Irish Deputy PM Says Unvaccinated Should Live Like It’s March 2020

Ireland is a basket case now. Tánaiste (deputy PM) Leo Varadkar said this afternoon that the unvaccinated should be considered as “the new vulnerable” and that until they are jabbed, they should live like it’s March 2020. This from the guy who held a topless frat party with his bum-chums in Phoenix Park last year, […]

Spanish Constitutional Court Declares Lockdown To Be UNLAWFUL

Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday, that strict lockdown laws introduced by the government last year were unlawful. Spain imposed arguably the strictest lockdown in Europe. On March 14th 2020, Prime Minister Pedro’s Sanchez’s government declared a three month state of emergency, to temporarily limit civil liberties to fight the pandemic. People were only allowed to […]

You’re Not Non-Binary You’re A Megalomaniac – Help Is Available

Until recently, I’d never heard of Demi Lovato. I’m a bald middle-aged cantankerous Irishman who stopped buying new music 15 years ago. Lovato is a singer and actress. She came out as non-binary this year and changed her pronouns to they/them. Lovato took to Twitter to tell you, me and anyone who cares, that it’s […]

Ihre Papiere Bitte Is Here Now – And It’s Here To Stay

Yesterday, after much hand-wringing and procrastination, the government finally delivered advice to businesses on how they should operate beyond July 19th, Freedom Day. It was pretty much what we expected. Businesses will be encouraged to ask customers to see covid passports before serving them. It had been reported, that the passport scheme would only be […]