Nightclubs Are Already Asking To See Vaccine Passports

Some club nights in England have already made NHS covid passes a condition of entry. NHS Covid passes allow users to demonstrate proof of their vaccination, negative test or immunity status. They are available through England’s NHS app, which is separate from the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales. According to the BBC News […]

Martial Law In Australia – Army To Police Sydney Lockdown

The Australian government has sent the army to Sydney to help enforce lockdown there. Australian Defence Force Soldiers will be trained this weekend before beginning unarmed patrols from Monday. The government claims the measure is necessary as there have been 3,000 cases of the so-called Delta variant and 9 deaths in the past month. Sydney […]

The Richie Allen Show Is Killing UK Mainstream Radio – Thank You

Hi there. I’ve never done this before as I’ve never been able to talk about the reach of The Richie Allen Show without sounding like I am bragging. Those of you who have been with me from day one know that I never brag. I thought it might warm your heart to know that your […]

Grandmother Sues Employer For Referring To Her As A Grandmother

File this one in the “couldn’t make it up” category. Grandmother sues her company for describing her as a grandmother and wins. A judge ruled at an employment tribunal that Anne Dopson was discriminated against after a colleague wrote a car review in which she was described as “a grandmother”. She was 62 at the […]

Teacher Fired For Preventing Trans Student Becoming Head Girl

A French teacher has lost her job after she attempted to prevent a trans student winning an election to become head girl. Susan Field said that the student wasn’t representative of the student body and that it would be inappropriate for him to be head girl. Field has an unblemished teaching record stretching over 35 […]

It’s Your Call On The Richie Allen Show – Tonight From 5.30pm

I’ll be taking your calls this evening from shortly after 5.30pm. I think you know the contact details by now. They’re on the meme above and below. Call by phone or Skype. If you phoned me in either of the last two phone-in shows, please don’t call me today. If you’ve never phoned in, please […]

UK Radio Stations Have Been Embedded By The Establishment

The majority of the UK’s talk radio shows are fronted these days by men and women with direct ties to the establishment that they are supposed to be holding to account. You may have heard me discuss this on my radio show. Journalists have been supplanted by current and former politicians, political aides and lobbyists. […]

One In Four Adults Haven’t Had A Hug In A Year

Research by the think tank Demos has revealed that 1 in 4 adults in the UK have not been hugged in the past year. The survey of 1,000 people suggests that people feel they will have less opportunities to build new relationships post lockdown. 64 per cent of those who took part said that they […]

Michael Gove: “Those Who Refuse Vaccines Are Selfish!”

Michael Gove has accused those who will not come forward for a jab of putting other people’s lives at risk. Refuseniks are selfish he said. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday afternoon the cabinet office minister said: “Ultimately, if you can be vaccinated and you refuse to, that is a selfish act. You’re putting other people’s […]

Piers Morgan: “Ban Anti-Vaxxers & Re-Educate Their Followers!”

Piers Morgan has called for anti-vaxxers to be banned from social media as they are “destroying everyone’s chances of freedom.” Morgan would also like to see the followers of vaccine sceptics re-educated. Writing in his regular Daily Mail column Morgan said: Put bluntly, a lot of deluded, ill-informed, shamefully scare-mongered, or simply complacent Americans have […]