “grave concerns” over the planned demonstration, with senior Tories … Read more

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